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If the Yes vote is pushed through by the EU/IMF financial thugs, Greeks will suffer greater hardship and through incessant debt, their country will be owned lock stock and barrel by this Financial Mafia Cartel.

If the Yes vote is installed, Tsipras and his Government should not resign and in fact should ask Russia and China for financial help- That would be a wonderful slap in the face of the IMF/EU gang.

It would be wonderful if the NO vote was successful and it would stop the Regime change being touted by the EU - this would stop their financial Coup on Greece's popular Prime Minister who appears to have a genuine love and concern for his People, unlike Tsipras's predecessor and Papandreou who filled their own pockets and shamefully sold their country cheaply to these Banksters.

Greece - embrace your true democracy and your freedom, show these Financial Gangsters your independence and show them the door!!

Iceland did this and is better for having done so!

The Elite in Greece must also stop thinking about their own selfishness and do the right thing for their People, their Sovereign country which should not be owned and controlled by other Europeans and their corrupt Banking System.

The referendum in Scotland was rigged by the British Establishment in favour of staying with England when I suspect the vast majority were in favour of Alex Salmond's SNP. the rigging forced Salmond to unwisely resign. I hope this is not repeated in Greece as we must never put it past these thugs

Greece say OXI, OXI OXI for the sake of your dignity and the welfare of ALL your people and not just the Elitist few who have bled your country dry and left you all in this dire quagmire. You can still be a part of Europe and have your true independence- return to your Drachma and make sure it is securely backed by gold to protect your National currency

As Peter Koenig wrote in an article:

"The world must realize that the so-called troika - IMF, European Central Bank and European Commission, is literally blackmailing Greece and subjecting her to outright economic torture. - "

It is paramount dear Greeks to support Tsipras/Syriza and vote OXI OXI OXI- NO!


The IMF and EU will not tolerate a NO vote and will use any trick in the book to get their way re Greece’s debt which they know she will never be able to pay off, but happy to see her get into more and more debt

Greece's Yanis Varoufakis prepares for economic siege as companies issue private currencies

Greece has stockpiled enough reserves of fuel and pharmaceutical supplies to withstand a long siege, and has set aside emergency funding to cover all the country's vitally-needed food imports.
Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek finance minister, said the left-Wing Syriza government is still working on the assumption that Europe's creditor powers will return to the negotiating table if the Greek people don't agree to their austerity demands in a referendum on Sunday, but it stands ready to fight unless it secures major debt relief.

Yanis Varoufakis: A pressing question for Ireland before Monday's meeting on Greece:

'Perhaps the most telling remark by any finance minister in that eurogroup meeting came from Michael Noonan'



Greece, the price is too high, don’t sell your souls and lose your dignity to the EU Banksters. Do what Iceland did which pulled them out of a black hole.

Greek People Demand Their Own Destruction —

Paul Craig Roberts

Some years ago Thomas Frank wrote a book, What’s the Matter with Kansas. The book is about how brainwashed Americans vote against their own economic and political interests.

The utter stupidity of populations makes them helpless at the hands of the rapacious. Today Thomas Frank could ask the same question about the brainwashed Greek population. On June 22, RT reported a huge rally of Greeks in Athens waiving the EU flag and demanding that their government sell them out to the troika. ly-eurozone-summit/

The Greeks are so determined to be included in “Europe” that they are willing to be driven economically into the ground and to cease to exist as a sovereign state as the price of being in the EU. The idiots who participated in this “rally for Europe” have made it difficult, if not impossible, for the Greek government to soften the austerity that is being imposed by the One Percent on the Greek people.

Among Western people, the Greeks have experienced the heartlessness and greed of the One Percent more severely than any other Western people. Yet, the Greeks accept their mistreatment as the price of being European.

It is a wonder that Alexis Tsipras hasn’t resigned and damned the idiot population to hell.


Greece Faces New Kind of Coup

Two months ago Euclid Tsakalotos, the deputy Foreign Minister, took over as Greece's new chief negotiator, instead of Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis. He says the government faces a new kind of coup, one that is not carried out with tanks, as in 1967, but through banks.

As Referendum Looms, Troika Charged with Plotting 'Regime Change' in Greece

With so much still up in the air, it was Tsipras who took to his Twitter account on Friday with this simple message for Greeks ahead of the vote: "Greek citizens, the time has come for responsibility and democracy. Let's silence fear-mongering and baseless talk of disaster."

He then added: "Let us calmly go to the polls and make our choice by weighing the arguments—not the slogans."


Mass demonstration opposes austerity in Greece

Ahead of Sunday’s referendum a massive protest took place in Athens Friday evening, in opposition to the austerity programme of the European Union (EU) and International Monetary Fund.

In a show of defiance, tens of thousands of people packed Athens’ central Syntagma Square in front of the parliament building. The main sentiment expressed by the crowd was a determination to end years of austerity. Among them were many young people.


Europe's Malpractice of Greece

By James K. Galbraith

The Greek patient is in a bad way and needs a potent remedy to make a swift recovery, but Europe's financial hospital seems to have forgotten its Hippocratic Oath. -


Greece - The Delphi Declaration

By Peter Koenig - on behalf of The Delphi Initiative

The world must realize that the so-called troika - IMF, European Central Bank and European Commission, is literally blackmailing Greece and subjecting her to outright economic torture. -


Greek debt relief was not on table during bailout negotiations, says EU official

Debt relief was not on the table during negotiations to extend Greece’s existing bailout programme, and agree a package of reforms needed to unlock its remaining funds, according to a senior EU official.

The official told the Guardian that debt relief was “politically highly toxic for many eurozone member states”.


Greeks Rally in Support of Syriza Ahead of EU Summit :

On the eve of an emergency meeting of the European Union, thousands took to the streets of Athens to support the left-wing governments  anti-austerity positions with European lender.


IMF 'Trained' Greek Journalists in DC to Promote Its Position in the Media:

Greece's former representative to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that Greek journalists were "trained" to promote the policies the IMF and the European Commission had toward the country's debt.



Ed-note (Sabba)  – Jerusalem lecturing Athens on Democracy!!! Noah Feldman, who belongs to the tribe who gave us usury and racism and who elevated genocide and lying to a religious duty (KOL NIDRE), so this chosenite thinks he knows democracy better than the people who invented it.

Greece is doing Democracy wrong he dares say: what is the right way of doing democracy for a someone who believes he is the chosen of God?

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EU warns of Armageddon if Greek voters reject terms


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Israel’s lesson to Greece

“By coincidence, the Greek default fell on the anniversary of the 1985 economic plan that saved Israel from a similar fate; what did Shimon Peres do right that the Greeks did wrong?”

Ed-note (Sabba) – The Greeks do not own Goldman Sachs, the World Bank, the IMF and all the banks worldwide: that’s the difference. When money disappears in some gentile land, it has to ‘re-appear’ somewhere. Money does not simply vanishes in the air. It changes owners. So when Greece and soon France, Spain, Italy’s banks are emptied, we need to look at israeli’s banks to find where our wealth has been transferred to.

The fact is that we are witnessing a massive onslaught on the Christian Orthodox world: Greece, Ukraine, Macedonia and of course Russia, without forgetting Serbia , which was the first to pay the price of her attachment to the Orthodox faith.

Surely, this can not be a coincidence.

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Why is Greece the most anti-Semitic country in Europe?

Ed-note (Sabba)  – This article from HAARETZ dates back to 20 May 2014 but it is still worth reading. There has been recently a new survey (we should really start counting them!) by the ADL which found that a staggering 85% of the Greek population believes that jews have too much power over global finance. This was widely shared and spread on all social medias and yet, the israeli media failed to report on it. Wonder why

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