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Taliban deny executing woman

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Dear Visitors, this story comes from a reputable New Zealand news site. The international media has been full of the unverified story of the execution of a pregnant woman by the Taliban. However, this denial should be noted.
I also note that in one version of the story, the woman is pregnant, and in another version, she is 48 years old. The problem with this, is that in Afghanistan the average age of menopause is only 45, and women do not usually conceive past 40. A pregnancy of a 48 year old would be very unusual, even in the West, unless reproductive technologies are used.

The Taliban has denied flogging and executing an Afghan woman for alleged adultery.
Senior officer Abdul Jabar said a 48-year-old widow was given dozens of lashes before being shot dead on Monday (NZT) in the remote Qades district held by militants in northwestern Badghis province.
According to Jabar, the unidentified man who had the alleged affair with the woman had escaped.
NATO has also commented on the allegations, saying it's heard of reports that the woman, a widow, was pregnant when she was whipped 200 times before she was shot by a Taliban commander.
However, the Taliban said it's not behind the Qades execution.
"This is a bad work and we reject it. Whoever has done is not a member of the Taliban and he is trying to defame us," Yousuf said by telephone from an undisclosed location," Qari Mohammad Yousuf, the main Taliban media spokesman said 
Another Taliban spokesman said earlier he was not aware of the incident.
The Taliban on one side and the Afghan government and foreign forces on the other are engaged in a propaganda battle to win the hearts and minds of Afghan civilians.
Each side often accuses the other of atrocities, usually denied immediately.
When in power from 1996 until 2001, the Taliban staged public stonings or lashings of Afghans found to have had sex outside marriage.
The Taliban denied responsibility after Time magazine published a cover photograph last month of a young Afghan woman who said her nose was cut off as punishment for fleeing abuse at her husband's house.
If confirmed, Monday's (NZT) execution would be the second of a woman by the Taliban since they were ousted by US-backed Afghan forces nine years ago. A woman was previously executed for alleged spying for foreign forces.
The judiciary in neighbouring Iran last month suspended a sentence of death by stoning for a woman convicted of adultery after an international outcry over the case.


syed saboor
+2 #1 syed saboor 2010-08-13 14:48
Absolutely, thank you for this article. The mainstream Jewish-Zionist media are lying once again to create an illusion. Women's rights are being used as a pretext to destroy the Islamic world; to promote feminism on Muslim women; to promote the radical gay and lesbian agenda of organizations in the West. Do not believe the lies.The Taliban did not oppress women before the war and after the war. The American-backed Northern Alliance did and continues to do. I have spoken with people, who once worked for the State Department, and the majority of Afghani women they interviewed loved the Taliban and hated their ovethrow. Life for women in Afghanistan was tranquil under the Taliban. On my show we mentioned this point on several occasions. Meanwhile, in Israel and India women are routinely raped and tortured as they are in Iraq, and the mainstream Neoconazi media says nothing.
+1 #2 spktruth 2010-08-13 14:50
Oh the bad Taliban! Bush upon taking office brought the Taliban to Crawford, paid $28 million for an advertising campaign, claiming "these are people we need to support". Bill Clinton the zionist has the Taliban on a terror list, even though the US armed them when they were fighting the Russians who were occupying and killing Afganis. I feel so sorry for the Afgan people especially children and women, who are truly caught in hell, between the corrupt Karzai gvt they do not support, or the Taliban which they dont support and now the largest military power on earth boming and killing, without giving a damn about the horror they bring to civilians. Its time the american people ask "what the hell are we doing there Obama"?
+1 #3 Nashid 2010-08-13 14:58
"The Taliban did not oppress women before the war and after the war. The American-backed Northern Alliance did and continues to do." No truer words have been spoken. Also when you consider that Yvonne Ridley, who was captured by the Taliban, became a Muslim upon their request, that alone tells you a lot. We will be posting shortly on this website articles about the Taliban that will debunk the MSM lies about them.

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