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Through the Eyes of a Muslim [A MUST READ]!

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The Truth About 9/11

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Through the Eyes of a Muslim [A MUST READ]!

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"It ran chills up and down my spine," he said that Sunday afternoon. "It was all there, all laid out, how they were going to take over the world, and it was the scariest thing I have ever read."

What he was discussing that day was a document which had been circulating amongst the various members of his church, downloaded off the internet in which was contained an outline for subduing the whole of humanity to a totalitarian system run by Islamic extremists. No doubt, the individual who had brought the document to church that day had originally retrieved it from WorldNet daily, Drudge, Limbaugh, Hannity or some other intellectual brothel that peddles the whorish agenda of Marxist Zionism for the benefit of Israel. As the elderly, conservative Christian man described this document which ran chills up and down his spine, there wasn't an ounce of doubt in his mind that it was genuine and that its contents portended the worst for the Christian West. He was visibly frightened at what he had read, as if he had been given the gift of prophecy and could see in a vision the nightmare that awaited him and his fellow Christians in the not too distant future. In this future, as he foresaw it, the Muslims would one day seize political control of the Western world, come to dominate or at least manipulate its media and legal systems, and afterwards restrict or outlaw the precepts and practicing of the Christian faith.

Calming him down was of no use. Trying to make him understand that the religion of Islam is not inimical to Christianity in its central tenets was an exercise in futility. Reading to him the treaties signed by Abu Bakr and the Christian leaders in Jerusalem and Damascus, centuries-old treaties which promised the Christians that they would be free to practice their religion without fear fell on deaf ears. Showing him passages of the Quran, wherein Christ is revered as the Messiah and wherein his blessed Mother is regarded as even more holy than even some Christians believe only made him angrier. Even for him, as a Catholic, pointing out the fact that in the Holy Land Muslims and Christians can be found side by side in processions honoring the saints in heaven and Christ's mother meant nothing. It was of no use, he had made up his mind and didn't want to be bothered with the details. In his world, Christianity was besieged by an enemy who was encircling it minute by minute, and threatened by a fanaticism whose victories could be chronicled every day in what had become the constantly progressing destruction of Western Civilization.

That Sunday visitor is by no means in a class by himself. He and the tens of millions of his like minded fellow travelers represent a rather large group of apocalyptically minded Christians who lament the loss of Christian virtue in today's world, and, to be fair, for good reason. Clearly, an individual would have to be sleep walking through present day life not to notice what has become the decline of objective morality, and particularly in the Christian West. It truly is a season of evil, these last 50 or so years, and the fog which has all but choked out the civility which the carpenter from Nazareth preached in his 3 year mission today billows throughout the world, wreaking havoc and misery on an unprecedented scale. Never before, (with the possible exception of those early days in which this revolutionary new faith struggled to free itself from the tyranny of Pharisaical Judaism) can it be said that Christianity was more unwelcome than it is now. As such, individuals just like that Sunday guest are willing to hear just about anything which confirms their worst suspicions, which conforms to the future as they envision it, and which justifies and validates all the hand wringing that they do on a daily basis over watching their faith attacked. What they do not realize is the fact that clever individuals, much more clever than the average Christian might suspect, know well of their condition, and as such have made the most of it, particularly since the tragic day of September 11.

Never allowing an opportunity to get past them, these clever individuals have capitalized on the anxiety under which conservative Christians have been suffering now for the last 30 years or more, and as such did not miss a beat in exploiting that anxiety so as to serve their own purposes. It is for this reason that a Zionist media (which has never failed in recent decades to profane Christian sentimentality on a daily basis) made sure to fill America's TV screens with images intended to evoke Christian outrage over an attack purported to have been committed by Muslims who were motivated by religious reasons. As such, Americans were made spectators to images of structural beams from the debris of the Twin Towers that fell together in such a way as to resemble a crucifix. The same media whose executives have never hidden in the slightest manner their loyalty to the antichrist agenda of Marxist Zionism made sure to show firefighters and policemen making the sign of the cross before going into harm's way. And finally, in the interest of optimizing that same anxiety and outrage which they have fostered for years through their attacks on Christian sentiments, the same institutions which have never blinked at an opportunity to ridicule traditional religious values were found to be conspicuously supportive in their coverage of the bumper stickers, t shirts, hats, and all the rest boldly stating "God Bless America." In a moment of weakness, one would like to think that the seriousness of the events which took place that day in New York may have caused a profound change to occur in the hearts and minds of these reprobates who have gnawed away at Christianity and its precepts through their influence over the media and legal system. However, for those who are inclined to think so, prudence should probably be allowed to weigh in and remind the world of those famous words concerning a leopard changing its spots.

The truth of the matter is, for Christians who are serious about their faith and who justifiably resent the manner in which it has been ridiculed and attacked over the last 3 decades, there is good reason for them to have those shivers going up and down their spines these days. Indeed, there is an enemy out there who is hell bent on destroying them and their values, and who can be found possessed with a virulent hatred of the Christian faith as well as for all its adherents. Truly there is an organized network laboring in the world, at times whispering in secret, at other times shouting out loud in furthering its agenda to bring about the day in which the last shovel full of dirt is thrown on the grave of Christian sentimentality. Like he assumes, these individuals have religious reasons for doing this, and indeed have demonstrated that there is no length to which they are unwilling to go in appeasing their flavor of fanaticism. It is a centuries old struggle, a jihad fought by individuals who are absolutely possessed by their desire to replace the religion of Christianity with a theocracy of sorts, and bringing about in the process a totalitarian system which has no tolerance for dissenting views. And, as the Sunday guest prophesied, this enemy will use every means at his disposal to achieve this, including the media, the legal system, and outright terror at times. The problem for the Sunday guest and all those others who agree with him is that they trusted too much the very individuals who couldn't be trusted, and as such have come to fear the wrong people and the wrong agenda. In effect, due to the propaganda which has taken place since 9/11, what has occurred is that those who pose the real danger to Christianity and to civilization in general have used the event as a means of shifting the focus away from their own deeds and agenda, and have caused the world to focus on a threat which pales by comparison. In comparative terms, it is like the hungry, 200 pound wolf who has convinced the sheep that they need to be afraid of a fox which poses no danger to them at all, and for obvious reasons. And as outrageous as this may sound in a propagandized world post 9/11, it actually makes perfect sense to those who still have eyes to see, and even more so when the whole situation involving Islamic extremism is viewed through the eyes of a Muslim.

If any one group of individuals should be able to understand the sentiments which are fueling the anxiety and outrage which have been associated with those living in the Middle East, then no one should understand better than the same conservative Christians in America today like that Sunday guest. In truth, much of what he sees in the world with respect to the lawlessness and immorality which has overcome humanity like a flood has much to do with the reason why Islam views the West in such unfavorable terms. It is the Muslims who despise the moral relativism (or outright antagonism to objective morality) which has brought fuel to the fires of religious extremism. The more radicalized the West has become with respect to its indifference to morality, the more radicalized has the Muslim world become in the opposite direction, much like a good portion of conservative Christians today have become. The document which was making its way around the internet and which was used to frighten Christians in the West was a statement of fact more than anything else, for a better reading of the document would reveal that its contents depicted a West which is dying due to low birth rates, and that eventually, (due more to simple demographics than anything else) the Muslims would overtake the Western world because of this. Therefore, what should be obvious to that Sunday visitor and all conservative Christians like him is that the Muslim world, rather than an enemy, instead stands in solidarity with them in recognizing the same evils that have all but destroyed Western Civilization. But there are even more simple reasons which explain the current crises with regards to the Middle East, and an individual does not need a degree in theology to grasp them. And given the amount of energy which has been expended in keeping these reasons out of the debate, one must assume that these reasons also make perfect sense, which is why those who manage the flow of information have kept them hidden from public consideration.

Despite a propaganda campaign which has sought to depict Muslims as individuals driven by pure fanaticism, nothing of the sort is the case. They have reacted no differently than any other group of individuals would react were they lied to, had their land taken and their homes destroyed, robbed of their only source of wealth, and had their innocent women and children bombed, shot, starved and poisoned for the last 50 years. The religion of Islam has nothing to do with today's attempt by those in the Middle East to realize their own self-preservation and justice, for these same sentiments are naturally occurring and are found in every race, creed and culture throughout the world and throughout history. In truth, the amount of attention that has been paid to the religion of Islam since 9/11 has been nothing more than a deflectionary program which was hatched in conference rooms in Tel Aviv and New York for the purposes of pitting two religions, Christianity and Islam, against each other for the benefit of Judaism. In the process, the Zionist interests who have been propagandizing American Christianity since 9/11, (interests that are easily verifiable and recognized throughout the rest of the world) have, in furthering their interests, lied (either openly or by insinuation) about what comprises the sentiments of those living in the Middle East. In such a way, the Muslims, whose image has been stereotypically reduced to unthinking, fanatical individuals who have no concern for human life, and imbued with an innate hatred for Christianity and its adherents have been made easy targets in an effort to facilitate their extermination by the Zionist agenda. As such, clever individuals, manipulating what information conservative Christians saw and heard knew how to steer a shell-shocked Christianity into adopting the mindset which would facilitate a war of religion to eradicate Zionism's last remaining impediment to world hegemony. The obvious foolishness in the arguments which have been used to demonize those in the Middle East is revealed in the fact that there has been no war of religion between the Muslims and the West for centuries, as well as in the fact that there are tens of millions of Christians living in the Middle East today. So inimical to Christianity, freedom, and the West were the Muslim nations that in anticipation of the liberation which they were expecting in the years encompassing the decline of the Ottoman Empire, they came to the Western powers, seeking aid in reforming their countries along the lines of the Western model. It was the Western powers, most notably the "Christian" countries of England, France and America, who (by then mere puppets of Zionist influence) betrayed them and broke the promises which they had made to them. It was the "Christian" countries who funded the gangsters of the Zionist crime families and injected them like a plague into the land upon which these people lived for 2,000 years. It is the "Christian" countries who have stood by and watched as a program for ethnically cleansing the Middle East has been implemented by the practitioners of racist Zionism, a religion of hate which in reality is nothing more than the ugly twin sister of Aryan fascism. And today, it is the "Christian" countries who are paying for all the awful mechanisms of warfare which are murdering innocent women and children on an hourly basis, both in Iraq and Palestine.

And yet, and yet, those who are suffering from these injustices are expected not to be angered or affected. They are expected to lie down and allow inhumanity to consume their existence as if they were subhuman themselves without an ounce of worth. All the instincts which are used in justifying America's (and all others') acts of war throughout history, instincts rooted in self-preservation and survival are conspicuously not afforded to those in the Middle East who are supposed to calmly accept being reduced to concentration camp victims until their number for extermination comes up. Only the madmen of the Zionist priesthood could conjure up such a diabolical program, and only an intellectually and spiritually vanquished Christianity could acquiesce to it.

For years, the Middle Eastern nations have appealed to the rationale of the West, and in so doing have calmly delineated these items as being some of the sources for their grievances. And while there has been some success in the countries of Europe with respect to arriving at an understanding and thus ending the bloodshed and injustice, there has been little success in America, and for easily discernible reasons. In an America which must choose between listening to right wing pundits like Limbaugh who tow the Zionist line and the left wing news media who does the same, there is little opportunity for the average unconcerned American to find out what constitutes reality in the eyes of a Muslim. Besides the fact that he has been unjustly demonized and had his religious sentiments completely misrepresented, as well he must suffer from the fact that the history and sentiments of the Zionist agenda have been misrepresented in equal proportionality. In truth, the energy that has been expended in lying to American Christians about what comprises the religion of Islam and its adherents has been matched (if not outdone) by the lying which has taken place concerning America's only "ally" in the Middle East, Israel. And if ever there were a singular situation which formed a major component to this structure of Islamic extremism which Christians are told to fear today, then it can be easily understood by considering this incomprehensible relationship which exists between America and the pariah state of Israel.

As viewed through the eyes of a Muslim, how else then could one consider such a relationship and not shake his head in bewilderment? America's only ally in the Middle East, Israel, has been responsible for more acts of terror, sabotage, and murder of American citizens than the Muslims ever were. By her duplicity, she has put Americans in more danger than they have ever known or will know. She has bombed hotels, American government buildings, deliberately allowed hundreds of US Marines to be killed in their barracks in Lebanon, assaulted a US intelligence gathering ship, the USS Liberty (for the purposes of blaming the Arabs and thus drawing America into her war against them) stole and then sold America's most sensitive nuclear weapons technology to her enemies, (Russia and China) and by all indicators most certainly was involved in the 9/11 attacks. Whether it was the testimony given by the Israeli pilots who bombed and machine gunned the USS Liberty (killing 34 American sailors and wounding almost 200 more) or whether it was the Israeli intelligence officers who were arrested on 9/11 (while videotaping the destruction and cheering for a job well done) so much evidence exists which leaves no doubt as to who America's real enemy is, and yet short of one individual's conviction and prison sentence, Jonathon Pollard, nothing has been done with Israel with respect to justice or the interests of America's security. By contrast, year after year she is rewarded with more and more money and even more in terms of immunity and insulation from public scrutiny. The American people, supposedly a Christian people, have displayed not an ounce of the same concern for this obvious danger against their physical well-being which they attempt to display now over the supposed danger posed by Islamic extremism. Through the eyes of a Muslim therefore, the picture of the modern day Western Christian is one of an intellectually compliant, politically and religiously complacent individual who cannot think for himself or act in his own best interests outside of the programming which he receives from his Zionist puppet masters. Even today, as the headlines are blaring out the obvious vindication of this image by virtue of the fact that the war in Iraq was fought on completely false pretenses, the average conservative Christian in America who has adopted this irrational fear of Islam has taken no note of this nor does he appear to have been affected in the least. He will though, on Pavlovian cue by his Zionist mind programmers, become apoplectic with apocalyptic fear over a letter being brought to church in which is discussed the takeover of the world by a group of swarthy, 3rd world individuals hiding in the caves of Afghanistan. In the meantime, religious fanatics who owe their allegiance to the blatantly anti-Christian Talmud and its physical manifestation in the state of Israel will plot away his freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion right under his nose, and his concern will not be roused over these attacks in the least.

For those who remain unconvinced of what is the disproportional fear which they have adopted towards the issue of Islamic extremism, perhaps they should consider it in these comparative terms: There is not to be found one Muslim or Muslim sympathizer in the same Bush administration which launched the war in the Middle East for the interests of Israel. The famed "Neo-cons" are not only all Jewish, but as well are unapologetic Zionists who have acted as a fifth column in hiding from America what was the truth concerning not only 9/11, but as well every other act of war which Israel has committed against the people of the United States. It was not the intelligence services of the various Muslim nations which lied about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, but rather those of Israel and her surrogates in America. It was not the leader of a Muslim nation who boasted about controlling America, but rather Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. It was not the intelligence services of a Muslim nation which blackmailed President Clinton through the Monica Lewinsky affair, but rather the Mossad of Israel. AIPAC, the organization that literally decides who gets elected to offices in the various branches of government in America does not stand for the American Islamic Political Action Committee, but rather the American Israel Political Action Committee. The ADL, which made such a fuss over the release of a movie depicting the dignity of the man most revered by Christians does not stand for the Arab Defense League, but the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish organization tied to Israeli intelligence whose mission it is to silence criticism of Israel and thus open the door for Zionist world hegemony. How out of proportion is the fear entertained by American Christians over losing the right to practice their faith under a Muslim totalitarian system when it is considered that it was branches of these same Jewish organizations who called upon the federal government to arrest the maker of the movie "The Passion" and have him tried as a terrorist.

Concerned, conservative Christians should remember (or else come to realize) that it is not the Quran, the Islamic religion, nor its adherents whom they need to fear. This fear they have adopted is nothing more than a program of managed sentiments which those who control the flow of information have imposed upon Christians, and for obvious reasons. It is not the teachings of the Quran which depict Christ as a sorcerer whose punishment consists of being boiled in excrement, nor which depict his mother as a whore who mated with Roman Carpenters. It is not the Quran or the Islamic religion which considers Christians to be animals and calls for their extermination, nor which permits the rape and molestation of their children. These are the sentiments which encompass just a microbe-sized portion of some of the anti-Christian and anti-Gentile sentiments of Talmudic Judaism, whose militant adherents literally decide who becomes president, where and against whom America goes to war, and what information people in America see, hear and read. In reality, a Christian who is outraged over the way in which Jesus and his followers are depicted in the media will never be witness to such a spectacle were the Muslims to "take over" as they have been led to fear. A Christian will never hear the name of Jesus taken in vain nor used in a mocking way, as occurs on an hourly basis in an American media owned by those sympathetic to Israel. In contrast to the way in which Christ's name is used profanely by a Jewish owned media in America, a Christian who is fortunate enough to carry on a religious discussion with a Muslim will always hear the name of Jesus followed with the very reverential blessing of "may peace be upon him" or, in the case of discussing one of his apostles, the blessing "may God be pleased with him." There are no media interests in the same Muslim societies which the West has been programmed into fearing that are producing movies such as "The Last Temptation of Christ," nor those films which depict Christ's mother working in an abortion clinic. In America there are not to be found Muslims who are castigating Christians for opposing such defamatory art works, nor accusing them of being "book burning Nazis" or "opponents of free speech" and such. Quite the opposite, when such movies have been released, Muslims could be found standing alongside Christians in righteous protest of these abominations.

And finally, in the interests of putting things in the socio-religious perspective upon which conservative Christians seem to be so focused today, it must be remembered that the destruction of any normative sense of decency with regards to modesty, promiscuity or the sanctity of marriage that has been realized through the efforts of control over media, academia and law has not been accomplished by Islamic interests, but rather by those interests controlled by those loyal to Zionism. It is not the Muslims who decided to put two of America's most popular female music idols on stage and have them engage in lesbianesque kissing. It is not because of an Islamic conspiracy that prime-time television celebrates sodomy, promiscuity and trans-gender/trans-sexual lifestyles. It is not because of Muslim influence over media that America's school children are taking guns to school and murdering people en masse in imitation of the programming that has been put before them that has glorified violence and gangsterism. There are to be found no Muslim names when the credits for these programs begin scrolling their way across the screen, although there are to be found a disproportionate number of individuals loyal to Israeli interests. And despite the best efforts of those to try and hide this uncomfortable piece of incontrovertible truth, nevertheless it is the elephant in the room which cannot be ignored, and to attempt such a denial is nothing more than an exercise in child's play. Indeed, as Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon boasted to his cabinet in October of 2001, it is the "Jewish people" allied to Zionism who "control America," not the Muslims.

A proper understanding of history and sociological events requires an appreciation of the laws concerning cause and effect. With this in mind, it must be understood that the real culprits who are responsible for bringing into existence Islamic extremism are the Zionists and their Christian lackeys who have given to Israeli interests a blank check for murder, genocide, and the destruction of all sentiments rooted in commonly held moral values. Before Zionism arrived on the world scene, (along with its revolutionary program for reconfiguring Western morality so as to be in alignment with her designs) there was no such thing as Islamic extremism or the violence which seems to accompany it. Were it not for the fact that those working for the Zionist agenda have through their influence overrun the West with the scourges of abortion, pornography, sodomy and every other abominable vice recognized to be such by any basic moral standard, Muslims would not be "plotting" the downfall of the West. Both in the political and sociological sense, Western Christianity, said to be in danger of destruction by Islamic extremism, can blame the Zionist interests which put into motion the series of events which have brought the West to the brink of annihilation, as well as for their own complacency in allowing it to happen.

If there is any reason for shivers to be traversing what remains of Christianity's spine today, then it should be taking place for the right reasons. In adopting this disproportional sense of fear and foreboding with respect to Islam and its adherents, Christianity has fallen into a trap that was constructed for her by clever individuals much more dangerous than the Muslims could ever be. These clever individuals are fighting a jihad to rid the world of an ideology which they swore two thousand years ago to destroy, and by all appearances, have almost succeeded. Today, these religious extremists have bribed and blackmailed their way to the pinnacle of power in the world, and the attempt to deny this fact is as pointless as trying to deny the existence the Mafia. Conservative Christians who have come to recognize the apocalyptic times in which they are living should take careful steps that they do not become followers of the Beast whom Christianity was told would appear in the last days. In reacting to the information which has been put forth by the Zionist agenda with respect to the religion of Islam and its adherents, conservative Christians are cooperating with a program which has been designed for their own destruction. In hyping the danger which Islamic extremism is said to pose to Christianity, the Zionist agenda is sending the Christian nations, (against whom the real focus of their agenda is directed) to fight for her and for her interests.

Christians should be wise enough to consider the fact that once the "Muslim problem" has been taken care of for the interests of Israel, she will then turn her unused and unallocated resources on accomplishing the mission which she put into motion 2,000 years ago in the town of Jerusalem. Indeed, in watching as Christians have taken the bait with respect to the "Islamic threat" which the Zionist agenda has put forth since 9/11, one can imagine the howls of laughter that have been taking place in the offices of the various groups tied to Israel, including AIPAC, JINSA, the ADL and JDL. All things considered, this must have been what their great great grandfather Lenin meant when he said almost a century ago that "the useful idiots will fall into our hands like a ripened fruit."

Today, let conservative Christians not allow their spines to become cold in the manner in which the Zionist agenda desires, but instead use their heads and apply a healthy dose of skepticism towards today's events. The antichrist agenda which is Marxist Zionism has shown, through her influence in media, academia and law to be the sworn enemy of Christian sentimentality on a daily basis for decades. She has not passed up an opportunity to gnaw away at the pillars of Christendom, and has in the span of only 2 generations almost erased a culture which took 2,000 years to develop. As such, what remains of Christianity should assume that were there truly a threat posed to it by Islamic extremism, that therefore the Zionist agenda would assist it in any way possible. The fact that instead the Zionist agenda has endeavored to misrepresent the religion of Islam and its adherents means that not only does Islam not pose a real, organic threat to Christianity, but as well that there is much to be feared by the Zionist agenda if the two religions were ever to unite against it. It is for this reason, therefore, that the adherents of Judaic extremism have pitted the two faiths against each other, using the one to do the dirty work of exterminating the other, and after which time its own number will come up as well.

As such, let concerned Christians everywhere do as they were instructed and become as wise as serpents, for in so doing, they will avoid the traps which have been set for them by their enemies. Let the sheep not be distracted by that hungry, 200 pound wolf who is endeavoring to convince them that the fox is the real danger to them, when in reality he poses no threat to them at all, for the moment in which they shift their attention towards him, they will be pounced upon by an adversary who is much more deadly and much more dedicated to their destruction. And finally, in the interests of fulfilling their duty with regards to charity and justice, let what remains of Christianity recognize the fact that they have more in common with those living in the land of their Master's birth than they have been led to believe, for in the war to preserve what remains of mankind's better nature, the adherents of Islam are not an adversary, but rather an ally. The common enemy to both religions and indeed to all peoples is the antichrist agenda of Marxist Zionism which has relegated all nations and inferior races to positions of sub-humanity, an ideology which, like any hellish fire, will consume the world if not stopped.

As such, let a sleepwalking Christianity wake from its slumber and concentrate its efforts on bringing the message of truth not only to itself but as well to the rest of mankind, a noble endeavor whose first steps may be initiated by considering the world as it appears through the eyes of a Muslim.

"Through the Eyes of a Muslim" is an excerpt of the soon to be released work by the author entitled "No Beauty in the Beast...Israel without her Mascara." Mark Glenn is also the author of "Not My Words, But Theirs...A Christian American's Defense of Middle Eastern Culture and its People." The Website for the book may be accessed at The author may be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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