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The Disturbing, Dangerous Case Of Australia’s Mohammad al-Tawhidi: Fake Muslim, Sectarian Agitator, Fake Scholar And Zionist Agent

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There is no enemy more dangerous than the devil inside the gates. And that is exactly what Iraqi-Australian “Sheikh” Mohammad al-Tawhidi is on both counts: An enemy–of Shi’a, of Sunnis, of Islam as a whole, of Palestine, of humanity–and a devil. He is described ad nauseam as a “moderate” but is actually an extremist–an anti-Islamic extremist, that is–in every sense of the word. This fork-tongued agent of Dajjal has been making the rounds across mainstream media platforms in recent months and is once again back in the spotlight after Mossad’s false flag attack on London Bridge, using Twitter to spread devilry such as, ‘most of the world’s terrorism is because of those 72 virgins’, along with, ‘Of course Islam teaches murder. Muslims beheaded the sons of their own Prophet Muhammad in Karbala’, and saying that Iran is in many cases worse than Saudi Arabia. More on this shortly though. He also mouthed off after the Mossad-MI5 false flag in Manchester. Speaking on the Australian TV program “Sunrise”, Tawhidi spewed every Zionist-Orientalist trope you could think of about the Deen, from “Islam was spread by the sword”, to “for 1,400 years we have had a religion of war”, to the absurd and atrocious claim that, “Our books teach the beheading of people.” The “books” he’s referring to are never mentioned of course because he’s a liar and a pile of slime that makes other piles of slime look like treasure troves of gold.

This idiotic degenerate even had the gall to invoke Indonesia as a means of “proving” his “point” about Islam being disseminated via war by asking how did Deen al-Fitra wind up “all the way” in Asia from Arabia. Easily, you piggish shill! Indonesia, like Malaysia and other Asian regions, reverted to Islam on their own after witnessing Islam’s great rise through Persia and elsewhere, as well as being taught the beauty and wonder of the religion by (predominantly Sufi) Muslim missionaries. He had the (clearly Imperialist-minded) host eating out of the palm of his hand and even as the other gentleman, Dr. Jamal Rifi, rebuked Tawhidi and questioned where in the world he was getting his disinformation from, the charlatan doubled down and yelled out, “Don’t lie to the Australian people!” His obscene actions and inflammatory, deceitful statements have transcended mere crackpottery and entered the realm of dangerous. And make no mistake, he is indeed a threat to ALL Muslims in Australia and the efforts to forge Sunni-Shi’a unity globally.

To pull off the mask of Tawhidi and reveal just the sort of atrocity that he is, it is necessary to break him down bit by bit. First thing’s first is his ridiculous title of “Imam Sheikh” and his claims of attaining higher Islamic scholastics (and elevated rank) at the seminaries in the holy cities of Iraq’s Najaf and Karbala and Iran’s Qom. He claims to have run Qom’s department for Iraqi students from 2010-2013 and cites an array of well-established scholars that he studied under. In reality however, the Qom authorities kicked Tawhidi out a short time after his entry for promoting what they called deviant currents. And as we shall see with the strong case presented herein, a deviant–as well as an agent of Zion–is what he is full-stop. Even in Australia where Tawhidi is based, he has zero certification and zero credibility, as neither the Australian National Imams Council or its South Australian counterpart recognize him as a religious authority.

As for Najaf and Karbala, there is no record that Tawhidi obtained any formal education in either Iraqi city, instead working in small fringe schools associated with the notorious, Imperialist-backed Shirazi current and subsequently attempting to pass off these places of fraudulence to ignorant Australians as official extensions and organs of the Hawzas where some of Islam’s greatest minds and revolutionaries were taught. Verily, an extraordinarily telling factor in understanding where Tawhidi’s own warped worldview is derived from is that his primary teacher was none other than “Grand Ayatollah” Sayyed Sadiq Shirazi, the leader of the Shirazi movement which Imam Khamenei has dubbed “British Shi’ism” and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has called “Shi’at al-MI-6”. And as utterly collaborationist, sectarian, despicable and putrid as the Shirazis are, Tawhidi makes them look like Mouqawamists! He’s that atrocious!

Moving onward with Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei in mind, Tawhidi has taken (yet again) to Twitter and numerous interviews to dub Iran’s Supreme Leader a “terrorist” and outrageously–not to mention nonsensically–accuse the successor of Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini (R.A.) of torturing him. In other places, he has claimed that he was able to “escape” Iran before the “mullahs’ militias”–more Zio-Imperialist language–could “get” him. So which is it?! The big, bad wolves of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps “got” him? Or he fled Iran before he could be thrown into prison for promoting the agenda of the enemy? He’s also called Hizbullah and several Palestinian Resistance factions “terrorists” and has gone as far to say that the Australian intelligence services should throw anyone who supports them into prison. Let us be unequivocally clear here and do away with any mincing of the words whatsoever: Anyone promoting such vile propaganda against the leading forces of the Resistance Axis and the torchbearers of the Palestinian cause is a tool of World Zionism. Period. Point-blank. End of story.

Tawhidi’s services to the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity’s balkanization scheme can be seen from a mile away by a blind man. And as discussed above, his shenanigans are destructive to Sunni and Shi’a alike. Serpentine Tawhidi attempts to define the Shi’a Islamic school of thought as an accumulation of how many insults one can lobby at the Holy Prophet’s (S.A.W.W.) companions and wives. He does it regularly. On TV and on radio. Out in the open in Sunni neighborhoods and in Sunni establishments. This intellectual violence and dissemination of fitnah (division; conflict) has been lambasted as haram by all of Shi’a Islam’s major maraji. Tawhidi The Treacherous is also a Tatbiri (one who engages in self-flagellation/mutilation) and despite his claims of being “moderate”, “modern” and “peace-loving”, photos have surfaced of him engaged in this inhumane  and deviant practice that has ALSO been outright banned or discouraged by every prominent Shi’a authority living, including the saintly men that he’s grossly labeled “terrorists”. He has said that Sunnis “just want to live in the caves like they did 1,400 years ago,” and has stooped as low to say that “Islam without Imam Ali (A.S.) is simply ISIS”–as if the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) is not loved, cherished, adored, upheld, defended and venerated as the foundation of Islam by hundreds of millions of Shi’a worldwide; as if the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), a3ouzoubillah wa astaghfirullah, who the Holy Qur’an calls “a mercy on all the worlds”, is ISIS! There is no description for this atrocity of a human called Tawhidi!

No “sheikh” or “imam” talks like this. In fact, no “sheikh or “imam” even thinks like this. As Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah–yes, we’re quoting the Liberator of Lebanon here PRECISELY because Tawhidi the Tool is opposed to him–said, he who uses malicious sectarian language when discussing the affairs of Muslims is an ‘Israeli’. Not ***like*** an ‘Israeli’ but an ‘Israeli’. Because such talk only furthers the Zionist stratagem to keep Muslims divided as a means of paving the way for the ‘Greater Israel’ project to be resurrected and established on depopulated Islamic lands. *THIS* is what Tawhidi’s aim is. It’s like he’s a living, breathing, walking, talking manifestation of every gross, slanderous thing that Wahhabis say, believe and spread about Shi’a Muslims. He’s their warped fantasies come true as one man and the perfect boogeyman-pretext to continue the proliferation of hateful anti-Shi’a propaganda.

Tawhidi spends a lot of time fake-bashing ISIS and brazenly proclaims on his website that he is “Australia’s leading critic” of the Daeshi scourge. But this is where his hypocrisy kicks in and also where he inadvertently unveils his ties to the usurping Zionist entity’s international blackmail, subversion and death squad–the Mossad. Tawhidi openly says that he is “KNOWN for his cooperation with various government departments within Australia” and that he “enjoys a healthy relationship with government officials and protective services.” Among these government departments and protective services that he speaks of? ASIO.

For those unaware–and the vast majority of even the most astute “geopolitical analysts” are indeed just that–Australia has literally outsourced its intelligence agencies and foreign affairs sovereignty to “Israel” and the Zionist-occupied American regime. This devastating information is compounded further by former Mossad katsa Victor Ostrovsky, who has disclosed that many segments of the Australian intelligence services report directly to Mossad first, that the artificial “Israeli” regime has assets in ASIO and ASIS that “pass everything on”, and that the intelligence directorate of the genocidal Jewish gangster “state” is actively recruiting sayanim in the Australian Jewish community. Moreover, it cannot be forgotten that ASIO and ASIS been actively aiding and abetting Takfiri terrorists leaving Australia to go fight in Syria to overthrow the democratically elected government of Dr. Bashar al-Assad. In other words, Tawhidi is the darling of the intelligence services which back the very “extremists” he claims to oppose! Duplicitous slime personified!

Considering how he carries water for World Zionism by working with its Western proxies, promoting its divide-and-conquer sectarian agenda and furthering its anti-Islam crusade, it should come as no surprise whatsoever that Tawhidi openly and unashamedly defends the usurping Zionist entity’s existence by making the tired, old, debunked and laughable claim that “God” gave the land to the “people of ‘Israel'”. He pals around with ‘Israeli’-Jewish terrorist Avi Yemeni, a rabid Islamophobe who runs a gym called “‘IDF’ Training”, and they’ve spoken together at many Muslim-bashing events. Tawhidi’s also been endorsed as of recent by the likes of fake Muslim and fraudster Ayaan Hirsi Ali as well as Lebanese-Canadian Zionist Jew Gad Saad, two of the most prominent personalities in the entire Islamophobia industry. And with these two parasites now firmly in his camp, you can best be sure that the monies of Nina Rosenwald and her sister Elizabeth Varet, the Chernicks, Seth Klarman and plenty of other fanatical anti-Islamic Jewish gazillionaires can’t be too far away. Or perhaps such Zio-cash is knocking on his door already and it simply hasn’t come to light as of this moment.

Despite the fact that Tawhidi’s been rejected by just about the totality of Muslims in Australia, both Sunni and Shi’a, the rejection simply isn’t loud enough. Muslims, including clerics and community leaders, are essentially mealy-mouthed about this destructive and growing hazard because they don’t want to incur the wrath of the security services and bring further trauma, surveillance and repression down upon their community. That’s all well and good, not to mention perfectly understandable, but the Tawhidi phenomenon is bigger… MUCH BIGGER… than whether or not your comfort and privilege in the West is upended a bit by calling out this foul individual for the whirlwind of fitnah that he is. What’s at stake here is the very fate of Islamic unity on an international scale. Because as we’ve seen already with the frequency of his appearances in the aftermath of the Manchester and London Bridge false flags, his sectarian brand is growing. And what’s going to happen, as he continues to be vociferously and nauseatingly promoted by the Zionist media, is young Sunnis who are already contending with the Wahhabi-Takfiri poison in their midst will see him and think to themselves, “Hey. All Shi’a must think like this. I guess my [Saudi-funded] Sheikh is right about these ‘Rafidah’.” The cycle of division will then slowly but surely spread from Australia to every Western state where there are significant numbers of Sunni and Shi’a coexisting.

This isn’t some nightmarish, apocalyptic doomsday scenario either but rather what the enemies of Islam and the enemies of humanity are pushing to happen, just as they designed it. Because if Muslims are fighting each other both in the homelands and the Diaspora, the usurping Zionist tumor will simply continue to expand, both in our region and in the West–where most of us were forced to flee their violence–through their Octopus-like tentacles of influence. There’s the Washington DC Shi’a who cheered on the obliteration of Iraq. There’s the aforementioned British-MI6 Shi’a. And now we have the ASIO-ASIS Shi’a led by Tawhidi. Bringing this Judaized creature’s legerdemain to light is the duty of all Muslims. Raise your voices, put your pens to paper and get your fingers slamming away on your keyboards. Mohammad al-Tawhidi must be exposed. For Islam. For the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) For Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) For the righteous Companions (R.A.) For the incandescent Saints (R.A.) For the Ummah. The filth of this collaborationist goblin can no longer be allowed to slide.



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