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The Truth About 9/11

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Osama Bin Laden: unasked and unanswered questions about the claims of his killing by the US military

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There have been many reports of Osama Bin Laden’s death in the past.  The recent report of his alleged killing-an illegal and unethical murder, by any authentic standards, if it actually took place-and murder of some other innocent Muslims, by the US Navy SEALs, on the attacked compound in Pakistan, on May 1, 2011, raises some fundamental questions that are briefly examined in this article. 

A realistic scenario of a dialogue between President of the United States and American people:

American people to President Obama:

We have huge problems that need to be solved:
1.  Twenty percent of our workforce is unemployed.
2.  More than 50 million of us have no health insurance and at least 45,000 of us die annually because of that.
3.  Forty three million of us are so poor that we cannot feed ourselves and have to rely on food stamps.
4.  Twenty-two percent of our children suffer poverty and hunger.
5.  We have the greatest inequality of wealth and income in the industrialized world.
6.  Our country is saddled with $14 trillion national debt, which is breaking its back.
7.  Our democracy has turned into a joke, into plutocracy, ruled by the big corporations.
8.  We have the largest, most pervasive, and all-encompassing networks of surveillance and spying in the world, a large part of which is being used against us.
9.  Our wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libya are draining our resources and adding to the national debt and our misery.

How are you going to solve these problems?

President Obama to the American people:

My fellow Americans!  Don’t you see what I have accomplished?  I have continued the occupation of Iraq, expanded the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and started a new one in Libya.  I have killed Osama Bin Laden.  I have killed Gadhafi’s son and his grand children.  I promise that I will soon kill him too.  If all that doesn’t give you a high, what will?  I am feeling at the top of the world.  You should too.  Spending $1.5 trillion was well worth it.  I am ready to spend $2 trillion more.  We will definitely get Mullah Omar with that.  Just imagine, what a high we will get from that!  The facts you have brought to my attention are part of democracy.  You must accept these facts, unless you want dictators like Gadhafi, Castro, and Saddam Hussain, under whom all the people were enslaved by free education and free healthcare.  We have already freed Iraqis from those constitutional rights and are trying to free the Libyans too.  Then we will also liberate the Cubans.  We will spread our democracy and let people enjoy the sadomasochistic pleasures of pursuit of happiness, liberty, and justice, enshrined in our constitution, everywhere.  Our founding fathers left these vague on purpose so that no undemocratic persons will fill them up with substance.  The main thing is the psychological high, one gets from these.  Backward people just do not know what they are missing.

American people:  Loud chants: USA, USA, USA.  Home of the Brave, Land of the Free.  We are the best.  We are free.

The above scenario is quite realistic.  This whole country is exploding with euphoria over the claimed killing of Osama Bin Laden (OBL) in Abottabad, Pakistan, a cool and hilly town, where Pakistan Military Academy is located. That whole area is crowded with the military personnel and activities.  Hardly anyone is even mentioning the brutal and bestial murder of four other innocent people by the Navy SEALs, on the compound where assault took place, because they were not celebrities, and therefore they do not count.

Naturally, the first question that arises is:  Why would OBL choose that location for hiding, where the danger of his detection and to his safety was so great?  With a big reward on his head and Pakistani military and security establishments-allied with the US, in its so-called war on terrorism-after him, as the biggest prize, as well as being a foreigner, with very distinct physical features, it would have been impossible for him to escape detection in that area.  He was a well-educated and intelligent man and was not stupid. 

How could he have decided to reside in such a dangerous location?  It has also come to light that around three dozen other people, including numerous children, were also sharing the building with OBL!  If he chose to live like that, he might as well should have flown to the US and handed himself over to the CIA in its headquarters at Langley.

US President Barack Obama went on the air and announced triumphantly that, on his direction, a team of American military personnel had killed OBL in Pakistan.  Then, all the news media in the US started overflowing with that news and related programs.  Crowds of Americans started gathering in numerous cities around the country, celebrating OBL’s death, mainly because of his alleged involvement with the tragic events of 9/11, without knowing that he had repeatedly denied any involvement with that and that there was no real evidence for that either or that the Taliban government at that time, as well as he himself, had offered to cooperate in any neutral investigation or legal trial, if some evidence was provided to them.  The US government had refused to provide any such evidence and demanded that he be handed over to it.  Instead, it used that pretext to invade and devastate the whole country.  In another article, this author posted his interview of September 28, 2001, with the Pakistani newspaper “Ummat”, in which he most clearly and unambiguously denied any involvement with 9/11.  Web link:

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