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Omran Daqneesh Photo Created by Child Beheading Zinki Terrorist Supporter Mahmoud Raslan

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The now iconic staged photo of Omran Daqneesh is being peddled by every news source around as proof positive Obama has to step up his military aggression in Syria in order to stop atrocities like this from happening again.

I’m sure that makes the man who took the photo very happy. His name is Mahmoud Raslan and thanks to Walid on Twitter, we now know he has a long history of filming little injured boys. He also likes to hang out with the Zinki terrorists who harm them.

Mahmoud Raslan, who had taken some of the video and photographs of Omran, said in an interview that the boy lived with his mother, father and three siblings, and that they were all injured. New York Times

Someone on Twitter replied to Walid that it didn’t matter if Mahmoud Raslan was there when those “moderate” animals beheaded that Palestinian child in Aleppo a couple months back because “he didn’t do it”

This is Mahmoud Raslan with a couple of his friends notice he wears the same headband they do in a couple images. That’s so in the fog of terrorism, the animals know friend from foe.

Mahmoud Raslan taking selfies with his terrorist friends

This one got him in a little trouble though:

These are the Zinki terrorists in Aleppo who beheaded a Palestinian child.

Notice the three right behind Mahmoud. The short guy, the one directly over his right shoulder with the long hair and brown shirt and the chunky guy? If you think you’ve seen those guys before, you have… in the video from Aleppo (same city where the Omran picture was taken) showing some of Obama’s “moderates” beheading a Palestinian child (warning: the link is to a webpage showing the beheading in the back of that red truck. It’s real, unlike the fake ones from “ISIS” and the kid is still alive as they do it. Very disturbing.)

Here’s a still frame from that video. Recognize them now?


Let’s do it this way:



Raslen is wearing the same shirt while filming the Omran Dagneech video psyop.

Same hair, same beard, same shirt, same location = same guy

The Omran photo is credited to something called the Aleppo Media Center which is described by the New York Times as “a longstanding group of antigovernment activists and citizen journalists who document the conflict

The Aleppo Media Center have their own page over at the Times of Israel.

Here’s a Tweet from the Aleppo Media Center from back in 2014 when they were singing the praises of al Qaeda in Syria, a.k.a. al Nusra:

‪#‎aleppomediacenter‬ ‪#‎aleppo‬:
Al Nusra Front rebels repelled a regime forces attack in Al Maidan neighborhood and managed to kill several regime members this morning

According to this guy, Raslen posed for the photos with the “head choppers” a week or so after they killed that boy. I’m not so sure he didn’t take the video. There’s no way of knowing. And as you can tell from the Aleppo Media Centre’s work, they seem like embedded journalists for the CIA’s “moderate” terrorist campaign over there.

However you want to look at it, Mahmoud Raslen was proud to be hanging out with some of the worst human beings on the planet and I use the term “human beings” very loosely.

And now thanks to this staged photo from the friend of monsters, conservative and fake liberal advocates alike are asking President Obama to send thousands of our troops over to hang out with them as well.

I don’t think that’s a good idea. Do you?



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