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Dirty Zionist game in Syria

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It has been almost two and half years when the enemies of humanity allegedly applied a well plotted mind-set in Syria. The aim was to topple the government of Bashar Assad, resultantly cutting blood supply to other organs of the resistance against Zionism.

The mechanism started with simple anti government peace demonstrations as usual. But a very few people knew that the wolves were hiding within the herds, with their skins changed. It was easy for the wolves to catch the black sheep; the black sheep then created havoc in the peaceful environment.


The plot was so well planned that outside world received totally distorted news. BBC, Sky news, CNN, AL Jazeera, Fox News all started a hell of lies as were instructed. Killer was shown as the victim, oppressor as oppressed, criminals as peaceful demonstrators, rapists and throat cutters as freedom fighters.

Then the long list of already written allegations started, Assad is killing the Al-Qaeda terrorists, Syrian army is oppressing the peaceful rapists and murderers, Assad forces are using force against innocent throat cutters and child abusers. The allegation of the use of chemical weapons was to be used at the act.

As per their plot they were fully optimistic to do their first victory breakfast in the palace of Bashar Assad within Weeks. May be they were expecting similar outcomes as that of Libya. But this time they were totally mistaken. It was Syria not Libya, Syria has been a professional player in resistance and it knew how to deal Zionist hounds.


The Brave Syrian Arab Army’s successive victories frustrated Zionists and their puppets


It is not that hard for an army to fight a cross border war against another army. But when it comes to fight against blood thirsty Wahhabi and Salafi hounds hiding within cities, not every army dares to do so. Because these are not normal people, they don’t belong to any religion, in their view it doesn’t matter if the victim is an innocent child or an enemy fighter, a newly born baby or a dying old citizen, a newly married girl or a pregnant woman on hospital bed, all are equally sinful and all must die until they impose the racist thoughts of their Zionist masters.


They are allergic to every person who stands for a just cause, who is truthful and resists injustice. And the most dangerous face of this dirty school of thought is that they fight in the name of holy Jihad. They are dressed in a once hijacked Islamic dress which was latter put on by the zio-muftis of Saudi Arabia.

In spite of getting full financial, political, weaponry and strategic support from tens of Zionist countries, the salafi jihadists couldn’t face the brave Syrian Arab Army’s straight punches. The steadfast Syrian army with full support of the public has been able to drive them out from within several cities. Even with their strong machinery of false and diverted media reporting, the Zionists and their puppets were unable to stop the bravery stories of Syrian Arab Army to reach the outside world. The last report of Al Jazeera just one day before the Syrian army declared victory is worth mentioning here.

“Syrian army backed by Hezbollah militants is heavily bombarding the city, rebels are facing very difficult situations in Al Qusayr but 80% of the strategic town is still under rebel control.”


Can you imagine that? 80% of the city was under rebel control just one day before people saw them running like mad dogs leaving their dead guys behind. This was just a single small example of how the Zionist media machinery has been working.


Victory after victory, the Syrian Army is busting the group of cannibals, rapists and throat cutters. When the Zionists and their puppets saw that there are no chances of victory against the Syrian army, they desperately called for an emergency funny gathering at Doha to pass funny decisions.


The funny conference of enemies of Syrian people at Doha


You may wonder how it comes that the conference was funny. Well it was funny because of the funny decisions made there. After hours of discussion the final conclusion was to supply the rebels with weapons for the sack of stability and peace in Syria. Isn’t it funny? I don’t know whether one should call this funny or madness, but i call it funnier that madness. Supplying war criminals with weapons to establish law and order is something really funny.


Regional dictators bear unnecessary fear of Iran’s increasing regional and global influence


One of the reasons why some Wahhabi states like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan follow the footsteps of hegemonic powers is they bear an unnecessary fear of Iran’s regional and global influence.


Unnecessary in the sense that Iran has not started a single war throughout its long history. It has not invaded any state so far or intended to do so in future. Just because it has politically and diplomatically defeated all the dirty plots of Western hegemony with extreme professionalism, resisted the barbarism against helpless from day one, shows the true face of Zionists and their puppets, supports democracy and condemns dictatorships. Thus it has become a cause of irritation for all the dictators in the region.


They think that once the western powers defeat Iran’s ideologies they will be able to continue with their dictatorships forever. The Islamic revolution of 1979 is continuously becoming an ideal movement for people deprived of democracy; it teaches oppressed people how to confront the single family rule. As the Arabian dictators can’t digest this truth, they are trying to get under the arms of their Zionist masters.


The World is totally fed up with the double standard hypocritical behavior of the West


The false flag propaganda of nine eleven and the invasion of Afghanistan, the years long hunt for Osama and the final drama of his imprisonment in dark depths of sea, allegation of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and shameful return after mass destructing the country, the Libya’s so called civil war, the war with Taliban in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen and friendly table talks with them in Qatar, the decades long so called hunt for Al Qaeda and support for them in Libya and Syria, the false flag Boston bombings and handling the self created situation with extreme un professionalism in nervousness, accusing other nations for spying and their own spies being caught and expelled by others, the so called nuclear talks with Iran and secret killing of its nuclear scientists. What else should i mention, every step they take is hypocritical, every decision they make is a double standard decision.


Why all these wars and everything else happen?


Well I am not going to write a paragraph on this. Everything is already mentioned and is as clear as water. I would rather prefer to write a single sentence.


All this happens to flourish a minute racist entity: the Zionist state of Israel.


The solution: Sunni scholars must come forward to stop further violence


As the Zionists after failing to achieve their dirty goals are trying to give the bloodshed a sectarian dimension, as the devil is trying to play the last card in his hand. As the Wahhabi and salafi jihadists are covering their racist faces behind Sunni Islam, Sunni scholars must come forward and condemn the proxy war in strongest terms, it is mandatory for the Sunni Muslims to reveal the truth by declaring the Saudi fatwas as unjustified and non Islamic as they are.


With their black slogan of fake jihad these salafi Zionists are able to encourage millions of illiterate Muslims to join them in their fight against Islam. From Quran they have only selected and memorized those verses which call for Jihad just to misguide innocent Sunni Muslims. They brutally murder those who do comparative study of Quran because it totally falsifies every single move they make.


In such a scenario Sunni scholars are expected to take a firm stance against this fake Jihad. They can save millions of people from joining this dirty bloodshed and barbarism. If Sunni scholars from around the world openly condemn the false fatwas of Saudi muftis, they are going to defeat the Zionists in their extreme devastating plots against the Muslim world.


Arif Hussain is a Pakistani journalist. A graduate of a prestigious military institution in Pakistan, Arif Hussain has been writing articles about international relations, global politics, Middle East and the expansion of Zionism across the globe.

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