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Understanding What is Really Happening in Syria!

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Are the uprisings we see in Syria really Muslim uprisings or are dark forces really behind them?  Please check out this enlightening interview uncovering what is really happening in Syria.

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-5 #1 Rami 2012-02-12 15:56
Over 95% of Muslims want Bashar gone especially after what is going on daily with massacres on kids and other innocents. Obama said Gaddafi, who was supported by most ppl, was about to attack Benghazi. So he destroyed Libya. In reality the Jewish banking elites were scared that Libyas future gold african dinar would put an end to trading oil in worthless dollar.
Syria is differnt. There actually is a masacre and ppl still think that US wants to start war there. US and Israel want to destroy economy in Syria but they also want to keep Bashar because they don't want ppl to have a voice. And Israel wants brutal dictator in Syria. So most of u who think Syrians like Bashar are wrong. Yes the Alawites do like him, but they are minority and not real muslims as they believe in another messiah than Jesus and don't fast or have to go to mecca.
+7 #2 Nashid 2012-02-16 15:30

Your information about Assad is totally false. The people of Syria wants him in power and they have demonstrated repeatedly their overwhelming support for him. As proved by the delegation that did the study of Syria sent by the Arab League, the ones causing the violence, unrest and killing of innocent civilians is not the Syrian government but foreign fighters supported by Israel, America, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Although this was clearly detailed in the Arab Observers report, this information was buried and not given media play even in the Arab world. Instead, the Observers were denounced as being noneffective because their truthful report did not go with what the destroyers of Syria wanted.

As for Israel's support for Assad, I invite you to check out the following article:

Syria Under Fire: Zionist Destabilization Hits Critical Mas

Here is a clip from that article that exposes that deliberate deception:

"From the moment that the unrest in Syria exploded, Tel Aviv, through its tremendously venomous and wide-reaching media apparatus, unleashed one of its many ‘kisses of death’ against Bashar al-Assad and his government, labeling him its “favorite dictator (3).” This piece of pernicious hasbara was disseminated far and wide with the intent of not only turning the Syrian people against Bashar al-Assad, but to mask any Israeli involvement in Syria in the eyes of the international onlookers, developing an atmosphere of bewilderment and psychological warfare. The calculated move proved successful and the Zionist regime provided perfect cover for covert Israeli special forces, who have been on the ground since August 2007 (4). And then, as the world was looking away, Zionism lowered the boom.

It began on July 20th, when Israeli Prime Minister and mass murdering war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu offered his support to ‘protesters’ in Syria by stating, “the young people of Syria deserve a better future” and he went on with his usual diatribe against Syria for standing with Iran and Hezbollah. Ominously, Netanyahu also stated that it would be “bad for the people of Lebanon, bad for the people of Syria and bad for peace” if attention was shifted away from the unrest in Syria. The subtle words of Netanyahu were not what was most disturbing though. It was who the words were delivered to. And that who was Al-Arabiya News (5), the malicious Saudi propaganda outlet owned and run by the brother-in-law and son of the ex-Saudi tyrant, ‘King’ Fahd (6). The rare interview was an important revelation, exposing the public Israeli-Saudi working relationship.

Next up was an amplification on July 26th, when godfather of the Zionist nuclear program, war criminal, massacrer of Qana and Israeli President Shimon Peres stated in no uncertain terms, “Bashar al-Assad must go. The sooner he will leave, the better it will be for his people.” Peres also went on to say that regime change will lay down the groundwork for an eventual ‘peace’ treaty between Syria and the vile Zionist occupation. Who did Shimon Peres deliver this declaration of overthrow to? Arab media (undoubtedly dominated by the Saudi-Qatari alliance), in an ‘unprecedented’ press conference (7)."

If you don't understand what is happening in the Muslim world with Israel and the US plan for total domination, let me summarize it for you with the following statement:

"The Al-Qaeda boogeyman was used successfully to attack Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and other places. But as evidenced in Libya, all that needs to be done now is claim that leaders are killing their people and the US and NATO will have all the justification they need to attack other sovereign nations. We are led to believe that the same murderers of millions of Muslims, plunderers of their lands and haters of Islam have transformed themselves into the saviors of the Muslim masses. We should not be fooled by their appealing propaganda playing on the goodness of our hearts. Their goals are always the same -- steal Muslim countries resources and gain world dominance for Israel's benefit. They see how easy it is to provoke protests in Arab countries, send their mercenaries in to kill the people, blame the killings on Arab leaders and then bomb those countries. They are very selective about this process choosing to execute the complete process in Libya and now itching to do it in Syria on their road to waging war on Iran. Their aim is to weaken and decimate Muslim countries whether friend or foe. Tunisia and Egypt were friendly countries whose cruel, corrupt and self serving leaders did more to please the West than to satisfy the needs of their people. Libya and Syria are not considered friendly countries by the West in the same light as Egypt and Tunisia. Yet friend or foe, both types of leadership has to be toppled because the aim is to leave the Muslim world weak and helpless subject to the dominion of the West. Iraq and Afghanistan are good examples of what they want for the Muslim world after their escapades of bringing "freedom" to the Muslim masses. That "freedom" has only left those countries ruined and destroyed in much worse shape than they were in before their "saviors" from the West invaded."

The information about the Alawites that you stated is nothing more than divide and conquer. Our enemies want to have Shia, Sunni, Alawite and whatever divisions to surface so they can use that to dominate the Muslim world.

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