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NEWS DIGEST: Islamic State name meant to shame Islam!

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NEWS DIGEST: Islamic State name meant to shame Islam!

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Maisoon  ميسون

 "Democracy is imposed with fire, freedom with warplanes and human rights by human killing,"  Walid Moualim


Islamic State name meant to shame Islam

by Kevin Barrett

Watch the video at Press TV

The US and its allies created the name “Islamic State” for the terrorist group ISIL in order to discredit Islam, an analyst tells Press TV.
Kevin Barrett , an editor for Veteran’s Today , told Press TV in an interview Monday, “They’ve created the name ‘Islamic State’ (IS) for this group to try to discredit political Islam and the Islamic Awakening. They have pretended that it’s an enemy, but it’s an enemy they created and it’s serving their interests.”
“They are training the Western people to hate Islamic State – they use Islamic State as the reason for stepped-up US intervention,” the commentator said.
The comment comes as warfare between Kurdish fighters and the ISIL Takfiri militants rages on inside the strategic Syrian border town of Ain al-Arab, also known as Kobani.
Over 400 people have reportedly been killed in weeks of heavy battle in Kobani. The reports also say that intense fighting over the strategic town has forced over 200,000 people to take refuge in neighboring Turkey.

The United States and its allies started airstrikes against the ISIL bombing the outskirts of Kobani last month. However, there is growing concern over the effectiveness of the military operation with many Kurdish officials saying the air raids are not working.

Barrett wonders if the US is sincere about stopping ISIL, noting that ISIL was created by the US and its allies in the Middle East region.
“There is the question of whether ISIL is playing a role to provoke this kind of intervention allowing the US and its regional allies – you could call them its regional puppets – to move in and try to overthrow the government of Syria,” he further stated.



·         Syria dismisses border buffer zones

»Read more

Syria has categorically rejected calls for the creation of buffer zones on its territory, saying it would treat any such bid as an act of aggression


Islamic State: Britain's top diplomat says endgame is regime change in Syria

Britain's top diplomat says the US-led military campaign in Syria against Islamic State militants must be followed by regime change in Damascus, the seat of power for President Bashar al-Assad.

Coordinated deceit and destruction across Iraq and Syria

Recent US “negotiations” regarding the use of military facilities in Turkey and Saudi Arabia to train “moderate” opposition forces is further proof of the kabuki theater and misinformation that continues to be propagated across Western media.

To those of us who have been closely following developments in the Middle East region, it’s incredibly obvious that there’s been a longstanding relationship between NATO and regional allies to recruit, train, finance, arm and direct foreign mercenary forces to illegally attack and destroy Syria.

These same subversive strategic alliances have applied similar tactics across the region for decades. Most recent initiatives over the past few years have resulted in the creation of a mercenary force now being called “ISIS”, one of the more formidable and well armed Western-backed mercenary monsters the region has encountered.

In complete contrast to Pentagon and US State Department misinformation, embedded and associated clandestine operatives from the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, Jordan and other allied NATO and Persian Gulf state intelligence organizations continue to cooperatively plan, coordinate and direct initiatives for their new Frankenstein, “ISIS”.

More specifically, the US and Turkey are deceitfully claiming “tense negotiations” and disunity with regard to the use of its bases for operations against “ISIS” and a no-fly zone in Syria. When in fact, Turkey and other NATO members and allies are deliberately coordinating efforts when it comes to reconciling “ISIS” mercenaries. For example, US military officials and Western media have deceitfully described the “bombing campaign” across Syria as a failure.

Even the most inexperienced military analyst can easily determine that coalition “airstrikes” in Syria were deliberately limited in number and effectiveness, as hardly any “ISIS” forces or advanced military infrastructure were even targeted. To give a comparison, over 1000 aircraft and 38,000 combat missions were conducted over a 10 week period during the Kosovo War in the spring of 1999, while less than 50-100 combat missions were made in and around Ayn al-Arab (aka Kobani) over a four week period, with the majority of “airstrikes” occurring in the latter part of  the second week of October, well after “ISIS” mercenaries were already in position to wreak havoc on one of the largest and most strategic cities controlled by the PKK and YPG (arch enemies to both Iraqi Kurds and Turkey). Coincidence? Hardly.

The US, Turkey and other NATO members and allies have worked closely together for nearly four years providing air defense operations and clandestine logistics, support and intelligence to train, harbor, arm, prepare and protect mercenaries all along Turkey’s border with Syria. Until earlier this year, these same mercenaries controlled nearly all the border crossings between Turkey and Syria.

In addition to cooperatively executing clandestine operations, Turkey, a NATO member for over half a century, has also continuously allowed the US and other NATO members to use its bases for decades to conduct large scale clandestine and Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations throughout the region.

For those of us who have worked in and around the intelligence community, it’s well known that advancements in ISR techniques provide incredible insight and command and control that is rarely, if ever, shared publicly.

For example, the transfer of advanced military weaponry from northern Iraqi forces to “ISIS” was neither a surprise nor a miscalculation to the clandestine military and intelligence personnel who were directly involved in monitoring and directing activities across Iraq and Syria. This strategically orchestrated initiative was undertaken to accomplish the following main objectives:

1) Disarm northern Iraqi military forces to weaken and eliminate Baghdad’s control in the region. It was widely known and anticipated that most northern Iraqi military forces were not loyal to Baghdad and would cooperatively abandon their posts to easily accomplish this objective.

2) Transfer advanced northern Iraqi military equipment to “ISIS” mercenary forces to strengthen their ability to threaten and oppose Baghdad, the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG), PKK, YPG and Syria. The US had purposely delayed shipment of key military equipment that Baghdad had already paid for.

3) Increase military assistance to Iraqi Kurds to strengthen the KRG’s position to secede from Iraq and achieve full autonomy and sovereignty, an objective the West has supported in the region for decades.

Qatar, the UAE, KRG, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, Egypt and others in the region continue to finance and support NATO’s initiatives. The main reason for this is that NATO’s initiatives provide solutions to achieve mutually agreed upon objectives to force regime change in Syria, weaken and eliminate the PKK/YPG, establish a sovereign Kurdish state in Iraq, and further isolate and weaken Iran and Russia.

Scott Rickard is a former American intelligence linguist in Florida.


As ISIS Slaughters Kurds in Kobani, the U.S. Bombs Syrian Grain Silos

Booz Allen & Dov Zakheim Funds ISIS - US Army Officer Whistleblower

Lobby condemns Jew author for calling ISIS ‘beheading’ faked

American Jew author, public speaker and feminist activist Naomi Wolf has come under organized Jewry’s knife once again for not believing in the “beheading videos” (here and here) released by the USrael created ISIS.

“It takes five people to stage an event like this – two to be ‘parents’,- two to pose for the camera, one in ninja outfit and one to contact the media that doesn’t bother checking who ANY of these four other people are …,” Wolf wrote on his Facebook page.

Even after personal insults on the Facebook and the media, Naomi Wolf has refused to do ‘teshuva’ for making the above anti-Semite statement.


No mention of McCain’s personal  secret meetings with these ISIS leaders such as the Mossad Zionist phoney Muslim Al Baghadadi [alias Shimon Elliott, plotting and scheming to oust Bashar Al Assad. Such  Jewish Zionist American scumbags should not even be allowed to visit either Syria, Iraq or any other Arab country

McCain urges ground troops to defeat Isis: 'They're winning, and we're not'

Senator John McCain has warned that the Islamic State (Isis) is winning in Iraq and Syria, and that the United States needs to deploy ground troops if it is to stave off defeat. Webmaster's Commentary: Okay John, if you really feel that way, here's your rifle and here's your parachute. We ran out of the desert camo but here is a bright day-glo orange jumpsuit left over from the CIA's torture centers and we think the cleaners got most of the blood out. Watch your head climbing into that transport plane and we will call Assad and tell him you are on your way to kick his butt all by yourself.

But We The People remember the lies about stolen incubators that tricked us into the first invasion of Iraq.

We The People remember the lies about Saddam's nuclear weapons that tricked us into the second invasion of Iraq.

We The People remember how only a year ago you tried to trick us into war with Syria with more lies about poison gas.

We The People remember how there weren't really torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin or a Spanish mine in Havane Harbor, but how there really WERE weapons on board the Lusitania.

In short, We The People remember all the lies, frauds, and deceptions used to trick us into wars of conquest, to send our young people out to die in wars created out of thin air by and for the money-junkies. I think it is time that wee have a new rule in America; that those who want war are the first to the front lines. You are all splendidly brave with the lives of other peoples' children. Let's see the true measure of your courage and commitment to war.

You first!

Why Regime Change Won't Stop ISIS in Syria

 By Tony Cartalucci

If regime change stood any chance of stopping ISIS - it should be carried out in the capitals of the nations currently arming and funding ISIS - Washington (Wall Street), London, Riyadh, Doha, Ankara, and Tel Aviv. 


I don’t particularly like Cockburn and his analyses on the Middle East which for me is not Alternative thinking but more in line with promoting Western political thought and ideas and to an extent promoting Zionism. He fails to mention that ISIS targets both Sunni and Shia, as well as Christians. Iraq is exactly where Israel and the USA wanted it- torn apart, Sectarian/Tribal killings , rivalry, suspicion with each Sect blaming the other for horrific killings. The Shia Government of Iraq is paying a heavy price for its collaboration with USSRAEL/NATO as they now see the latter destroy and divide their ancient nation along the Israeli Oded Yinon Plan which will give the  rich resourced north to the Israeli stooges- the Iraqi Kurds under Barzhani and Talabani whose allegiance has always been to Israel, not Iraq and certainly not to Islam, unlike their brethren, the Syrian Kurds who have shown greater loyalty to Syria and their President, Assad.

Personally, I suspect the Kurds are assisting ISIS in all the terrorist attacks against Iraqi Arabs, be they Shia or Sunni.

In order to rid Iraq of Saddam, the Shia and the Kurds have allowed the Oded Yinon plan to be put into place and allow the Zionist  NeoCon PNAC Elite obliterate ancient Iraq beyond repair with also assistance from the Judaic Wahabi Saudi Cult.

And as we all painfully know, Ancient Syria is their next target for divide and rule as they destroy Arab History, Culture, Nationalism, Resistance and true Islam.

ANARCHY brought to our ARAB NATION by the Talmudic ZIONIST SCUM, something Cockburn always fails to mention in his analyses

Iraq Descends Into Anarchy

Shia Militias 'Abducting and Killing Sunni Civilians In Revenge For Isis Attacks'

By Patrick Cockburn

Iraq is in the last stages of disintegration. 


Frankly, after seeing what the war for Israel Troops have done to the Middle East, I do not give a damn about the loss of life on America’s side- they have no business being in our part of the world, they are not fighting for their country but for Israel. As usual Scheuer sees this war from a US perspective and not from that of ARABS who have paid a heavy price for Zionist occupation and warmongering. USA/Israel/UK/France in any case will resort to using their Killing Machines, Drones to do all the killing and spilling of Arab Blood as well as using Arab killing Arab as they encourage Sectarian hatred. I am so sick to death of these ex intelligence men analysing all this form their typical US trained mind’s eye

Obama Leads His Coalition of Arab Tyrants Into Another losing, Islamist-boosting War

By Michael Scheuer

This war will kill and maim so many American soldiers and Marines that those already killed in Afghanistan and Iraq will form no more than a corporal's guard for the coming dead. 


Derogatory remarks, Train to kill, de humanise the indigenous civilian population = ISRAELI  IOF/MOSSAD training and Talmudic psychopathic indoctrination

his actions were a consequence of his circumstances in a war zone.He cannot use this argument or Drugs and alcohol, and nor can all the other murdering racist Soldiers, many of whose crimes no doubt we will never hear about! Nazi soldiers used the same excuses at Nuremburg but were rejected.

I also note he converted to Catholicism- converted from what- Judaism perhaps?

This shithead wants to us to see him as a Victim and wants  to challenge ‘the constitutionality of that law-Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act, which allows the federal government to charge an American in civilian court for alleged crimes committed overseas’.In other words he is NOT sorry for his actions, and does not want to take the blame which he wishes to pass on to his Military command!!

Every soldier has a Conscience and it is that that should rule his mind and his heart and not the attitudes and commands of his Commanders and fellow serving soldiers. How can anyone NOT see a 14 year old child as NON Human, along with her young sister and parents !!

May he rot in hell for his inhumanity, his racism and racist hatred for Iraqis whose Country  he came to wage war upon, and occupy and  whose Citizens he  and his ILK VIOLATED, Tortured, raped, cold bloodedly murdered and did not view as Human Beings- yet it was OK for him and sick perverts like him to RAPE a 14 year old Human Child.- but I guess they thought that this little girl they  were having sex with  was an animal!Well we can see who the Animal here is.

May the  Al Janabi Family murdered by this Animal rest in eternal Peace under God's tender loving care, mercy and Compassion

What the USA/NATO/UK have done to the entire Arab World is unforgivable and will never be forgotten by Arabs.

May we one day also see the Rothschilds, Cheney, Bush Rumsfeld, Blair, NEOCONS, Rice, Powell, Clinton, Israeli Ministers/Soldiers/Mossad Agents, Cameron, Hague all share a Prison cell for their multiple Crimes Against Humanity


'I Didn't Think of Iraqis as Humans,'

Says U.S. Soldier Who Raped 14-year-old Girl Before Killing Her and Her Family

By Daily Mail

Upon arriving in Iraq, Green said, his training to kill, the rampant violence and derogatory comments by other soldiers against Iraqis served to dehumanise that country's civilian population. 

Green, who talked frequently of wanting to kill Iraqis, was brought along.

Cortez testified that Barker and Green had the idea of having sex with the girl and that he didn't know the family would be killed.

Green, then a private,saidhe had 'an altered state of mind' at the time. 'I wasn't thinking about more than 10 minutes into the future at any given time,' Green said. 'I didn't care.'

At the Iraqi home, Barker and Cortez pulled Abeer into one room, while Green held the mother, father and youngest daughter in another.  

Pfc. Jesse V. Spielman, of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, stood guard in the hall. As Barker and Cortez raped the teen, Green shot the three family members, killing them.

He then went into the next room and raped Abeer, before shooting her in the head. The soldiers lit her remains on fire before leaving. Another soldier stood watch a few miles away at the checkpoint………………………….


ISIS seizes 3rd largest military base in western Iraq and takes its tanks, heavy weapons and supplies

On Monday Iraqi military sources confirmed the fall of the military base of Hit, which includes a training camp and the base of the seventh division of the Iraqi army, after a major attack of the organization ISIS, using suicide car bombs and rocket-propelled grenades.

The military sources said that “the organization ISIS attacked the army base in Hit, the third largest military bases in western Iraq, from several axes, and carried out a series of suicide attacks on the walls of the base by car bombs, as well as a missile attack lasted about an hour which led to the storming of the base after the withdrawal of the army from it.”


US troops DID find chemical weapons in Iraq - but Pentagon kept it secret: Discovery of 5,000 warheads and shells 'was hushed up because they were not weapons of mass destruction'

About 5,000 chemical weapons were recovered or destroyed in Iraq following the 2003 invasion but the Pentagon chose to keep the findings top secret, it has emerged.

An investigation by The New York Times has revealed that U.S. forces happened across the hidden caches of warheads, shells and aviation bombs between 2004 and 2011.

But the information wasn't made public as embarrassingly the weapons, many of which had been built in close collaboration with the West, had been sitting dormant since the 1980s and so didn't support President George W. Bush's rationale for going to war.

Webmaster's Commentary: The New York Times is proclaiming that ISIS now has these weapons and is COMING TO GETCHA! But these weapons are old and so unstable they had to be left where they were stored in Iraq out of concern that anyone trying to move them would be exposed to the chemicals.



US military denied treatment to soldiers exposed to chemical weapons in Iraq:

The New York Times's C.J. Chivers has dropped a bombshell of a scoop that details 17 US troops and seven Iraqi policemen who were exposed to old chemical weapons in Iraq, some of whom were declined appropriate medical care and service awards on the grounds of secrecy.


Lobby condemns Jew author for calling ISIS ‘beheading’ faked


The Saudi Regime are Kafirs, Tyrants, Blasphemers, murderers misapplying Islamic Laws to suit their corrupt hegemony. Like the Israeli Jews in occupied Palestine, the Saudi Regime are a scourge upon the Holy Land of Arabia

·         Saudi court upholds Nimr death verdict

»Read more


Pakistan, U.S. appear once again to be cooperating on drone strikes:

The pattern of the attacks fits the description of American acquiescence to a behind-the-scenes request for help from the Pakistani military, but nobody in Islamabad or Washington is saying so.


Pepe Escobar: What’s the deal between Iran and the US?

By: My Catbird Seat
I’ve just spent a frantic week in Tehran as a guest of the New Horizon conference of Independent Thinkers. Here is some of what I’ve witnessed.
Three overarching themes monopolize all important discussions in Tehran at this critical historical juncture:

1) the real possibility of a nuclear deal with the P5+1 on November 24;
2) the end of sanctions and the possibility of Iran soon starting to supply the EU with loads of natural gas;
3) the fight against ISIS/ISIL, which Iranians, as much as the Arab street, refer to as Daesh.

I was quite moved by the profound respect shown to Gareth’s investigative work in Tehran, in contrast to the thunderous wall of silence that greeted his book in the US. Call it yet another reflection of the 35-year old “wilderness of mirrors” – or Wall of Mistrust – opposing Washington to Tehran.


BEX ALERT - Islamic State to wage war on Iran for its nuclear secrets

The Islamic State is preparing to wage war on Iran in order to obtain the secrets of its nuclear program, according to a manifesto attributed to a member of the Islamic State war cabinet uncovered by the Sunday Times.


Netanyahu: War on terror won’t be over unless Iran is contained along with IS

PM says West must not allow Tehran to use anti-IS fight as leverage in nuclear talks, warns radical Islam will be even bigger threat with nukes in tow



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