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Proofs of Israeli Involvement in the JFK Assasination

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"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives... I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends... and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it." - John Lennon, Interview BBC-TV (June 22, 1968)
"Without an unfettered press, without liberty of speech, all of the outward forms and structures of free institutions are a sham, a pretense -- the sheerest mockery. If the press is not free; if speech is not independent and untrammeled; if the mind is shackled or made impotent through fear, it makes no difference under what form of government you live, you are a subject and not a citizen" - William E. Borah
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Well JFK’s 50th anniversary of his death is going to be taking place this November 22nd, 2013. So what does the mainstream media do ? They continue to sell the fictitious story of a lone crazy gunman known by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald as JFK’s assassin. Every time I hear on CNN,MSNBC,FOX NEWS,ABC,CBS,NBC or any mainstream corporate owned network that Oswald killed JFK, I literally have to just turn off the TV because its the most absurd lie ever perpetrated on the American people by the monolithic shadow government that is owned the international bankers.
JFK's Concern Over Israel's Nuclear Bomb Program
JFK's Letter To Israeli PM Eshkol July 5, 1963
Dear Mr. Prime Minister (Eshkol),
It gives me great personal pleasure to extend congratulations as you assume your responsibilities as Prime Minister of Israel. You have our friendship and best wishes in your new tasks. It is on one of these that I am writing you at this time. 
You are aware, I am sure, of the exchange which I had with Prime Minister Ben-Gurion concerning American visits (ie: inspections -ed) to Israel's nuclear facility at Dimona. Most recently, the Prime Minister wrote to me on May 27. His words reflected a most intense personal consideration of a problem that I know is not easy for your Government, as it is not for mine. We welcomed the former Prime Minister's strong reaffirmation that Dimona will be devoted exclusively to peaceful purposes and the reaffirmation also of Israel's willingness to permit periodic visits (ie: inspections -ed) to Dimona.
I regret having to add to your burdens so soon after your assumption of office, but I feel the crucial importance of this problem necessitates my taking up with you at this early date certain further considerations, arising out of Mr. Ben-Gurion's May 27 letter, as to the nature and scheduling of such visits.
I am sure you will agree that these visits should be as nearly as possible in accord with international standards, thereby resolving all doubts as to the peaceful intent of the Dimona project. As I wrote Mr. Ben-Gurion, this Government's commitment to and support of Israel could be seriously jeopardized if it should be thought that we were unable to obtain reliable information on a subject as vital to the peace as the question of Israel's effort in the nuclear field.
Therefore, I asked our scientists to review the alternative schedules of visits we and you had proposed. If Israel's purposes are to be clear beyond reasonable doubt, I believe that the schedule which would best serve our common purposes would be a visit early this summer, another visit in June 1964, and thereafter at intervals of six months. I am sure that such a schedule should not cause you any more difficulty than that which Mr. Ben-Gurion proposed in his May 27 letter. It would be essential, and I understand that Mr. Ben-Gurion's letter was in accord with this, that our scientist have access to all areas of the Dimona site and to any related part of the complex, such as fuel fabrication facilities or plutonium separation plant, and that sufficient time to be allotted for a thorough examination.
Knowing that you fully appreciate the truly vital significance of this matter to the future well-being of Israel, to the United States, and internationally, I am sure our carefully considered request will have your most sympathetic attention.
John F. Kennedy
Here is the US Air Force paper on Israel's nuclear blackmail of the United States and its influence on US foreign policy. One can draw additional conclusions about how such blackmail might have factored into the trillion plus US dollars that have benefited Israel since JFK's murder.
Confession, jury verdict prove CIA killed JFK
“Kevin Barrett’s TRUTH JIHAD RADIO”

Dr. Laurent Guyénot: Zionist involvement in JFK killing must be investigated!

Guest: Dr. Laurent Guyénot, author of the book JFK 9/11 and the terrific new article Who killed Kennedy: CIA, LBJ, or the Truly “Unspeakable”? In that article, Guyénot summarizes much of the best research on the JFK, assassination, and concludes that Michael Collins Piper’s thesis – that Zionists were deeply involved – is far more persuasive than most JFK scholars admit.
Guyénot writes: “..evidence against Israel in John Kennedy’s assassination gains more weight when put into perspective with incriminating elements in the assassination of John’s brother Robert on June 6, 1968… How else can we explain the fact that the patsy accused of the crime, Sirhan Sirhan, was this time a Palestinian young man allegedly motivated by his hatred of Israel?” (Sirhan’s confessed hypnotherapist, Dr. Sydney Gottlieb, was a Jewish Zionist.)
Dr. Guyénot graduated as an engineer from the École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées in Paris, worked in the armaments industry in the United States for two years, then turned to the study of religious history and anthropology. He has earned a PhD in Medieval Studies in La Sorbonne, Paris, and has since authored several groundbreaking books in French on medieval “narrative anthropology.”
Postscript: One new item of evidence implicating Israel in the JFK assassination: The recently-declassified Israeli transcripts of Golda Meir’s terrified warning to fellow Israeli leaders that Ruby (née Rubenstein) had been caught, and that the Americans might “turn the world upside-down and investigate the issue to the end.” Ex-Mossad whistleblower Roy Tov paraphrases Golda’s message:
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Saint John Hunt: Reflections on dad’s confession to helping CIA kill JFK  is archived here now




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