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If your blood is not curdling and boiling to temperatures only surpassed by Earth’s core over Syria right now, you must not be human. The usurping Zionist entity has bombed the occupied Golan Heights again, martyring one Syrian Arab Army soldier, while the US ZOG has iniquitously massacred over 100 SAA soldiers and wounded dozens more in Deir Ezzor. On both fronts, the aggressors attempted to pave the way for their Takfiri proxies to strategically advance. This is the very first time we see the US and ‘Israel’ working together in an OVERT military manner against an Arab nation. Of course the collusion has always been there. In Iraq during the ’90-’91 Gulf War, there was a small, quiet contingent of filthy Zionist forces which participated in the carnage, including none other than ‘Israeli’ terrorist “royal” Rahm Emanuel. And then in Iraq during ’03 invasion, the ‘Israeli’ involvement against Iraq was vast, with thousands of Mossad agents terrorizing the Iraqi people with car bombs as IOF, Aman and Mossad advisors, at the behest of neocons Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle and Shulsky, trained US occupation forces in torture techniques used on Palestinians and Lebanese.

But this open attack on a sovereign Arab state’s national military is unprecedented and it shows how deeply that World Zionism has penetrated both the American defense and policy-making sectors to the point that everything the US does in the Arab-Islamic world is actually a reflection of ‘Israeli’ Fortress Consciousness, i.e. keep ‘the Arabs’ and ‘the Muslims’ destabilized in disarray so ‘Eretz Yisrael’ can endure and flourish. And while there is no doubt that the US ZOG’s attack for ISIS’s benefit in Deir Ezzor in particular was launched to change the correct, Russian-started narrative about US and Takfiri violations of the “ceasefire”, it should also be seen as Amreeka testing the waters for just how much skullduggery it can get away with before a Syrian-Hizbullah-Iranian-Iraqi-Russian retaliation is executed.

And don’t lose sight of the reality for a second. Like previous US air raids against the Iraqi Popular Mobilization as well as the Iraqi army, the Deir Ezzor massacre was no “accident”. Nor was the ‘Israeli’ regime’s strike on Al-Jaulan a “response” to “mortar fire”–‘Israel’ can’t “respond” to anything anyway as it is an illegal occupation entity and everything it does is a reflection of its inherent feloniousness. Both acts were crimes against humanity and MUST be exposed as well as harshly condemned. And to those who don’t, those who would attempt to justify it and those would cheer it on in the name of their nonexistent “Syrian revolution” and completely fake “anti-ISIS” coalition: You aren’t worthy of acknowledgment, let alone a rebuttal. The US-Zionist assault on Syria isn’t just staring you in the face, it’s choking the life out of you, and if you STILL don’t see it at this point, then your vision really is permanently lost. Rest in power to every Syrian Arab Army martyr and may ALLAH (SWT) grant even more strength to their steadfast families.



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