Islam's Fifth Column

Throughout the history of Islam, schisms and other forms of fitnah have unfortunately divided the Muslim flock. Such divisions are not unknown to any religion. Paul spoke about "ravenous wolves" scattering the "flock" in Acts of the Apostles. In modern-day Islam, this sentiment of division has unfortunately become more pronounced as each and every major political event occurs within the horizon. Is it a coincidence--not really! The hadeeth repeatedly warns the faithful and honest, that such events are sure to occur.

As we embark through the concourse of the twenty-first century, we draw even closer to "uncharted waters," of political turmoil and religious "deception." The Islamic Umma is in a state of confusion. Liars and deceivers are at every turn to fool the unwise -- the people who do not know any better. They come in all forms and colors. Yes, they are your neighbor next door, who claims they have a new revelation, surely to uplift our tortured souls to new heights of spiritual perfection. The Christian world knows them by a better name--televangelists. In Islam of today, many so-called imams are emulating the hypnotism and sheer lunacy of the prosperity gospel crowd. They too dance up and down, and convey all so nice Sufi charms to convince us of our lack of religious faith.

Okay, let's not continue with what some may call a lot of intellectual mumbo jumbo, but let's just cut to the chase. We have liars and frauds, religious charlatans, and fools, who claim to be Muslims nowadays. Hamza Yusuf, Feisal Abdul Rauf, Irshad Manji, Asma Gull Hasan, and the list goes on and on. Oh, they are so pious--not! They are Sufi magicians, closet--not out of the closet--lesbians, new thinkers, etc., who want to change the relgion to make their haram halal. The hadeeth talks about this. It says that these deceivers will make halal what is haram and haram what is halal.

But to get a clearer potrait of what they say, let's peruse some of the garbage they expouse. Yes, we have dear Hamza Yusuf. He is popular, he has moustache, oh, and he is sooooo very white!! No, being white or any color is not bad. In Islam we are all equal, but he is the type of person that the State Department knows captures the attention of the crowd. He is soooo religious, that he sanctioned George Bush's illegal wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. Wars that have left scores of our Muslim brothers and sisters dead and in a literal state of enslavement through the American military colonization of those respective countries. Yusuf styles himself the pope of Islam, but in reality he seems more an offshoot of the hippie days of the 1960's of popular American culture. His Zaytuna institute has been severly reprimanded for being more like an "ashram," then a place of Islamic learning and guidance.

Oh, let's not forget Irshad Manji. She is a defiant and unwholesome lesbian, who wants through the process of Ijtihad to change Islam's foundational beliefs to make it acceptable for her to date Susan. No coincidence, she is actively being promoted by the Bilderbergers and various Jewish feminist organizations. For further reference, please look into Henry Makow's articles.

But that is not all. We also have women who believe that women should be able to lead prayers. Such are the diatribes of  Amina Wadud and her ilk, who believe that women have been indeed oppressed in Islam. In addition, to the aforementioned foolish, Wadud also strongly promotes lesbianism--just like a feminist--and gay marriage. Her close darling is Asma Gull Hasan, a wannabee American, who shrugs off her Islamic clothes and advocates dating, premarital sex, and other indecencies.

Such are the times we live in. The Bible spoke about "perilous" times, and they are here. Muslims and Christians, and all other people of religious faith be forewarned. We live in a time of mass upheavel and mass delusion. Religious charlatans, who think they can play God, want to change your long held views and beliefs. They want to foster religious transformation, not reformation of our evil deeds and ways. Islam came to change society, not cater to society. It changed a barbarous civilization by upholding the torch of righteousness, not any nonsense of racial superiority or lineage. Piety is the litmus test and it should definitely be the standard bearer to determine the liars from the truthful.