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The ISIS Deception: False Popularity, The Myth Of Organic Development and More Zionist Connections

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The ISIS Deception: False Popularity, The Myth Of Organic Development and More Zionist Connections

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Sectarianism, truly, is an aggressive, encroaching plague; large in scope, deep in reach and devastating in its overall effect, it contains the potential of metamorphosing into an all-consuming force. It was infamously utilized by the Rothschild-financed British Empire throughout all of its colonies as the most effective means of oppression; indeed, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei recently pointed out that the “wicked” regime in London is the “veteran expert of spreading divisions (1)”. Sectarianism was employed for decades by the usurping Zionist entity and the American regime to subdue and destabilize Iraq, beginning with the tyranny of Saddam Hussein, to the Mossad-CIA covert operations and death squads of the post-2003 invasion era (2), up until the Takfiri terrorists of the present day (3). The plague of sectarianism has also been used by the Jewish supremacist fanatics who created “Israel” from the very start of their Talmudic colonization project, all for the sake of driving a wedge between the indigenous Muslims and Christians of the Holy Land (4). But the most destructive form of sectarianism is that which comes from within, under the guise of “analysis” and “commentary”, especially during times as perilous and pivotal as these.


A new narrative has unfortunately developed within the “resistance camp” and “alternative” media sphere in the wake of the rise of Takfiri terrorist groups, particularly ISIS, and it is extravagantly disturbing. What this hypothesis suggests is that ISIS is a mostly organic, iconoclastic phenomenon which, though religiously misguided and undoubtedly sanguinary in its methodology, has emerged out of a vacuum left by Western-Zionist wars of imperialist belligerence and is attaining sustenance for its expansionism through popular Sunni support. Not only does this narrative play right into the hands of the ever-devious enemy that strives to facilitate the triumph of sedition and division, it is, in collectivity, factually incorrect.

Mouqawamah Music believes – quite strongly in fact — that this fractured, egregious theory has taken root due to a fundamental lack of understanding vis-a-vis Zionism’s designs on the region and just how close to the top that the intelligence services of the Jewish Imperium have placed themselves in the underworld of Wahhabi-Takfirism; verily, the Mossad, the CIA, MI6, Turkey’s MIT and others can rightly be considered the incubators, unwavering patrons and puppet masters of ISIS and its extremist cousins. The Islamic Republic of Iran, through its own intelligence gathering, confirms this, with the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri making it unequivocally clear that the US is still giving weapons, food and aid to ISIS (5), regardless of all the hullabaloo to the contrary surrounding the so-called “anti-ISIS” international coalition.

Mouqawamah Music also feels – again, quite strongly – that sectarian grievances play a role in the off-base theorizing put forth by certain “analysts” and “commentators”, and that these grievances have been manipulated by the same shadowy outside forces which spawned, and, as Brigadier General Jazayeri elucidated, continue to back the psychotic Takfiri trend to begin with. Iraqi intelligence confirms this reality further, revealing that American weapons in the hands of ISIS – airdropped right into the Takfiris’ hands – have left a plethora of Iraqi soldiers and militiamen dead (6). This toxic cocktail of ignorance and misplaced fury must be dealt with, conclusively and concussively, as the sectarian plague being spread by the Zionist-dominated mainstream media is bad enough; a parallel fitnah plague of like-similar stature finding a home in the information flow of the resistance camp is nothing less than deathly.

When Populist, Revanchist Demagoguery Is Murderous Takfirism: How ISIS Tricked Its Hosts, Brainwashed Youths, Then Killed Them

ISIS, being the product of Judeo-Atlanticist Imperialism’s intelligence services, is well-versed – and more frighteningly – tremendously skilled in the praxis of psychological warfare. When not carrying out incursions and outright invasions, ISIS weaseled its way into numerous Sunni-majority villages, towns and cities across Syria and Iraq through the usage of populist, revanchist demagoguery which was peppered with sectarian bigotry and went something along the lines of, “We know that your authority and stature in these lands have been usurped by the Nusayris [derogatory term for Alawis] and the Rafidah [derogatory term for Shi’a], both of whom are stooges of the infidel colonialist powers. We are here to help you regain what you have lost at the hands of the arrogant Westerners and assist you in reestablishing the order of justice.”

While Syrian and Iraqi Sunnis obviously aren’t keen on anti-Shi’a, anti-Alawi bigotry even in the slightest, as evidenced by Syrian Sunnis comprising the overwhelming majority of Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad’s support base, a critical fact even being admitted now by Zionist media outlets like AP (7), and also evidenced by millions of Iraqi Sunnis joining their Shi’a brethren in the fight against ISIS whilst Maliki was still positioned as the Iraqi head of state (8), to some, the thought of dealing blows to the West and leaders sheepishly and wrongfully perceived as imperialist clients [i.e. Maliki and Assad], as well as regaining some concept of normality in an entire society destroyed by the Empire was certainly appealing, and the sectarianism present in the hasbara of ISIS was swept under the proverbial rug.

Thus, ISIS placed a shroud of anti-imperialism and “anti-dictatorship” [we place this phrase in quotations as Iraq’s former premier Nouri al-Maliki and Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad were both democratically elected by wide margins] on its Takfirism and generated what can appropriately be described, initially, as something between tacit and uninformed support. In reality however, once ISIS dropped the landing gears, planted itself in the heart of these communities and began implementing its backwards governance, no significant time period passed before the “support” that the Takfiri terrorist gang thought it had was exposed as false popularity and utterly rootless triumphalism. Essentially, in layman’s terms, ISIS put forth a product and marketed it as the best thing since manaeesh with za’atar and zhourat when it was really nothing but the personification of rubbish.

Despite presenting themselves as the ostensible champions of “downtrodden, marginalized” Sunnis, without the shield of local adoration to operate behind, ISIS and its fitnah-spreading scheme were stripped naked, and it is right then and there that the barbarity kicked in and the solidification of ISIS’s monstrousness was established. While the ISIS terrorists’ vitriolic rhetoric is aimed at Shi’a, Alawis, Christians and other faiths and Islamic schools of thought which they place takfir on, the bulk of their victims are indeed Sunnis, a key point that Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has made so many times in his speeches over the last couple of years that they would indeed be impossible to enumerate.

In Mosul – what can be considered the capital of ISIS’s skullduggery, and where the Takfiris even blow themselves up and kill each other over war spoils (9) – Iraqi Sunnis are suffering unspeakably under ISIS and have deducted that the Takfiri terrorist group’s governance is far worse than Maliki’s and that they actually prefer the Iraqi army to be back among them. Schoolchildren in Mosul are prevented from taking their final exams, poverty is widespread, food rations are being stolen by ISIS and doctors, lawyers, parliamentarians, journalists and ordinary citizens are being shot and beheaded (10). There have also been 20,000-25,000 Iraqis in Mosul arrested by ISIS between June and October alone, including army officers, tribal elders, sheikhs, businesswomen and men who drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and violate tax codes (11). The crackdown on Mosul’s female doctors is particularly horrifying. One doctor, Dr. Salwa Mohajer, revealed that ISIS “militants treat women in Mosul as if they were slaves in al-Jahiliyyah (the pre-Islamic period of ignorance)” and she noted that some doctors and nurses were raped and threatened outright with death by the Takfiri scourge (12).

Elsewhere in Iraq, ISIS’s crimes against Iraqi Sunnis are just as gruesome. The village of Zowiya, near Tikrit, was leveled to the ground by the Takfiri gangsters, as a warning to all other Sunni areas across the country that resisting ISIS will lead to destruction. ISIS openly hailed the eradication of Zowiya and released hasbara defending its conquest, “all those who may even think about fighting the Islamic State and conspiring against the caliphate can know what their fate will be (13).” According to eyewitness testimony from refugees who were driven out of Amriyat al-Fallujah, in several parts of predominantly Sunni Western Iraq, where it is facing increasing opposition, ISIS is forcing young men to fight against the Iraqi government, and those who refuse to cooperate with the Takfiris’ plans, are executed (14). Even those who do decide to work with ISIS, out of sheer fear and in hopes of preserving their lives, like Sunni law enforcement officers back in Mosul who were given “repentance badges” after promising the Caliph wannabe’s gang that they would cut ties with Baghdad, aren’t spared. ISIS reneged on its initial forgiveness and slaughtered these officers too, along with Sunni policemen in Beiji, Ana and Shurqat (15).

Not even the cultural heritage of the Sunni areas ISIS happens to occupy is safe. Shrines, churches, mosques, archives, tombs and precious manuscripts in Mosul, Tikrit and other areas of Iraq that ISIS controls have all been destroyed or sold off in what is essentially an antiques racket (16), something it shares in common with its Mossad grandsire which has been stealing Iraq’s precious historical artifacts since the 2003 Anglo-American-Zionist invasion (17). In the central town of Al-Alam, just about 100 miles north of the Iraqi capital, ISIS kidnapped 500 men and boys from the Sunni Jubouri tribe, which has rebuked ISIS and categorically stated it will never swear allegiance to the Takfiri death squad (18). In the eastern Sijariya neighbourhood of Ramadi, the provincial capital of Al-Anbar, ISIS slaughtered more than two dozen members of the Albu Fahd tribe for opposing its demented, perverted rule (19). The most gut-wrenching of all ISIS’s crimes against Iraqi Sunnis though is undoubtedly the massacre of the Albu Nimr tribe, also in Al-Anbar. ISIS massacred at least 322 members of the Sunni clan, including over 50 women and children, whom the Takfiris despicably dumped in a well near the town of Haditha (20), once the spot of fierce fighting between the Iraqi Resistance and the US-“Israeli” occupation.

The only ISIS crime comparable to the atrocities committed against the Albu Nimr tribe in Iraq’s Al-Anbar is the massacre of Al-Sheitat tribe in Syria’s eastern Deir Ezzor province. ISIS massacred 700 members of the Sunni tribe, and the fate of 1,800 other members remains unknown. In what can only be described as a grisly killing spree, ISIS rampaged through the Sheitat villages of Ghranij, Abu Hamam and Kashkiyeh, slaughtering and beheading at will, all because the Sheitat clan refused to pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (21). Raqqa, the ISIS stronghold of Syria, is being “slaughtered silently”, as admitted even by the opponents of Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad. The exploitation and brainwashing of women and children in the northern Syrian city is rampant, just like in Mosul, and anyone who resists is either threatened with death or executed (22). This Western-Gulf-Jewish-backed savagery – and there is no other word for it but savagery – hasn’t just unnerved the Sunni populations where ISIS sneakily hid among, it has also become a wake-up call for those men and women who joined the domineering Takfiri terror outfit – and others, like the FSA and Jabhat al-Nusra – under false pretenses.

The highly publicized story of two Austrian-Bosnian teenage girls leaving Europe to join ISIS returned to the fold of international news when they resurfaced, contacted their families and told them they regret their decision. One wants to return home (23). Four top FSA commanders defected back to the Syrian Arab Army after being overwhelmed by the barbarity of ISIS and other Takfiri organizations (24). A prominent oppositionist named Abu Hussein who had been instrumental in bringing Takfiris over the Turkish border into Syria now staunchly regrets his actions (25), as does a Kurdish former ISIS fighter named Sherko Omer, who was so traumatized by the horrors ISIS inflicted on the people of Raqqa that he contemplated committing suicide on multiple occasions (26). In fact, the problem of disillusionment is running so deep within the ranks of ISIS’s foreign fighters, that it is now threatening to kill anyone who tries to leave the organization (27).

Even Moaz al-Khatib, the former SNC chief and Takfiri-sympathizer who once openly backed the “struggle” of Jabhat al-Nusra (28), now acknowledges the terrible mistake that he made in supporting the “revolution” in Syria and admits that the Syrian state led by Dr. Bashar al-Assad is fighting terrorism and helping the Syrian people. He also came clean on the fact that the “Friends of Syria”, are, in reality, the Enemies of Syria, and that these very same powers are cooperating with ISIS and its ideological offshoots to destroy Bilad al-Sham (29). A similar regretful statement was just uttered by former Turkish President Abdullah Gul, a man who used to be the right hand of Turkey’s long-time ex-prime minister and current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Gul revealed that Turkey’s MIT has been backing ISIS, the CIA has been backing Jabhat al-Nusra and that one day soon “the chickens of Erdogan’s past follies in Syria will come home to roost (30).”

These are stunning admissions from players who were once at the heart of the Zionist-Imperialist-Takfiri conspiracy against the region, and they confirm that the only myth bigger than ISIS’s and other Takfiri groups’ “popularity” is the myth of their organic development. These terrorist organizations were birthed by International Zionism’s intelligence services, and they are ruling over the areas they control through violence, kidnappings, extortion, assassinations, hypocrisy, beheadings and intimidation, as admitted by an FSA-commander-turned-ISIS bodyguard named Abu Abdullah (31); there is nothing “popular” or “organic” about them.

We see further confirmation of these veracities in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, where the Lebanese army recently halted the expansion of ISIS and prevented the terrorist scourge from gaining access to the sea via Lebanon (32). Despite hasbara spewed by ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and disgusting regional media coverage in general which depicted Tripoli as some sort of Takfiri incubation center, the people of Tripoli and northern Lebanon overwhelmingly stood with the Lebanese army and distanced themselves from the Takfiris (33). This brave and important stance from the almost entirely Sunni areas was saluted by General Jean Qahwaji, the head of the Lebanese army (34), as well as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, who noted that the behavior of Tripoli’s people was the “extra factor” which helped Lebanon “overstep catastrophe” in the country’s north (35). And in yet another blow to the “analysts” and “commentators” who audaciously say that ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra are genuinely appealing to those they lure into their ranks, the Lebanese soldier Omar Khaled Shamtieh who recently defected to Jabhat al-Nusra and triggered an uproar across Lebanon, turned himself into the Lebanese army in Tripoli after only a month with the murderous gang (36).

In the final analysis, we look to the Maghreb, in nations like Tunisia and Morocco, where the Takfiri trend is killing off an entire generation. Somewhere around 3,000-5,000 Tunisian youths, poorly educated and unemployed, many from Sidi Bouzid where the “Tunisian revolution” began, are being deceptively lured into joining Wahhabi-Takfiri terrorist units to be cannon fodder in Syria and brainwashed through slick online propaganda videos, twisted religious edicts and financial incentives, a reality disclosed by parents of the departed Tunisian youth, journalists, sheikhs, professors and even Tunisian Salafi groups like Ansar al-Sharia (37). Does it get any clearer than this?

ISIS hasn’t shattered the Western paradigm, it hasn’t eviscerated the illusion of “international law” and it damn sure hasn’t broken the barriers of liberal democratic discourse; it simply lied to the people it was recruiting. As Moroccan former Takfiri terrorist Rachid Lemlihi candidly stated after fighting with the Takfiri rebels in Aleppo, “Don’t run after illusions and don’t believe videos in which Syrians appear calling for assistance and support. When I was there, many young people active on Facebook using aliases asked me about jihad and fighting in Syria. I told them: ‘Don’t come. Stay in your country because I regretted coming in search of a mirage. There’s nothing in Syria except factions and groups fighting each other. This type of fighting is not accepted by any mind or logic. These are the words of someone who lived the experience. Don’t be deceived. Going to Syria is an adventure of unknown consequences. As for a reward, there is none… The only reward there is death…’ (38)”

And with ISIS’s brutality driving more fighters away, citing fears for their lives (39), and the world’s most powerful Takfiri organization continuing its assault on the Sunnis of Iraq, its most recent crime being another massacre of innocents from the Albu Nimr tribe in Al-Anbar (40), as well as the Sunnis of Syria, its most recent crime being the monstrous execution of Sa’ada Al-Ahmad, a Raqqa-based leader of Al-Harakat Al-Sha’abiyya Al Qawimiyyeh Al-Massaanda, a political formation intent on forging Syrian unity and ending the war on the Syrian Arab Republic (41), never has the importance to unequivocally demolish the entire “ISIS expansion has some kind of popular Sunni support” argument been at a higher level. The facts, the irrefutable facts, have been laid bare above. ISIS is at war with Sunnis. ISIS is at war with Shi’a. ISIS is at war with Christians. And ISIS is at war with every religious and ethnic group in the Arab and Islamic worlds because the Takfiri rebels’ war is a war on Islam itself, as per the orders of their masters in Washington D.C. and, of course, “Tel Aviv”.

Inorganic To The Core: Links To The Takfiris’ Zionist Masters Keep Piling Up

Perhaps, nay, *verily* the ultimate invalidation of ISIS’s “organic” nature – as if the aforementioned ongoing support from the US regime as revealed by the Iranian military and Iraqi intelligence wasn’t enough – is the organization’s cavernous ties with the usurping Jewish entity occupying Palestine. While Mouqawamah Music has already put forth a magnum opus on the Takfiris’ structural, logistical, foundational and ideological ties to World Zionism (3), the connections continue to emerge and they become all the more critical to document in the context of this essay which seeks to deconstruct and, quite frankly, annihilate the sectarian narrative surrounding ISIS, for as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah eloquently and bluntly noted in his live appearance during Ashoura this year, “Portraying the current conflict as one between Shias and Sunnis is a major mistake. I address all Shias in the region: You need to understand that Sunnis are not our enemies. We are not at war with Sunnis. I address Sunnis in the region: Shias are not at war with you. We are both, together, at war with Takfiri groups like ISIS. Our battle is against Takfiris who want to crush everybody else and against Israel (42).”  

In unveiling the new batch of the Takfiris’ links to “Israel”, we begin with a group of Chinese hackers who delivered a Trojan virus to various web pages of the illegitimate Zionist regime and discovered a series of confidential documents which delineate a secret but strong relationship between ISIS and the Mossad (43). This linkage is further compounded by the fact that IOF has treated wounded ISIS as well as Jabhat al-Nusra and FSA fighters in its hospitals (44), and continues to do so, with an incident occurring only a few days ago when Zionist occupation forces transported two Takfiri terrorists to Nahariya Hospital in the occupied Galilee, which has treated 439 rebels since the Jewish Imperium’s scheme against Syria began (45). Moreover, there are at least 30 Palestinians from the 1948 Lands which are fighting in Syria and several have been killed already (46), and as Mouqawamah Music discussed in our previous study, they were permitted to leave not merely with the acquiescence but the active assistance of Shin Bet (3).

One of the stranger cases involving Palestinians leaving ‘48 Palestine and joining ISIS is that of Hanza Majaamsa from occupied al-Jalil. He was fighting with the Takfiris for three weeks before allegedly becoming disenchanted with the barbarousness of it all and then “escaping” to Turkey. The Zionist-aligned regime in Ankara arrested him, released him and then Hanza returned with his father to occupied Palestine, where Shin Bet picked him up for “interrogation” (47), but, ostensibly, not imprisonment. The entire story reeks of a cover-up which must be seen in the light of Lebanese-American Press TV reporter Serena Shim dying in a mysterious car crash the day after MIT threatened to kill her for investigating Turkish complicity in the rise of ISIS (48), along with the well-known but rarely spoken-of truth that collaborationist “Sultan” Erdogan is heavily backing ISIS in hopes of somehow making his Neo-Ottoman delusions come true (49).

If Hanza Majaamsa posed even a scarcely significant threat to Turkey, the Erdogan regime would’ve dealt with him as it seemingly did with Serena Shim. The fact that Hanza was essentially *transferred* from Ankara’s custody to the usurping Zionist entity’s, implicitly indicates that he wasn’t a misguided Arab youth doped up on extremism and infatuated with what Professor Hisham D. Aidi calls “jihadi cool” (50), who then subsequently became overpowered with emotional disorder upon his encounter with the gratuitous violence of ISIS, but an intelligence asset conducting field reports on the battlefield progress of World Zionism’s proxies; an intelligence asset of the Mossad, Shin Bet, Aman, MIT, or, in all likelihood, all of the above.

Also straight out of the realm of peculiarity is the new phenomenon of French Jews flocking to join ISIS. And while the French security establishment – itself a mere tool of the usurping Zionist entity according to Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas (51) – along with prominent Jewish Lobby personality Meir Habib are attempting to downplay the issue (52), the truth is, France is arguably the most Judaized state in the entire European Union, and one only needs to look at the Jewish Lobby’s relentless campaign against anti-Zionist comedic genius Dieudonné, led by CRIF and LICRA (53), to know that this is undoubtedly the case. If Jews are leaving France to join ISIS, and are being permitted to do so by an “Israeli”-controlled intelligence apparatus, then it is not just possible but probable that they aren’t on the fringes of French-Jewish communal life but sayanim operating on behalf of the Mossad. And with a former officer of IOF’s Home Front Command fighting alongside anti-ISIS Kurdish forces in the northern Syrian town of ‘Ayn al-Arab, a Canadian-“Israeli” former convict (54), the Zionists now have eyes and ears on both sides of the divide, an affirmation of their regional hegemony.

ISIS’s operational capacity isn’t reserved strictly to Iraq and Syria however. In what is also a nod to the genocidal Jewish entity’s domination of the French security services, ISIS has made contact with another Zionist proxy, the MEK, in France, and the Takfiri terror squad and the Iranian quasi-Marxist death cult are reportedly coordinating on launching operations against the Islamic Republic of Iran (55). Moving northeast, there exists ISIS links to the illegal coup regime in Kiev and its Jewish-Zionist oligarchical overlords as well. The death of notorious British Takfiri terrorist Samantha Lewthwaite, known as the “White Widow”, ripped off the mask of the dirty alliance in Ukraine which has ISIS rebels fighting shoulder to shoulder with the ultra-nationalist battalions bankrolled by Ukrainian-“Israeli” billionaire Igor Kolomoisky (56). It seems that wherever World Jewry’s enemies are, ISIS and its band of fanatics find a way to seek them out and unearth a conflict zone in sovereign lands.

Further confirming our sound terminuses in the previous section regarding the Takfiris’ brainwashing of young Muslims, as well as offering more proof of a nexus between Takfiri terrorism and Zio-Imperialism, outspoken Takfiri critic and pro-Putin Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov made the stunning revelation that the CIA and the Mossad are luring Chechen youth into the ISIS trap (57). This is hardly surprising. SITE Intelligence Group, a Mossad mouthpiece run by Zionist thug Rita Katz, continues to “capture” then disseminate Takfiri audio recordings to the world, including Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s now infamous “volcanoes of jihad” rant, all of which serve as key, even primary recruitment tools for ISIS and its patrons (58). President Kadyrov dropped another gem on the Ummah recently when he shockingly released the information that ill-famed, red-bearded ISIS commander Tarkhan Batirashvili, better known as Abu Omar al-Shishani, was dead (59).

The Daily Beast, an influential Zionist rag, did a profile on al-Shishani not too long before he was reported dead by the Chechen head of state, noting that prior to his position as an ISIS chieftain, he was in a Georgian military-intelligence unit and a Georgian domestic-intelligence unit known as Kudi. He began his stint in the Tbilisi security services in 2006, fought against Russia in 2008, and throughout his career, received military training from both Washington and London (60). But this isn’t even close to the full story.

What The Daily Beast did not mention, in typical, omissive, Jewish-controlled mainstream media fashion, was that in addition to training from the British and American regimes, the Georgian security establishment was also in an alliance at the highest levels with the criminal Talmudic enclave, and as a result of this, it was armed to the teeth with hundreds of millions of dollars in Zionist weaponry and trained by IOF, Shin Bet, “Israeli” police and genocidal “Israeli” military corporations Elbit Systems and Rafael. The political regime in Tbilisi was also crawling with dual-citizen “Israeli” Jews, including Georgian minister Temur Yakobashvili and Hebrew-speaking Defense Minister Davit Kezerashvili (61). So was al-Shishani a US-UK stooge? Certainly. But he was a stooge of the illegitimate Jewish gangster “state” first and foremost, as the ideological roots of the perverse Takfiri trend are in Judaism (3).

When it came to light that ISIS believed Hamas to be an “apostate” movement and burned Palestinian flags during the Zionists’ Operation Mighty Cliff assault on Gaza (62), it was nauseating but not awe-inducing by any means. At that point, it seriously could not have gotten anymore obvious who the Takfiris were working for even if they started chanting “We are foot soldiers of Zion! We are foot soldiers of Zion!” in front of “Israeli” television cameras. Nor could it have gotten any worse. Until now that is anyway.

ISIS recently expanded into Egypt’s Sinai and the extremist mafia has announced its intentions to not just infiltrate the besieged Gaza Strip but also stop weapons from flowing to the Palestinian Resistance (63). These actions from ISIS, which constitute earth-shattering, game-changing services to the usurping Jewish entity beyond the realm of comparability and open declarations of war on the Palestinian cause and its supporters and brothers in the Resistance Axis, truly put the last nail in the coffin of the Takfiris’ “organic development” myth. Allow us to reiterate: ISIS ain’t organic. ISIS is “Israel” and “Israel” is ISIS. Any “commentator” or “analyst” who says otherwise or attempts to put distance between the two, is dead-wrong, way off-base, far out in left field, disengaged from any potentiality of correct views on geopolitics, or, more simply put, an unwitting hasbaranik who just doesn’t want to face the music of their own imprudent miscalculations.

Conclusion: Sectarianism and Takfirism Don’t Stand A Chance Against Sunni-Shi’a Unity

Whilst it was a tad strenuous to comprehend why some in the resistance camp and “alternative” media sphere fell for the Zionists’ sectarian scheme vis-à-vis the demonstrable idiocy and ludicrousness behind the narrative of ISIS having “popular Sunni support”, it’s astonishingly elementary to deduct why the Halakhic-Talmudic World Order is backing Wahhabi-Takfirism as the preeminent force of balkanization in the Arab and Islamic worlds: Because a united, pan-Islamic, pan-Arab, pan-Asian region is the illegitimate “Israeli” regime’s worst nightmare. In the face of Sunni and Shi’a, Muslims and Christians, Arabs, Persians and “Middle Eastern” ethnic minorities all fighting together, the Takfiris, and Judeo-Zio-Imperialism by extension, don’t even stand a chance.

What the Jewish Power Configuration and its Takfiri Goy Golem just cannot seem to grasp is that the cultural, brotherly, sisterly, neighborly ties of the peoples of the region are far mightier and deeper than any plot that these forces of Dajjal can concoct. Tidal wave after tidal wave of sectarian incitement, and still, the region holds together. Sunni and Shi’a, Muslims and Christians, have rebuked the incessant, hateful prodding of ISIS and have refused to go after each other tit for tat in one gargantuan orgy of sectarian, communal bloodletting, despite what may be said to the contrary in the toxicity being spewed by that Zionist-dominated cesspool routinely referred to as the mainstream media. The only sectarian killing being done is by ISIS; not Sunni, not Shi’a, not anyone else. Just ISIS.

Indeed, in pointing out the indisputable verity that Hizbullah’s intervention in Syria serves all of Lebanon’s citizens as well as all of the citizens of the region, Sheikh Nabil Qaouq, the Deputy Chief of Hizbullah’s Executive Council, echoed these very points, “Takfiri terrorism is an absolute evil, it has no good for any sect or doctrine, or any category. It is a threat to the Sunnis, Shiites, Druze and Christians.” The legendary Mouqawamah commander also noted, “Lebanon is stronger than sedition, ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra or any Takfiri group (64).” With this steadfast view along with the implementation of concrete actions like siring Christian self-defense groups in Lebanon and training the multicultural, cross-communal, intra-Muslim NDF in Syria (4), Hizbullah has prevented all of Bilad al-Sham from falling into the sectarian abyss.

The same can be said for Iraq as well. A similar sectarian conspiracy was unleashed on the people of Iraq in the wake of the genocidal “coalition of the willing” attack in 2003, with the Jewish-controlled mass media vomiting sectarian diatribes at every turn, in a complete contradiction of what was taking place on the ground, as Iraqis of all different backgrounds condemned the occupation together, protested together, fought together, resisted together and gave blood to one another, standing unified as one people in defiance of the invaders (2). Now, just like then, Iraqis are banding together to fight ISIS, the latest phase of the seemingly perpetual Zionist project against Iraq. When Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Sistani, one of the highest ranking Shi’a authorities in the world, issued a fatwa to take up arms against ISIS and defend the homeland, it wasn’t only Shi’a Muslims who flocked in their millions to heed his call; millions of Sunni Muslims did too, from individuals to entire tribes. And to symbolize this powerful display of Iraqi unity, Sunni and Shi’a linked arms and formed human chains in Baghdad (65), as if to tell ISIS, “Your masters invaded and failed to break us! You too will fail! For we are unbreakable!”

While the Iranian Revolution Guard led by Quds Force Commander Qassem Suleimani has played an invaluable role in equipping the Iraqi Popular Mobilization and leading it into defeating ISIS in several important battles (66), it is the Iraqi people’s unity which has been the lynchpin of the strategy that has kept ISIS off-balance and unable to consolidate power throughout Bilad al-Rafidayn. And ISIS is clearly frustrated over it. Apart from the fact they rejected Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as caliph, the people of the much-discussed Sunni Albu Nimr tribe were primarily targeted by the Takfiri scourge because of their historical brotherhood with Shi’a Iraqis, a historical brotherhood that they refuse to sever (67). The goons of ISIS are lashing out because they cannot undo the impact of Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Sistani’s famous words, “Sunnis are the same as Shiites, not only their brothers (68),” which aren’t a mere slogan in Iraq, but the very core of Iraqi identity.

Syria, Iraq’s Fertile Crescent twin, is an indescribably beautiful, incandescently ancient mosaic which has endured one empire after another in its 10,000-year history, and the central reason for this ironclad endurance is its citizens’ uncanny ability to remain united. Regardless of their origins or religion, Syrians are Syrian first. Asma al-Assad, Syria’s First Lady, eloquently encapsulated this pluralistic essence in a 2011 Vogue interview [which would later spark controversy as part and parcel of the Zionist psychological warfare against Damascus]: “Let me try to explain it to you. That church is a part of my heritage because it’s a Syrian church. The Umayyad Mosque is the fourth-most-important holy Muslim site, but within the mosque is the tomb of Saint John the Baptist. We all kneel in the mosque in front of the tomb of Saint John the Baptist. That’s how religions live together in Syria—a way that I have never seen anywhere else in the world. We live side by side, and have historically. All the religions and cultures that have passed through these lands—the Armenians, Islam, Christianity, the Umayyads, the Ottomans—make up who I am (69).”

Asma al-Assad’s wonderful observation is further solidified by the universally well-known fact that the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian Arab Air Force are mostly Sunni, somewhere between the 70th to 80th percentile. As General Yussef Swaidan, the field commander in the strategic territory of Daraya and leader of the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Brigade, bluntly put it to slimy and agitating veteran journalist Robert Fisk, “There is no sectarianism in this army, not in our brigade, and if you tour the checkpoints around the city, you will find most of the soldiers are Sunnis.” The 4th Brigade chief also said, in a fiery message to the usurping Zionist entity, its American attack dog, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, “All made a mistake in thinking they could break the unity of the Syrian people (70).” It is men like General Swaidan and women like the Syrian First Lady who embody the spirit of Syria that ISIS can’t even dent, let alone penetrate or decimate.

Lebanon, Iraq and Syria represent the microcosms of the Ummah, examples that must be emulated so Wahhabi-Takfirism can be stomped out for good. Shi’a and Sunni must never allow anyone from within their own communities to badmouth the other, as we are not just brothers, but two parts of the same whole. For this reason, sectarianism should never be tolerated under any circumstances. Most integrally, all Muslims must continue pointing their fingers at the insane, ever-dividing, regressive, chaos-inducing, monstrous, Zionist House of Saud which keeps bankrolling, protecting and disseminating the Takfiri trend despite public denials, as proven by the horrific Ashoura massacre of several Shi’a by Saudi-state-backed Takfiris in the Ahsa governorate of Saudi Arabia’s oil-rich eastern province (71), as well as Riyadh’s attempts to block the Lebanese army from liberating the Sunnis of Ersal from the ISIS-Nusra yoke (72), to name but a few examples. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah – if we may refer to him a final time, as he is a source of spiritual guidance and the greatest living revolutionary of this age – called the Saudis out during Ashoura for this specifically (73); it is their responsibility to reel in their out-of-control Frankenstein, and since they won’t own up to it, we will expose them and their crypto-Jewish Takfiri offspring until they both collapse under the weight of their own deceptions and dirty deals.

As cliched as it may sound, the age-old slogan of “united we stand, divided we fall” really couldn’t ring any truer at this juncture. If the idea, let alone the actuality, of the Arab-Islamic Ummah standing together wasn’t such a powerful threat to the Jewish Power Configuration’s hegemony, the Zionists, Imperialists, Saudis and Neo-Ottomans wouldn’t be working so feverishly to disrupt and prevent its ascension. In sooth, Sunni-Shi’a Unity is the only way forward; the only remedy for the Takfiri sectarian virus; and the only path worth walking if the US-“Israeli’ Empire is to be totally dismantled and triumphed over. So let us take the first step to victory… Together.

~ The End ~


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