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NEWS DIGEST: CIA Torture Report & The Israeli Involvement

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The Truth About 9/11

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NEWS DIGEST: CIA Torture Report & The Israeli Involvement

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'The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed'
- Steve Biko


The great lie of our time

In all International Relations (IR) classrooms throughout the English-speaking world, something called the democratic peace theory is taught. The theory holds that countries are less likely to go to war if they are democracies, and that installing democratic regimes is therefore the path to peace and security in the world. Paradoxically, the theory is more often applied to justify wars than to end them.


Democratic peace theory is a large part of the underlying rhetoric behind the United States’ commitment to “democratization” in the world’s conflict zones, particularly the Middle East and the former Soviet Union. While the US supplies arms to dictatorships it falsely labels “democracies,” it works to overthrow governments that were actually democratically elected.


John in this article as in many of his others, expresses my vies and take on political matters that are plaguing our respective countries, our world, our humanity, threatened by the same Evil that is all pervasive and yet lies and deceives, indoctrinating our minds and contaminating our soul, our conscience. In this day and age of such duplicity, it takes courage to speak out and identify the real Enemy, refusing to beat about the bush, refusing to differentiate between 2 words that tend to deliberately deviate and distort, diverting us from the true Evil that threatens not only America but Mankind and has enslaved it to the point of almost no return. Like me, John knows it is not just ‘Zionism’ but their entire ‘religious’ Cult that is harming Humanity in everywhich way with their supremacist racist oppressive and immoral ideologies.

America's death dance




. . . and the comatose American people don't react

By John Kaminski

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stop me if you've heard this one before  . . .

The gay perverts in Washington insist some country is abusing its own citizens, and America needs to ride to the rescue, either with a No Fly Zone (buzz phrase for all-out massacre) . . . OR, it needs to funnel arms to the rebels (invariably Mossad-approved henchmen hired out of the same sewer as Al-Qaeda, ISIL or the Jew butchers assigned by Hillary Clinton to take over the so-called government of Ukraine) so they can destroy the target country and provide more reconstruction contracts for Halliburton. 

They call this a financial strategy. They have been using it for more years than we realize.

All the while, the Jew controlled maniacs in the White House keep insisting that honest leaders who have done their best to improve the situations in their countries have really been terrible tyrants who need to be destroyed. Doubtless you know the list: Qaddafi, Saddam, Milosevic . . . and if you know your history, Czar Nicholas II.


The difference today is that it's not merely a psychotic president with the itchy trigger finger, it's the entire House of Representatives, which recently voted to significantly increase the chances of World War III by blaming Russia for the trouble in the Ukraine, when it was clearly fomented by the U.S. and its Israeli masters. [

There are apparently no independent actors in Congress who will refuse the direct orders from their Jewish masters that are destroying America. There are certainly none in mainstream media, meaning the majority of the American people believe what the Jews tell them to believe, meaning that a rigor mortis of the soul has set in, dooming the once bright American republic to a future of semi-conscious slavery.

This is the new reality all Americans must face. 

What comes out of the foul mouths of Jew controlled American politicians is consistently not in the best interests of the American people, and in fact, consistently violates the laws these corrupt creeps supposedly took an oath to uphold. 

The U.S. threatens war with Russia over a situation that the U.S. has created and then lies about who is responsible for it. The just-passed House Resolution 758 continues the neocon fantasy that Russia invaded the Ukraine and stole Crimea and recommends sending American arms to Ukraine.  

The resolution calls on Russia to support the independence and sovereignty of all countries. Well, Russia already does this. It's the United States that doesn't do it. It's the United States that shoots up countries that don't bend to its will. It's the United States that kills foreign leaders it doesn't like, and then claims it has done that country a favor.

If you need more examples  . .  

The U.S. sends planes and troops to fight a Mideast enemy it has itself armed and trained as part of a backdoor plan to destroy the nation of Syria.

Then, the international bankers tell the U.S. they will have to steal a percentage from everyone's saving accounts in order to enable them to continue funding their derivative transactions, which already have bankrupted the entire world.

Then, although this has already been happening for years, the government has plans to ramp up the practice called civil forfeiture, in which law enforcement can steal what money you have on your person, give you a receipt for it, and never have to give it back to you. You may go to court to reclaim it, but it will take years to get it back, and you will never reclaim all of it.

Then, we learn that all businesses which burned on Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, Missouri were targeted for redevelopment in a report published earlier in the year. Some people think a lot of the fires were lit by the police, and that the federal government manipulated this crisis to make it worse than it needed to be, all in the interests of corporate redevelopment.

And topping it all off — at least in today's news — is America's use of torture. 

What a disgusting joke! As if Americans didn't know. 

Almost nobody blinked when it was first announced. Now they're making a big deal about it over things we should have realized from the outset, as we should have realized that the invasions of all these countries were fraudulent, cruel, unnecessary and the real reason that America's budgets are all busted, its people are starving, and there is no real hope for the future except more tyrannical misery.

Does all this sound like America to you? No. Does all this sound familiar? Yes.

When's the last time your government did something you could truly be proud of, or implemented some program or plan that actually benefited the American people, or — hardest of all to believe — told the truth about any international incident or new law being imposed on the American people?

When's the last time you could actually applaud your elected representative?

When's the last time you felt that warm glow in your chest because you knew you were living in the fairest, most admirable country in the world?

Of course you can't recall any specific examples of these, because there haven't been any. 

And why there haven't been any is because none of our leaders are actually working for the American people. They're working for the international bankers who furnish them with bribes to buy their consciences to look the other way as us ordinary peons continue to get fleeced. That's why they've allowed the United Nations mandates to take the place of the U.S. Constitution — all without the approval of the American people.

The plan is to get everyone working for the government so there will be no one left to protest governmental tyranny. They won't be able to, or they'll lose their jobs. Between the career welfare recipients and the pampered illegal aliens who are given full benefits when they arrive, we're almost at that point now. The infrastructure is teetering and the social systems are way past overloaded.

People march voluntarily into a prison fabricated by Jews in which they are not allowed to say what they're thinking, they're not allowed to talk about the Jewish control of everything for fear of losing their jobs, losing their money, and starving.

Economic watchdog Ellen Brown recently pointed out that the G-20 meeting in Brisbane put the final touches on a plan to do "bail-ins" throughout the world, which means people's saving accounts will be given "haircuts" by the bankers so they can continue their insane derivatives trading and assure that the world goes many more trillions in debt, guaranteeing that their commissions will continue to grow so they can hire more security types to keep us ordinary people from killing them on the spot. []

If that doesn't worry you, I don't know what would?

So this a clear indication that in a world run by criminal billionaires, ordinary hard working people simply don't matter. Be sure and explain that clearly to your children and don't be surprised when they spit in your face (as they should, if they are properly educated).

We need to do something a lot worse than that to all these politicians who depend on Israel for their bribes and their hookers. At the very least, every office holder you know should be confronted on a constant basis as to why they continue to work for a system that is destroying the country.

If there were justice in the world, those who invented and abetted the practice of torture — especially since they all knew the people they were torturing were innocent dupes — could suffer the application of these deviant horrors and live with the same scars their actions have inflicted on other innocent bystanders.

Yes, I would like to water-board George W. Bush.

If you think you can hide from the future and that all these problems will somehow blow over, then you should realize you're already as good as dead.

We need to take all these corrupt sub-humans out into the streets and do something unspeakable to them, just like they've done to us.

[John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.]


The US Presidency’s first duty is to light up the UGLY Menorah at the White House where all the attention is given- not Christmas Midnight Mass or anything Christian related. It is all about HANNUKAH. Menorahs are permitted throughout the US in shopping malls, Plazas, etc but no Christmas Trees, Christmas Nativity Scenes. Christmas Caroling, even in schools etc.. as this OFFENDS the Rabbis/JEWS. Take a good look at the Cards also- ‘Happy Chrismukkah, or Happy holidays, no Merry or Happy Christmas, even reindeer antlers in shape of menorahs, or Santa wearing a skull cap have appeared on cards!! Why do Christian Americans wish ‘happy holidays’ instead of happy Christmas when it is a Christian Celebration. The Jews also have the lying audacity to claim it is Muslims who object to the Christian Christmas rites when in fact it is the Rabbis and Jews who find Christmas offensive.

These Jews are doing their utmost to eradicate Christian and Islamic religious values in occupied Palestine [Jerusalem/Bethlehem] and throughout the West, Judaising countries to their evil Talmudic irreligious ideologies that do not worship God but their satanic Yahweh- Lucifer. It is Jews who threaten  and demonise Christianity and Islam whilst their rabbis continue with their Talmudic perversity with impunity.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

National Menorah at White House reveals who runs America

The Jerusalem Post recently published an article reporting that Vice President Joe Biden will participate in the lighting of the National Menorah on display at the White House in Washington, DC, revealing who really runs America. It's not White Christian men, as the Jewish owned and controlled mass media would have us believe, that's for sure.


Vice President Joe Biden will assist in the lighting this year of the Hanukka menorah on the ellipse in front of the White House.

Biden’s participation on December 16, the first night of the holiday, marks the 35th anniversary
of the first lighting of the “National Menorah,” an event sponsored by American Friends of Lubavitch, the Washington office of the Chabad movement.

It has become a tradition for Cabinet-level US officials to assist in the lighting.

Could it be any more obvious that the organized Jewish community dominates and runs the United States, especially at the highest levels of politics and media? America is a Jewish country, and has been for quite some time now.

Posted by The Realist Report at 7:39 AM4 comments:


Eleven Reasons I'm Ashamed to Be an American

By Dave Lindorff

I've reached the conclusion that the US is a sick and twisted country, in which the bad far outweighs the good. 


Powerful message against the warfare/torture state.


CIA relied on Israeli Supreme Court rulings to justify torture, Senate report says

'Israeli example' cited to back for use of torture when interrogating terror suspects 'where there is no other available means to prevent the harm' they might inflict.

Read more of this post


Personally, I am of the view that none of these Tortured prisoners are terrorists at all. They are innocent, ordinary men bought and rounded up by Jewish run America, given the false label of terrorists to justify their incarceration to the dumb American Public [and Westerners as a whole] that has been successfully indoctrinated by Israel’s war on terror which in reality has been their war OF terror. These men have been used as Guinea pigs, Live Lab Rats to try out the latest USSRAELI Torture Techniques to test a Human Being’s pain threshold and mental and physical tolerance and endurance  as well as methods of  state of the art Mind Control[which has already been indirectly used on Soldiers and Prisoners alike] they are not seen as Human beings, but necessary Torture fodder, ‘bastards’[according to Congress Critter-Jew Lindsay Graham] that are not required or recognised as having any human value, especially as they are Muslims, which is a great anathema to their Jailors/Torturers.

Pity this revelation does not EXPOSE ISRAEL’s involvement, Israel’s FREE use of Torture on thousands of innocent Palestinians, men and women, young and old. I am certain Israel carries out renditions to its other selected secret prisons in Eastern Europe [Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and other Ex Soviet States and of course Diego Garcia which is equally hushed up]

Sadistic Jews enjoy using Human fodder for their multitude of illegal oppressive  immoral ‘experiments’ on Arab/Islamic subjects.

The CIA is  and has been a tool of Mossad [just like UK’s MI5/6] and so should accordingly be known as the Central Israeli Agency just as ISIS should be identified as being the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

The REAL Reason Guantanamo Is Being Kept Open

In other words, Guantanamo is being kept open – and innocent detainees imprisoned forever – in order to try to cover up the torture of innocents. Prosecuting – instead of covering up for – the torturers would allow the innocents to be released … thus taking away one of the main causes of terrorism: indefinite detention.

Evidence for this theory is contained in the following passage from the Senate’s torture report:

One interrogator told another detainee that he would never go to court, because “we can never let the world know what I have done to you.”


CIA Torture Report Exposes Bush + Cheney War Crimes


RT exclusive: John Pilger talks CIA torture and media complicity

RT’s Harry Fear spoke to the iconic filmmaker John Pilger about the damning revelations of the Senate’s CIA torture inquiry.

Pilger said the report will not fulfill its purpose if no one is held culpable for the actions of torturous CIA officials.

“We have crimes laid out in for us,” he says, “but where are the prosecutions? That’s all that matters now, where are the prosecutions?”

Pilger says knowledge of the torture methods was widespread, but that people were never held responsible for the “disgusting things they’ve done.”


Int'l Criminal Court Complaint Filed Against Bush et al.

Please accept my personal compliments. I have the honor hereby to file with you and the International Criminal Court this Complaint against U.S. citizens George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, Condoleezza Rice , and Alberto Gonzales (hereinafter referred to as the "Accused") for their criminal policy and practice of "extraordinary rendition." This term is really a euphemism for the enforced disappearancesof persons, their torture, severe deprivation of their liberty, their violent sexual abuse, and other inhumane acts perpetrated upon these Victims. The Accused have inflicted this criminal policy and practice of "extraordinary rendition" upon about one hundred (100) human beings, almost all of whom are Muslims/Arabs/Asians and People of Color. I doubt very seriously that the Accused would have inflicted these criminal practices upon 100 White Judeo-Christian men.


UN counterterrorism expert says U.S. officials must be prosecuted for CIA torture

Senior U.S. officials who authorized and carried out torture as part of former President George W. Bush's national security policy must be prosecuted, a top United Nations special investigator said Wednesday.

Ben Emmerson, the UN's special rapporteur on counterterrorism and human rights, said in addition that all CIA and other U.S. officials who used waterboarding and other torture techniques must be prosecuted.

·         UN calls for justice after CIA report

»Read more

The United Nations and human rights groups  have called for prosecution of those involved in torture committed by the CIA as shows a Senate report about “brutal” torture techniques conducted by the spy agency.

Ben Emmerson, the UN special rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism, said the report "confirms what the international community has long believed -- that there was a clear policy orchestrated at a high level within the (George W.) Bush administration, which allowed to commit systematic crimes and gross violations of international human rights law."

The US Justice Department has rejected pursuing charges against anyone involved in the CIA’s torture program.

"It is now time to take action. The individuals responsible for the criminal conspiracy revealed in today's report must be brought to justice, and must face criminal penalties commensurate with the gravity of their crimes."……………’


Just who is he kidding here- all these Afghani Leaders have been willing Puppets for USSRAEL and know exactly what is happening within their borders as they turn a blind eye to America breaking every norm of internationally recognised Human Rights Laws, just like Israel. No doubt also that afghan officials were also heavily involved, just like other Arab and Muslim Rulers who have also assisted the US[ Morocco, Jordan, Bahrain, Egypt, Pakistan, etc]

CIA Torture Report: China, North Korea Slam US 'Hypocrisy', Call for UN Action

China and North Korea have slammed the US government for being hypocritical on the issues relating to human rights. The criticism comes on the heels of the controversial US Senate report on the gruesome torture of detainees by Central Intelligence Agencies.

Rectal rehydration and standing on broken limbs: the CIA torture report's grisliest findings

While parts of the programme had been known – and much more will never be revealed – the catalogue of abuse is nightmarish and reads like something invented by the Marquis de Sade or Hieronymous Bosch.

Detainees were forced to stand on broken limbs for hours, kept in complete darkness, deprived of sleep for up to 180 hours, sometimes standing, sometimes with their arms shackled above their heads.

Prisoners were subjected to “rectal feeding” without medical necessity. Rectal exams were conducted with “excessive force”. The report highlights one prisoner later diagnosed with anal fissures, chronic hemorrhoids and “symptomatic rectal prolapse”.

The report mentions mock executions, Russian roulette. US agents threatened to slit the throat of a detainee’s mother, sexually abuse another and threatened prisoners’ children. One prisoner died of hypothermia brought on in part by being forced to sit on a bare concrete floor without pants.


The CIA’s Operation Deception

CIA director John Brennan, having failed to block the release of the Senate intelligence committee’s report on torture and abuse, is now abetting the efforts of former CIA directors and deputy directors to rebut the report’s conclusions that the interrogation techniques amounted to sadism and that senior CIA officials lied to the White House, the Congress, and the Department of Justice about the effectiveness of the enhanced interrogation program.


The Most Gruesome Moments in the CIA ‘Torture Report’

Well Worn’ Waterboards

The CIA has previously said that only three detainees were ever waterboarded: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Abu Zubaydah, and Abd Al Rahim al-Nashiri. But records uncovered by the Senate Intelligence Committee suggest there may have been more than three subjects. The Senate report describes a photograph of a “well worn” waterboard, surrounded by buckets of water, at a detention site where the CIA has claimed it never subjected a detainee to this procedure. In a meeting with the CIA in 2013, the agency was not able to explain the presence of this waterboard.

Near Drowning                           

Webmaster's Commentary: And remember, this is just the part they let you see


CIA Cited Israeli Supreme Court Rulings to Justify Torture :

'Israeli example' cited as possible justification for use of torture when interrogating terror suspects 'where there is no other available means to prevent the harm' they might inflict.

[Nothing to do with ‘prevention’ but all to do with sadistic rituals that they enjoy to inflict as much pain as possible to measure’gauge their torture techniques, weaken and enslave, manipulate the Human mind and soul- it is a blood ritual for the Jews, be they in the US, Israel or anywhere else]


The Missing Photos From the Senate Report on CIA Torture

However, the 528-page "summary version" of the report's "Findings and Conclusions" has, by the admission of Feinstein herself, been heavily redacted and is focused only on CIA torture. It reports only one prisoner death and does not include more damning information and photographic evidence on US torture and prisons operated by the US Army, US Navy and other Department of Defense (DOD) agencies.

For example, in March 2005, CBS's "60 Minutes" reported that 108 prisoners had already died in US custody in Iraq and Afghanistan prisons. A July 5, 2005, follow-up review of government documents on torture from multiple DOD agencies and the CIA, including the results of criminal investigations by the US Army and Navy, was conducted by Steven H. Miles, M.D., under the joint auspices of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), National Library of Medicine (NLM) and National Institutes of Health (NIH). Under the heading, "How Many Detainees Died of Homicide by Torture?"


CIA paid two ex-military psychologists $81 million to help design and run torture program

Included in the hideous details of the executive summary version of the torture report released Tuesday is the news that the company founded by two former military psychologists who urged waterboarding and other coercive methods against suspects secretly imprisoned by the CIA and Department of Defense was paid $81 million for work with the agency's interrogation program from 2005 until 2009.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The United States War Crimes Act of 1996, a federal statute set forth at 18 U.S.C. § 2441, makes it a federal crime for any U.S. national, whether military or civilian, to violate the Geneva Convention by engaging in murder, torture, or inhuman treatment.

The statute applies not only to those who carry out the acts, but also to those who ORDER IT, know about it, or fail to take steps to stop it. The statute applies to everyone, no matter how high and mighty.

18 U.S.C. § 2441 has no statute of limitations, which means that a war crimes complaint can be filed at any time. The penalty may be life imprisonment or — if a single prisoner dies due to torture — death.


Explosive Senate torture report could open floodgates for costly lawsuits against United States, Britain and other allies complicit in programme, experts warn

Experts who have spent years working at American detention centres said yesterday's report did not contain any surprises, but suggested that now detainees' torture allegations are supported by an official government report, claimants have far more evidence to back any legal action.

Human rights lawyers are currently working their way through the 525-page report, which confirmed the existence of secret CIA prisons around the world, in the hope of finding material that could provide the breakthrough needed to revive dormant and failed lawsuits launched by detainees.

Previously, private claimants and international non-governmental organizations have found it incredibly difficult to win legal challenges alleging illegal interrogation by the CIA and its allies.

This is largely because, until now, the U.S. government has insisted that all details of the detentions and related extraordinary rendition hearings were state secrets, and therefore not valid evidence


Could Al Shabab be yet another CIA/Mossad construct just like their brothers I crime Al Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban and Buko Haram?

Is the US overseeing torture in Somalia? - video

An exclusive report on allegations the CIA has been working closely with Somali forces in the interrogation and torture of suspected al-Shabaab members - the militant group linked to al-Qaeda.




Webmaster's Commentary: 

The recently released Senate Torture Executive Summary reports only on torture committed directly by the CIA, and does not address the issue of the US sending of prisoners to other countries to be tortured.


Why Dick Cheney Is Really Freaking Out About The New Torture Report

Cheney is an EVIL Masonic Satanist whose ‘morality revolves around Judaic/Zionist ‘values’

Retired Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson Rips Dick Cheney: He Isn't  Immoral, He's Amoral


The Missing Photos From the Senate Report on CIA Torture - far worse still hidden -
Torture and Cruelty : Far more involved in torture than just CIA

Horrors Of Torture Report Could Mean International Legal Cases Against  Participants


The Founding Fathers Were Strongly Opposed to Torture … and Enshrined a Torture Ban In the Constitution

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Mason and the Other Framers Made It Clear that Torture Is Never Permissible

The Founding Fathers were strongly opposed to torture.

For example, George Washington – the father of our country – was against torture.

And he wasn’t the only one …

Webmaster's Commentary: Everyone who committed torture, authorized it, or covered it up, is a traitor to the nation


Ex-leader: Poland agreed to CIA site, not torture

After years of denials, two former Polish leaders acknowledged Wednesday they had allowed a secret CIA prison to operate on their territory but insisted they never authorized the harsh treatment or torture of its inmates.

Hush money: CIA paid Poland to host its secret prisons and detainees:

The CIA paid at least a million dollars to Poland for it to host secret prisons, where it incarcerated alleged 9/11 terror suspects, according to the recent US torture report.


Off the Grid: Nine CIA 'Black Sites' Where Detainees Were Tortured:

Six days after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, President George W. Bush issued a directive allowing the CIA to secretly detain and interrogate prisoners at clandestine sites located around the world, cut off from communication with legal counsel, family, and everyone else


Prosecute CIA Torturers Demands UN Official:

Ben Emmerson, the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Counter-Terrorism, has called for top officials from the Bush Administration who oversaw and supported torture to be prosecuted.


America Trades Torture for Drones:

The Senate's report on CIA interrogation closes one dark chapter-and leaves another open.


Stop Believing The Lies:

America Tortured More Than 'Some Folks' - And Covered It Up

By Trevor Timm

CIA defenders are out in force now that a historic report has exposed a decade of horrific American shame. Torture didn't work, but why aren't the architects of torture in jail? 


"It Wasn't The CIA Just Doing It By Themselves" - Mozzam Begg

By Tom Finn

 "What about the outsourcing of torture? Syria, Egypt, Libya under Qaddafi, these are places where Britain and the United States of America were sending people to be tortured. 


What the world is saying about the CIA torture report

The 5 Most Damning Revelations From The CIA’s Report On Bush-Era Torture


17 Disgraceful Facts Buried In The Senate’s 600 Page Torture Report


Meet James Mitchell, CIA's Post-9/11 Torture Architect

By Xeni Jardin

Jessen is said to have received more than $80 million from the CIA to teach the CIA how to torture people. And some of that torture included anal rape, freezing people to death, and shoving hummus and nuts up men's asses. 


Obama Tortures, Too

By Robert Barsocchini

 If we actually want to prevent torture and other war crimes, Obama can't be let off the hook. 

17 Disgraceful Facts Buried In The Senate’s 600 Page Torture Report


Russell Brand on CIA Torture Report: If Rape Is Being Used As a Way To Get Info, We’re Already In Hell

Russell Brand has described the CIA’s torture report as “terrifying” in his latest episode of The Trews.

The Senate Intelligence Committee's report will reveal the extent of the organisation’s “enhanced interrogation”. Main methods are thought to include sleep deprivation, confinement in small spaces, slapping, humiliation, sexual assault threats and waterboarding. These measures were carried out on al-Qaeda terrorism suspects following the 9/11 attack and weren’t effective in delivering life-saving intelligence to the US.


For The USA, Defeat Is Victory

By Dmitry Orlov

Allow me to enumerate some American victories. Or should I say defeats? Your choice; the two are the same.

Pay up suckers:

Ukraine Needs $15 Billion to Avert Financial Collapse - Report:

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned Western governments that war-weary Ukraine will need an extra $15 billion in aid over the coming weeks to avert financial collapse, the Financial Times reported.


Russian Missiles Shoot Down Ukrainian Surveillance Drones Over Crimea:

Russia has shot down several Ukrainian unmanned surveillance aircrafts flying over the Crimean Peninsula from the North over the last month using Pantsir (Greyhound) surface-to-air missile systems, a Crimean military source told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.


Preemptive nuclear strike omitted from Russia's new military doctrine - reports:

 "It would become possible if the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation are under threat."


Gorbachev on current US-Russia relations: 'We may not live through these days':

"This is extremely dangerous, with tensions as high as they are now. We may not live through these days: someone could lose their nerve," he wrote in a commentary entitled "To unfreeze relations"


Ten Facts You Should Know About the American Police State


Modern U.S. counterinsurgency doctrine also takes aim at Americans  whose dissent might undermine those wars

Attorney General Eric Holder Announces Federal RestrictionsAnd Bans On  Racial Profiling


This is what happens when you sell your soul to the Jews

The Greek endgame begins: "Everybody coming out of the meeting wants to sell everything in Greece"!


“If you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits.” -- Sir Josiah Stamp

French tax man second greediest in the world

France is now the second most taxed country in the world with with a mammoth 45 percent of its GDP raised through taxes. Only Denmark has a larger tax-to-GDP ratio, a new study by Paris-based think tank the OECD has found.


United Nations Calls for an End to Industrialized Farming


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