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The Truth About 9/11

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The Truth Behind The “Celebrating Palestinians”

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Remember the so-called "celebrating Palestinians"??  This article shows how deceiving the Zionist controlled media is and how complicit Western mainstream "reporters" have been in the manipulation of American public opinion to get support for the bogus "war on terror" in the Middle East.   The Zionist-neocon cabal in the US is obviously very well prepared and synchronizes its activities well..., nearly perfectly but "Der Spiegel" which is a very serious German publication, exposed them on this occasion.  This Zionist manipulation of media continues.

The Truth behind the  Celebrating Palestinians   
Big Media Serves Up Video, Suppresses Other Stories

I, like you, sat in front of the TV and was presented with images of "Palestinians celebrating" the terrorism of 9/11/01 over and over again. I was even treated to a slow motion version with an accompanying song that instructed viewers that "You got to be taught to hate." 

There is more to this story, although mainstream media and many "alternative" outlets don't want you to know. Many media agents are all too willing to say "end of story!" Yet this is only the beginning of the story and it is explosive. The source of the new information is the very well respected SPIEGEL Magazine Online Version. (English translation)

What was the motivation of the video crews whose first impulse, immediately following the terrorist attacks in N.Y. and D.C., was to run over to the Palestinian areas and tape some Palestinians. The video crews were from two press agencies, Reuters and Associated Press. Is the motivation for getting video footage of jubilant Palestinians the result of a biased outlook and an agenda they serve? This is a question many are unwilling to ask. Are we to believe that who the people were that made up the video crew is totally irrelevant? It becomes crucial to our search for the truth when we learn that the video was actually staged and that the handful of Palestinians (mostly children) were posed in reaction to the video crews presence and enjoyed the sweets that were handed out to them.

Were there other videos and pictures that the media could have presented after the 9/11 attacks? In New Jersey, 5 Israelis (Sivan Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Marmari) were taking video or photos of themselves smiling with the World Trade Center burning in the background. These men were arrested and their cameras were seized. I have seen videos and pictures seized by police shown on TV before, why not in this case? One photograph that the Israelis took was developed by the FBI showed Sivan Kurzberg holding a lighted lighter in the foreground, with the smoldering wreckage in the background, said Steven Noah Gordon, a lawyer for the five Israelis. Why wasn't the American public treated to the images of Israelis celebrating RIGHT HERE AMONG US? Why did mainstream media not show their images at the time? (It took MONTHS before it was even mentioned on mainstream TV and when it finally was mentioned the pictures of the Israelis were still not shown. When it was mentioned it was in the context of explaining it away, they broadcast the lawyers excuse that it was simply immaturity! No such explanation was given for the Palestinians who were for the most part literally immature because they were actually children. The Israelis were adult men here in our country.) The mainstream media didn't even want to tell the television viewers that Israelis were celebrating and had been arrested after a witness called police. "They were like happy, you know ... They didn't look shocked to me. I thought it was very strange," the witness said about the celebrating Israelis. 

A "Be On the Lookout" police report said, "Three individuals with van were seen celebrating after initial impact and subsequent explosion. FBI Newark Field Office requests that, if the van is located, hold for prints and detain individuals." "We got an alert to be on the lookout for a white Chevrolet van with New Jersey registration and writing on the side," said Bergen County Police Chief John Schmidig. "Three individuals were seen celebrating in Liberty State Park after the impact. They said three people were jumping up and down." All five were captured, so authorities did have the videos and pictures of these guys. But we didn't see it or hear about it at the time, the media focused on other things.
The full story, as yet unreported in America, is really startling. The people who pulled off this public relations stunt know all too well the power TV pictures have. As reported in Spiegel, "Politmagazin" panorama reported ten days after the original airing of the video clips the fact that manipulations took place. Annette Krueger Spitta explains "that is explosive material".


A full viewing of the video tape reveals the games the video crew played. They wanted video of celebrating Palestinians and that is what they orchestrated in front of the camera. The full video clearly shows a few Palestinians jubilant with many more pedestrians, indifferent to their "performances", hurrying past. The Palestinian woman who was offered cake says she abhors the acts in New York and Washington. The video clips the crew produced are intended for one purpose: to deceive Americans into further support for Israel. The point of the video clips (which if you think about it, was insensitive to air right after the terrorists' attacks) is to make Palestinians look bad. The pro-Israel group calling themselves "Honest Reporting" on its web pag titled "Palestinian Celebrations" asked its readers to contact the media to demand that they show even more of the Palestinians celebrating: "We encourage you to contact local editors and producers, and demand that they show the videos and publish the photographs." Why the need to run over to Palestinian areas and start to video tape? What is the reaction of Palestinians when camera crews come and people come handing out candy? Almost universally on U.S. networks, anchors presented the footage as if it were representative of all Palestinians, additionally failing to note any context to the images. Who was doing what in the video and why does this get so much play and a video that Israelis took of themselves right here in the metro area gets no play in the days and weeks after 9/11. And why not give the context of why some people might be happy. Perhaps Palestinians might like that the country that supplies weapons that kill them and supports the country that kills them took a hit. I would like to know what these Israelis were so happy about.


Israelis were celebrating


An important question to ask is why the media did not report at the time that Israelis were celebrating the destruction of the WTC here in America as it was happening! 5 Israelis were arrested after someone called the police because they saw them celebrating. The mainstream media suppressed this story. Six months later ABC mentions it in an attempt to explain it away. They even allowed the lawyers for these Israelis to say it was simply immaturity!: " ... no one has been able to find a good explanation for why they may have been smiling with the towers of the World Trade Center burning in the background. Both the lawyers for the young men and the Israeli Embassy chalk it up to immature conduct."


The men were taking video or photos of themselves with the World Trade Center burning in the background, she said. What struck Maria were the expressions on the men's faces. "They were like happy, you know … They didn't look shocked to me. I thought it was very strange," she said. See link and the video below:


ABC NEWS' story came out MONTHS after 9/11 and gave their lawyers a platform to explain away their actions as "immature conduct"

Dozens of Israeli Jews Are Being Kept in Federal DetentionNYT 11/21/01

Straightforward reporting, not a conspiracy theory, the facts are all here: 911 MotivesSeptember 11th MotivesRepresentative Press


If you are interested in examples of censorship regarding Israel, read this Recommended Book on Israel and Palestine .



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