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Sisi-Blair: ‘A match made in Hell’

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Tony Blair’s job would include advising the US-backed military regime in Cairo how to spend $20 billion aid from Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait in developing the pro-Israel so-called “Sunni Block” to fight the country’s popular Islamist organization Muslim Brotherhood and punish Palestinian Islamic resistance Hamas for having links with Iran and Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah.

Blair, as agent of International Monetary Fund (IMF) would advise president el-Sisi how to suck more blood off Egyptian public in order to qualify for IMF loans. The military regimes announced on Friday that it’s raising taxes and cut subsidiaries on petrol and diesel. Sisi called his decision, “a bitter medicine”, which was due for a long time.

Tony Blair, who collaborated with Dubya Bush in invading Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003) is now calling for the destruction of two Israel’s other enemies, Syria and Iran. He along with George Bush was declared War Criminal by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT) in Malaysia in 2012. He allegedly makes $5 million per year for running war campaigns around the world. Blair’s ‘Vision 2035′ received $42.6 million fee from Kuwait royal family as PR fee.

The ex-army chief, Gen. el-Sisi, who toppled the first democratically elected president Dr. Mohamed Morsi in July 2013 by a military coup before himself declaring a “civilian” president via a bogus election in May 2014, has repeatedly advocated austerity measures to maintain large military budget (nearly 40% of country’s total budget), which is used to counter Islamic revival in Egypt and its neighboring Arab countries. Washington provides $1.3 billion aid annually to Egypt to buy arms from United States at unreasonably higher prices, since Cairo signed peace treaty with Tel Aviv. This US aid has always been at the mercy of the US Jewish Lobby.

Since the military coup, Gen. Sisi has conducted a murderous campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood leadership and its supporters. In May 2013, he boasted that Muslim Brotherhood is finished. To a great pleasure of the Zionist regime and the US Jewish Lobby, el-Sisi military junta declared Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist organization” last year. Since then, thousands of protesters have been killed, 2,000 Muslim Brothers sentenced to death while another 20,000 political opponents jailed in drumhead trails. Read more here.



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