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The Fed and its proxies knocked down oil prices for war against Russia with Venezuela and Iran as additional victims

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The Fed and its proxies have already intervened to knock down oil prices in a full spectrum war against Russia and Putin with Venezuela and Iran as additional victims.

The Saudis forcing oil prices down to $10 a barrel in 1986 caused the collapse of the USSR.  Why will the Fed intervene to support oil prices now and save Russia?

The Oil Coup US-Saudi Subterfuge Send Stocks and Credit Reeling


“John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, allegedly struck a deal with King Abdullah in September under which the Saudis would sell crude at below the prevailing market price. That would help explain why the price has been falling at a time when, given the turmoil in Iraq and Syria caused by Islamic State, it would normally have been rising.” (Stakes are high as US plays the oil card against Iran and Russia, Larry Eliot, Guardian)

U.S. powerbrokers have put the country at risk of another financial crisis to intensify their economic war on Moscow and to move ahead with their plan to “pivot to Asia”.

Here’s what’s happening: Washington has persuaded the Saudis to flood the market with oil to push down prices, decimate Russia’s economy, and reduce Moscow’s resistance to further NATO encirclement and the spreading of US military bases across Central Asia. The US-Saudi scheme has slashed oil prices by nearly a half since they hit their peak in June. The sharp decline in prices has burst the bubble in high-yield debt which has increased the turbulence in the credit markets while pushing global equities into a tailspin. Even so, the roiled markets and spreading contagion have not deterred Washington from pursuing its reckless plan, a plan which uses Riyadh’s stooge-regime to prosecute Washington’s global resource war

Saudi Oil Minister Says Russia Doesn’t ‘Deserve Market Share’…


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