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Obama: Substance Versus Symbolism!

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When it comes to Obama, for many, symbolism outweighs substance.

obama substance?For many African Americans the only thing that matters is finally, there is a black President–Barack Obama. His policies be damned!  Never mind the fact that he:

  • deploys African American and other poor young minority men to be killed in unjust wars,
  • he distances himself from the black community,
  • ingratiates himself with Jews and Jewish appointments (with the largest number serving in his administration than any president before),
  • caters to Wall street bankers,
  • is a huge supporter of gays and homosexual marriage (detrimental to traditional African American family values),
  • supports corporate gangsters by allowing them to charge unlimited credit card rates voting against putting a cap on those rates (84% of African American families carry credit card debts),
  • supports and subsidizes corporate Agribusiness causing starvation in Africa and other third world countries, 
  • condemns African American leaders like Farrakhan, and even distanced himself from his own Pastor

The list goes on and on.

But, it seems like most folks are blind, even though under his administration African Americans suffer enormous poverty and nothing has improved for them since Bush left office. In fact things have gotten worse and their black leaders in congress complain about being snubbed by the president. These leaders are upset because they saw how other ethnicities are treated when one of their same ethnicity makes it to the presidency. Instead they are ignored. Obama can speak wonders with his eloquent, substance-less, rhetoric.  He whispers sweet nothings into the hearts and minds of the masses -- while at the same time delivering real substance to the Jews and the rich.  He is so beloved by the Jews now that the rich Jews refer to him as the first Jewish president. Just check his record for goodness sake!  But for most African Americans, all is still well (or they think it is) because a black man is president of the United States, and that is all that matters.  Really???  Yippee aye Yay!!!
For Muslims who still continue to support Obama, it is even worse. Even if his policies go against principles in Islam (which some have) many don’t seem to care, because they have a president named Barack Hussein Obama – he is black and his middle name is Arabic. Yeah, yeah that is all that matters, even though he distanced himself from them during and after his election. He made promises about closing Guantanamo and ending torture but has done nothing to close Guantanamo, and has even escalated the use of torture also making  it legal for American Muslims to be assassinated anywhere in the world without a trial. He is in bed with the Israelis, who continue to murder and impose great hardships and suffering on Muslims in Palestine and other parts of the region. He never spoke out or took any actions against the atrocities and wholesale massacre committed by Israel against innocent men, women and children in Gaza. He is wholly complicit with the recent terrorist attacks and murder of humanitarians bringing aid to Gaza. He supports Israel 1000%, daring never to displease them.

Since his election, he has brought death and havoc to the lives of thousands of innocent Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan and other places.  He has been bullying Iran with crippling sanctions and preemptively is moving to attack them. At the same time he has given more aid to Israel than any other president in history. Despite the fact that Israel has murdered more human beings and brought greater devastation to the Palestinians than anything Qaddafi has done in Libya, Obama has led the attack on Libya -- a sovereign nation-- using the justification that the US and NATO were bent on stopping Qaddafi from killing his people. Where was Obama and the US led NATO forces when the Israelis were killing thousands of Palestinians, most of them innocent women and children in Gaza just recently? His hypocrisy is obvious (except for the stupidly blind Obamafied Muslims) and the whole world knows that his attack on Libya has more to do with stealing the rich oil resources of Libya than true humanitarian aid.  He has been worse than Bush.  Yet, the majority of American Muslims are so happy, and blinded by the “symbolism”, that they reward Obama by celebrating the birthday of “this great man” on August 4th???  In so doing, they too are complicit in his crimes against humanity.   "Be there or be square", they say!  How disheartening and utterly disgusting!!! 

Politics is not the Muslims' religion and Obama is not their Prophet, but many Muslims treat him as such.  Amongst these Obamafied Muslims, it is dangerous to expose the truth about the evil he is doing.  When you speak the truth around them, YOU are seen as an enemy, despite the fact that Obama has contributed to the death of thousands of innocent Muslims and will continue to do so.  They are so blinded by symbolism that it overwhelms reality.
For those who need to wake up from the Obama fantasy I suggest that you check out this video:   “The Obama Deception”.


You have been deceived and in the worse way.   Its wake up time and the alarm clock is ringing.  Please wake up! Obama has proved to not be what many hoped for and billed him to be. It is not the fault of those who built him up based on his promises;  it is Obama’s fault for choosing the path he has chosen.

Allah will hold each of us accountable for what we have done to contribute to or relieve oppression.

Whoever  recommends and helps a good cause becomes a partner therein: And whoever recommends and helps an evil cause, shares in its burden: And Allah hath power over all things.  (4:85)

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