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NEWS DIGEST: Cholera kills 1310 Yemenis;Inside Yemen's secret prisons

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NEWS DIGEST: Cholera kills 1310 Yemenis;Inside Yemen's secret prisons

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Maisoon  ميسون              

A major war in the Middle East is now more likely than ever
Airwars: Rise in Civilian Deaths from Coalition Strikes Unprecedented


Mossad, CIA, & Sauds Pushing for War With Iran – YouTube


Saudi Arabia Conducts Over 50 Air Raids on Yemen in Just 24 Hours

Saudi Arabia decided to honor the final day of Ramadan in typical Saudi fashion by conducting over 50 airstrikes on various Yemeni provinces in just 24 hours.
35 airstrikes were carried out in the province of Marib, slightly east of Sana’a. 14 airstrikes hit various districts of Hajjah province including Midi and Herad. They also carried out three raids in both Taiz and Sa’ada provinces.
Saudi warplanes dropping bombs over various areas of Yemen is certainly nothing new. In fact Yemenis have been living under airstrikes for over 800 days now. But for the past month, Saudi Arabia has drastically increased airstrikes in both numbers and locations.
Yemeni resistance forces have steadily fought back on the ground. Troops in Taiz have been fending off Saudi-backed mercenaries in various parts of Taiz. In northern provinces of Jizan, Najran, and Asir, Yemeni forces have managed to take-out many Saudi-backed troops, weapons facilities, and vehicles.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These US-militarily-enabled bombings, against innocent civilians, are war crimes, pure and simple.

Images: Yemeni children dead and maimed for life, courtesy of Saudi bombings

The US collusion with Saudi Arabia in the commission of these war crimes is morally abhorrent, and reeks of failed US foreign policy, when most respected experts, writing on the issues of Yemen, insist that the only possible solution here is political, rather than military.


This CHOLERA is COURTESY OF ISRAEL and THE USA as ARE THE BOMBINGS,  dropped by Israeli/US/British/Aussie Pilots. The Saudis PAY for the Planes, but they are NOT the ones flying them and indiscriminately dropping WMDS on predominantly Civilian targets [like the Israelis have done on Gaza and Lebanon. And once again the Alternative Media does NOT talk about ISRAEL’s heavy role in Yemen, especially s it has now sold Jets to the Saudis, making money and assisting their Jewish Tribe to remove ARAB RESAISTANCE to their Evil sadistic Rule

Yemen faces world's worst cholera outbreak - UN

Yemen is now facing the worst cholera outbreak anywhere in the world, the United Nations has warned.
A statement by UNICEF and the World Health Organization says the number of suspected cholera cases in the war-torn country has exceeded 200,000.
So far more than 1,300 people have died - one quarter of them children - with the death toll expected to rise.
The two UN agencies say they are doing everything they can to stop the outbreak from accelerating.
"We are now facing the worst cholera outbreak in the world," the statement says.
"In just two months, cholera has spread to almost every governorate of this war-torn country," it says, with an estimated 5,000 new cases every day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Saudis, enabled by US troops, have blocked Yemeni ports, so no food can get in. Consequently, Yemeni children are dying from complications of malnutrition and disease.

Images: Yemeni children dying of malnutrition.

Malnutrition creates a marvellous breeding ground for disease:

Images: Yemeni children dying of cholera

And even though yesterday, Saudi Arabia pledged $67 million to address cholera in Yemen Saudi Arabia pledges 67 million to tackle cholera in Yemen, being the sanguine soul I am, I have to wonder if this aid is going to wind up treating only families supporting the ousted Al Hadi regime, as a way to "change loyalty" from the those supporting Houthi rebels.

Although cholera has been not yet been weaponised per say, it has been used as a weapon of war before. So one has to wonder: did Saudi Arabia deliberately contaminate Yemen's water resources, making sure that the cholera and other water-borne diseases would take hold, in order to "appear as Yemen's saviour", after inflicting horrific deaths from two plus years of bombing innocent civilians?!?


In Yemen's Secret Prisons, UAE Tortures And US Interrogates
By Maggie Michael

"I would die and go to hell rather than go back to this prison,"


Yemen to probe alleged interrogation abuses by UAE, US


 Inside Yemen's secret prisons: 'We could hear the screams'


U.S.' Role In Saudi's War On Yemen May Include Torture
By Whitney Webb

You can't call it anything, but genocide of war and a crime against humanity.

Civilian casualties continue to rise in Yemen, warns UN human rights office


WHO: 1,310 People Killed in Yemen Cholera


White House Considers Hosting Anti-Terror Summit to Unite Arab Allies, Assert US Leadership

The White House is considering convening a summit with traditional Arab allies who recently severed relations with Qatar over its support of terrorism and ties to Iran, Fox News reported Friday.

The White House is reportedly seeking to settle the dispute between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and five other Arab nations by hosting a gathering based on the 1978 Camp David peace talks that led to a historic treaty between Israel and Egypt.


Saudi Channel Shut Down after Releasing Subtitles of Non-Allegiance to New Crown Prince

The Saudi information ministry shut down a TV channel for rolling subtitles that said some Saudi tribes have defied expressing allegiance to new Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.


Saudi Prince Reveals ‘US Conditions’ for Mohamed Bin Salman to be King

Saudi Prince Khalid Bin Farhan al-Saud, who lives in Germany, has revealed what he claims are the US conditions for helping Mohamed Bin Salman to become King of Saudi Arabia before his father’s death, reported on Friday.


Writing on Twitter, Khalid said that he had received the information from an informed source within Saudi Arabia’s ruling family.


The alleged conditions include


“absolute obedience to the US and Israel and carrying out whatever they ask him to do.”


Three other conditions, claimed Khalid, are stated in return for helping Bin Salman take the throne before the death of his father:

“Working to settle all Gaza residents in north Sinai as an alternative homeland and Saudi Arabia along with the UAE will afford the needed funds; getting rid of Hamas and whoever supports it; and getting Sanafir Island from Egypt.


House of Saudi Cards: The Inside Story
By Pepe Escobar

Warrior Prince, Destroyer of Yemen and Blockader of Qatar, Mohammad bin Salman (MBS).


The SAUDIS have been visiting ISRAEL COVERTLY for decades as have the Qataris and other Gulf States. Israel has also sold Jets to the Saudis. And both working together to bring down Syria and bombing Yemen

Saudi Airline Denies Pic of Plane Purportedly at Israel’s Airport

The Jerusalem Post reports: Saudi Arabian Airlines has denied the authenticity of a picture circulating on social media of one of its planes parked at Ben Gurion Airport.


Qatar given 10 days to meet 13 sweeping demands by Saudi Arabia


Qatari emir discusses bilateral ties with Iranian President
'UAE ruler's friend' ran Libyan plot to kill Saudi crown prince

Ayatollah Khamenei: Muslims obliged to fight against Israel

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says Muslims today are obliged to fight Israel with whatever means they have as he calls Palestine the foremost issue of the Islamic world. 

“According to Islamic jurisprudence, when an enemy takes over Muslim lands, Jihad in any possible form becomes everyone's duty," the Leader told Muslim ambassadors, Iranian officials and ordinary people in Tehran Monday during a meeting on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. 

“Today the fight against the Zionist regime is obligatory and necessary for Muslims. Why do some evade this duty?” Ayatollah Khamenei added. 

The Leader touched on the ongoing conflicts in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and North Africa, warning of the "great danger of consigning the Palestinian issue to oblivion."

“Palestine is the number one issue of the Islamic world, but some Islamic countries are acting in such a way as to have the Palestinian case ignored and forgotten."

Ayatollah Khamenei described disunity as "the most important problem and a great wound on the body of the Islamic world" in the face of the enemies' efforts to fan the flames of sectarian, religious and territorial strife. 

"Division and discord are harmful to Islam and the Islamic Ummah. On the other hand, proximity among Islamic countries and avoiding the use of force against one another is in accordance with divine wisdom and in the interest of all Islamic countries."


Iraq; 50 civilians casualties in Mosul shelling, 200 rescued

Suicide Attack Kills at Least 12 Civilians Fleeing Mosul

Iraq could be removed from Child Soldiers Prevention Act list

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s decision to ignore the advice of his senior diplomats and drop Iraq and Myanmar from a list of the world's worst offenders in their use of child soldiers is “disgusting” and "damaging" to the U.S., say critics.


I SUSPECT INDIA AND ISRAEL ARE BEHIND THESE TERRORIST ATTACKS in PAKISTAN. ISRAEL USES ITS HINDU BUDDIES to DE STABILISE PAKISTAN.  I DETEST INDIA’s ZIONIST HINDU Government as much as I detest Israel, the Saudis and all the Traitors within the Muslim world and its Corrupt Governments like that of Pakistan itself and Afghanistan that is still working closely with the Americans, betraying the peace, security and national interests of their own people, their own nation

 With 42 killed, bloodiest Ramzan in Kashmir in years


Multiple terror attacks across Pakistan leave 62 dead, 100 injured
 Pakistan won't tolerate U.S. drone attacks in its territory: FO


Afghanistan: Taliban leader wants US and NATO troops out: Con

structive diplomatic relations are possible if demands met.


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