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The Truth About 9/11

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Women in Al-Islam

The role of women in Al-Islam is one of the most misunderstood and vilified roles in the West. Many believe that as a result of women wearing Hijab, that Islamic women are oppressed and are forced to be subservient to Muslim men. Little do they know that the Qur’an teaches that both men and women can attain the same levels of mental and spiritual development. It does not make the woman a lesser creature than man in respect to mental and spiritual capabilities. Al-Islam gave women the right to vote, to own properties and to initiate divorce 1400 years ago long before women in the western world got those rights in the 1920s during the suffrage movement. The Qur’an prescribes modesty for both men and women, not a specific dress covering. The Burqah and Abiyah are cultural expressions with the obligatory wearing of the veil being introduced into Islamic culture -- under the influence of the Greeks of Christian Byzantium -- more than 300 years after the passing of Prophet Muhammad (saaw).  Interestingly though the largest number of converts today to Al-Islam are women. This section will help elucidate the role of women in Al-Islam for correct understanding.

Truth, History, and Honor Killing

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"A review of Burned Alive"

In recent years, two best-selling titles have appeared on the subject of honor killing in the Arab world. Norma Khouri's Forbidden Love (also published under the title Honor Lost) and "Souad's" Burned Alive were both published in 2003. In that fateful year, while the international media raced us toward the invasion of Iraq, these books evidently met a public appetite for information about the Middle East.

Both are entirely undocumented memoirs, which ask the reader to take the story on trust. In the case of Forbidden Love, this trust was misplaced. The book was set in Jordan, and an investigation by Jordanian women's rights activists showed that the author was a complete fake, having lived in America all her life and invented the story. Burned Alive, by contrast, has not been subject to public scrutiny. It is, however, a controversial text.

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Jewish And Catholic Women Become Muslim After 9/11

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AlJazeera Interviews some American New Muslim women who became Muslim after 9/11.

Aljazeera and FoxNews both interviewed Angela Colins, an ex-Catholic from sunny California.  Safiya, who used to be an American Jew... Lost 8 of her relatives in September 11, however, this did not make her blame Islam for the events of 9/11. Instead, she loved Islam and became Muslim. Having studied Islam and the Qur’an both women found out that Islam gives true meaning to worshipping God alone and not associating any partners with him. It is God's true message to mankind.


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