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Israeli regime has attacked Syria: US officials

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An Israeli warplane (file photo)

An Israeli warplane (file photo)
Two US officials say the Israeli regime has “most likely” conducted an airstrike on Syria, as the Syrian army continues to regain control of militant-infested areas.

US media quoted the unnamed officials as saying that Tel Aviv most likely carried out the attack "in the Thursday-Friday time frame," claiming, however, that the regime’s fighter jets “did not enter Syrian airspace.” 

CBS News cited US sources as saying the Israeli warplanes targeted “a warehouse.” 
There has been no official confirmation from Syria or any comments from the Israeli regime. 

Syrian Ambassador to the UN Bashar Ja'afari said that he is “not aware of any attack right now."

The Pentagon also declined to comment on the issue. 

The CNN news channel also reported that the Pentagon had collected information showing Israeli warplanes overflying Lebanon during the time frame of the strike. 

In January this year, Israeli warplanes also targeted a research facility on Syrian soil. 

Meanwhile, the Syrian army is continuing to advance in the Al-Qusayr region near the border with Lebanon, regaining control over the town of Jousyeh. 

The army has also taken back the two strategic checkpoints of Arba'at Ashar and Tall Al-Hansh. The checkpoints overlook the eastern villages in the Al-Qusayr countryside and Lebanon's Masharih al-Qaa. 

The regained region is of strategic importance because there are tunnels and passageways there used by the foreign-backed militants to enter Syria and transfer arms into the country from Lebanon. Large numbers of foreign-backed insurgents have reportedly been killed and many others injured in the clashes with the army. 


speak truth
#1 Israel's Acts of WARspeak truth 2013-05-04 12:22
Flying over a soverign nation (Lebanon) is an act of war! Bombing Syria is an act of war. I dont believe the US or NATO nations werent informed of these international war crimes by Israel, who flaunts international law and believes itself above ALL law. Israel is an apartheid regime, run by zionists using nazi tactics. Wake up world and understand WHO the biggest terorist nation in the world really is: Israel.

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