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The Facade of "Free Speech" and The Muslim Boycott

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You have to take speech in the context of the person who is speaking. For example, Denmark is not a religious country and the words Allah, God, Christ have little meaning for the average Dane - in fact for the average European. They take religion very casually if at all. They don't understand the intensity of religious emotion which Islam or religious orthodoxy of any kind evokes in people. Obviously they have no sensitivity to such feelings.

Don’t you think it is time that the Danes learn about others? If Europeans are casual about their religion and allow all kinds of insults, why do they want to impose that on Muslims? Europeans need to know that they cannot impose their casual view of religion on others. That is their view. If only Jewish issues, like the Holocaust are sacred to them, they need to know that other people in the world hold G-d and sacred things in higher esteem and respectfulness. They should not try to impose their casualness on Muslims and expect us to be like them. This experience may serve as a rude awakening to the Danes for their benefit.

Another is, for example, the Americans do not understand Muslims feel insulted when shown the sole of a man's shoe, or are offended by seeing a naked woman's arm.

I have been a Muslim for more than 30 years and this is the first I have heard of this. I have never read this in the Qur’an or anything I have came in contact with in Al-Islam. What is the insult if the sole of a man’s shoes is shown? Maybe there are some Muslims who know about this on this forum from some cultural practice-- not Al-Islam -- that could enlighten us.

I am from the West. Most Muslims understand that, “There is no compulsion in religion”. We would like our women to cover their arms but we cannot force others who don’t believe like us to do it in their countries -- nor should it upset us. In the US and other countries we see much more than arms and for any Muslim to walk around upset and insulted by it would be foolish. We are taught to lower our gaze to avoid rather than show anger. The most we can do is invite others to modesty but we cannot EXPECT them to be like us -- nor should we feel offended if they are not. That is the Al-Islam that I and most Muslims practice. Maybe some extremists practice something different.

We're talking about ignorance not malice. I've been to Denmark and know the people who are easy-going and pretty happy with their prosperous lives, remote from the troubled world in which you and I and millions of others live or have lived.

I doubt whether the Danes would have been intentionally malicious - they are not a malicious people. Unfortunately, the West has been brainwashed into two different mindsets 1) hate Muslims 2) love Jews.

That is true not only of Danes but most average Americans, Brits and others. It is not in the nature of average human beings to be insulting and malicious towards others and their beliefs without cause. This was shown right after 911, where good Christians who knew Muslims, laid flowers on Mosques, surrounded Mosques to protect Muslims, had car parades with banners fully in support of Muslims, etc. When we trace the origin of where the cartoons came from, we will find the same Satanic Jew mentality that wants war and hatred against Muslims and Islam. The Editor of the paper, Flemming Rose, is a known Zionist who found it in good taste to publish cartoons demeaning the Prophet of Islam but refuses to publish anything demeaning Ariel Sharon. Whole countries are being blamed and made to suffer for what a few hateful and malicious people are doing. This has to be thoroughly exposed.

If you look at the cartoons, they endorse things that are strongly condemned in Al-Islam and make Prophet Mohammed (saaw) the leader in pushing those things that are strongly condemned by him and the religion. Enlightened Christians and good people around the world --who know something about Al-Islam -- knows the depictions are false. The cartoons are meant to generate hatred for Al-Islam, Prophet Mohammed and Muslims. They are not innocent expressions of free speech. The target of these cartoons are people who have hate in their hearts and are totally ignorant of Al-Islam. Just when the West is at war with Muslim countries and at the verge of attacking others, these cartoons suddenly appear. Demonize and destroy is the formula being used. The same ones who are the enemy of all humanity are behind this and are using the façade of free speech to push it. Can there be any question why the Jews refer to non-Jews as goyim (human cattle). They can (and have successfully) move masses of human beings to hate others, like cattle herders move herds of cattle in any direction they want, with demonizing “free speech”.

In a way, the fault has been ours. From the very beginning we should have discerned what the Jews were up to, and immediately planned a counterattack, but now it is too late.

No, it is never too late. They got control of the minds of the goyim with information. We can defeat them with correct information to counter their lies. We have to become information pushers to enlighten the world. They control main stream media as they planned and said they would at the first Zionist Conference in 1897 as follows:

“If gold is our first means to control the world, then the press should be our second one.” “…unless complete control over the media, and the press in particular, is achieved, unless we fully subdue the press, so as to deny our enemies even one medium of expression, and unless we act as filters of information in society, such a state [Israel] would not reach fruition."

Well, we still have the Internet as a media of expression to tell the other side of the story. Information is not totally "subdued" yet. So we better make hay while we can.

My fear is (as we are seeing in America) the minute you put any limit on freedom of speech (for example, criticizing Israel which you cannot do in the US or some European countries) you open the door to other limitations of freedom of speech (for example, you won't find many articles supporting Hamas or OBL). So it works both ways.

No Muslim is limiting the West’s free speech. Muslims are not limiting certain discussions as being taboo, calling others anti-Semitic, ruining people’s careers, or putting people in jail for upwards of 10 years who question anything about Muslim history. We both know who the ones are doing that.

This free speech argument and the fears we have about where it can lead to, has already happened with regards to Jewish issues. It is a false double standard that makes it OK to insult G-d, religions, and others in the name of free speech, but at the same time one is put in the slammer, ridiculed to death, etc. if the same free speech is used to criticize Jews and Jewish interests. The West has become like human cattle (goyim) being herded by manipulative Jews with the same tool “free speech” that if was universal, should lead to the same results for all. But instead when “free speech” is applied to Jews one ends up in the slammer or eternally ridiculed as anti-Semitic, called self-hating if you are a Jew, lose your job and suffer irreparable consequences. Just look at what recently happened to the Iranian President for exercising “free speech” as it relates to Jews, the Holocaust, etc. But when the same tool “free speech” is used against G-d, Jesus Christ, Al-Islam, or any goyim or goyim values, then it is the paragon of Western thought, democracy and high values that all goyim should rally behind. This hypocrisy is so evident that even Ray Charles could see it. They are also telling the dumb goyim that Jews and Jewish issues are more important than G-d, religion, other humanity or any of your goy’s values and interests!

All the Muslim boycott is saying is yes Europe, we know you have a right to exercise “free speech” and we can’t stop you. Muslims also have a right to react to your “free speech” with a boycott. After all we are free too. If Europeans can live with Muslims freedom to boycott as a consequence of Europe's “free speech”, then Muslims will have to live with Europe “free speech”. We smile though and admire how lucky you Europeans are. For surely if the same “free speech” were applied to Jews, all of you “free speech” people would be in the slammer by now.


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