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The Zionist media declared war on The Donald, as did political heavyweights on both the Republican and Democrat sides of the aisle. So did Wall Street. At just about every rally, Trump told his partisans that together, they would drain the swamp–a reference to the corruption that has run rampant in Washington. But this is not one of Trump’s reality TV shows, this is just reality and the very fate of humanity hangs in the balance. And looking around at the most important portfolios in the new Imperialist-In-Chief’s cabinet, what we see is nothing but stalwarts of the swamp–some of its most bloodthirsty alligators even. Without any embellishment, what lies (in more ways than one) before us is profoundly disturbing and a vast departure from Trump’s campaign message.

The Defense Department was given to General James “Mad Dog” Mattis. Many Anti-Zionist analysts have been quick to point out that he said that he sees ‘Israel’ turning into an “apartheid state” and that the US “pays a price” for its support of the cancerous tumor. Both statements are relatively toothless and considering Mad Dog’s ACTIONS, they don’t hold don’t the weight of a paperclip. Indeed, what these aforementioned analysts fail to mention is that Mattis is a war criminal. As the commander of the 1st Marine Division, he was a key leader in the sacking of Baghdad and paved the way for the Judeo-NATO dismantlement and subsequent takeover of the Iraqi state. Mad Dog has the blood of tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of Iraqis on his hands, with his most notorious crime being the Mukaradeeb Wedding Party Massacre of May 2004. Moreover, he’s a frothing-at-the-mouth hawk on Iran, having once described the Islamic Republic as “the single most enduring threat to stability and peace” in our region, and despite his weak criticisms against the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime, ‘Israel’ Firsters have taken just about no issue with him. JINSA and the Republic Jewish Coalition even went out of their way to defend his “record”–his record of killing “Goyim” on behalf of World Zionism, that is.

At Homeland Security, the man now in charge is General John Kelly, another war criminal. His record includes butchering civilians on three tours in Iraq and running the torture facility at Guantanamo Bay. He’s also an anti-Iran hawk and an anti-Hizbullah fanatic, accusing the Islamic Republic of spreading “radical ideology” in Latin America and the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of maintaining a drug-running network that runs through Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Panama. Kelly’s wants greater American involvement in Latin American affairs under the pretext of “combating Iranian influence”. Factoring in these highly Zionized, tremendously dangerous views, and since he’s going to be the one overseeing Trump’s border wall with Mexico, it is of the utmost likelihood that Kelly’s going to give a contract to operate on the American-Mexican border to Magal Security Systems, an ‘Israeli’ security firm which has been making overtures towards Trump since he defeated Clinton. Magal’s “achievements” include building the “hafrada (separation from non-Jews)” wall in the occupied West Bank and Al-Quds, keeping Gaza besieged, contributing to settlement infrastructure across Palestine and utilizing the methodology of neo-colonialism to infiltrate Mexico’s government, police, prisons, banks, ports, power plants, military and municipalities.

Standing in as the new National Security Advisor is Lieutenant General and former DIA director Michael Flynn, a man who attempted to portray himself in the run-up to Trump’s win as a bit of an isolationist, taking the stance of the new president vis-a-vis Russia and Syria and saying that the US should work with the two states to rollback ISIS. Digging deeper into his record however and we find that Flynn is a rabid Islamophobe, making statements that mirror the kind of trash that you find in the writings of Pamela Geller, a hawk on Iran like the rest of his colleagues, and a certified war criminal with his role as JSOC’s director of intelligence in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, Flynn ran with (and led) the American regime’s premier death squad. So much for “non-interventionism”. His belligerence towards Iran is already on full display, declaring that “Iran is on notice” after the Islamic Republic’s perfectly legal ballistic missile test in Tehran and Yemen’s Ansarullah–which Flynn falsely accused of being backed and trained by the Iranian nation; even alternative media shills like Gareth Porter have deconstructed and demolished this hasbara–took down a Saudi warship shelling Yemeni civilians in Hudaydah.

Trump’s cyber security advisor is none other than Rudy Giuliani, torture enthusiast, supporter of hydra-surveillance and servile maggot long in the pay of World Jewry. He served as the token Gentile (more like Shabbos Goy) operator in the Judaic scheme to knock down the Twin Towers. Giuliani oversaw FEMA’s Operation Code Angel war game and met with Ehud Olmert the very night before the 9/11 false flag to confirm that everything was copacetic. Giuliani is also a shill of Iranian pseudo-Marxist terrorist group the MEK and has spent years doing the usurping Zionist entity’s bidding, from pushing NATO to accept ‘Israeli’ membership to upping aid to the tumor and everything vomit-inducing in between.

What’s happening at the Department of Treasury doesn’t even require the most rudimentary analytical prowess. Steven Mnuchin, a Soros Fund Management LLC and Goldman Sachs Jew with a net-worth of something like half a billion dollars (on the books, that is), is running it. He’s also a personal friend of Trump. Gary Cohn, Trump’s top economic adviser, is another Goldman Sachs Jew who served as COO and president of the parasitic banking firm. Carl Icahn, gazillionaire Jew who’s been at the head of more Fortune 500 companies than anyone of sound mind can keep up with, is inside the administration as Trump’s special advisor on regulatory reform, which means he’ll be in the Imperialist-In-Chief’s ear whispering sweet nothings about letting criminal Jewish globe holders continue to be criminal Jewish globe holders with ZERO oversight.

And perhaps even more disturbing than Icahn’s positioning is that despite Trump’s repeated statements on the campaign trail of cleaning out Obama’s administration, he’s keeping on Adam Szubin as the Treasury Department’s Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial intelligence. The Jewish-Zionist Szubin, like his Jewish-Zionist predecessors David Cohen and Stuart, is the sanctions czar and under Obama, he was particularly aggressive in implementing crippling and cruel measures against Iran, Syria, Venezuela and Russia.

Rick Perry, the new Energy Secretary, needs no introduction. The man has been kissing the rings of the Jewish Lobby and Big Oil for as long as he’s been in public office. A “Christian” Zionist fanatic of the highest order, he once told a New York Times Magazine writer that, “I’m more Jewish than you think I am.” Considering his bigoted, backwards and baneful ideology as well as his financial ties to a who’s-who of Satan’s Squadron, look for Perry to help the ‘Israeli’ entity expand its oil-drilling op in the Golan Heights via the likes of Genie Energy Ltd., a front for Rothschild interests. Meanwhile, in the Department of Agriculture, the new head, Sonny Perdue, is a wholly owned stooge of Monsanto and the GMO industry. Perdue’s credentials include a “Governor of the Year” award from the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, a group known to shill for every GMO giant one can think of, when he ran the state of Georgia.

Over in the Justice Department, Jeff Sessions is on tap for Attorney General. As an Alabama Senator, there wasn’t an AIPAC line he didn’t tow and he received the Yedid L’Yisrael (friend of ‘Israel’) award from the B’nai B’rith-linked Mobile Area Jewish Federation. The reason why this is significant is because if the Jewish Power Matrix decides to pull off any false flags and its operatives get picked up like in the aftermath of Mossad’s “masterpiece” attack on September 11th, 2001, then the “Yedid L’Yisrael” Sessions will have no problem pulling a Chertoff and sending the Zio-terrorists back to “Tel Aviv”.

Trump’s most ominous cabinet selection definitely goes to former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson. While the alternative media “analysts” wasted their time commenting on the oil baron’s ties to Russia, as if these ties were political and not strictly financial and as if there was some sort of a burgeoning “bromance” between Putin and Trump, what they failed to report and comment on was Tillerson’s devilish agenda against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Ever since Chavistas seized Exxon’s facilities in 2007, Tillerson’s been on a rampage campaigning across the globe for harsher sanctions and “regime change” in Caracas.

And in 2015, Tillerson came a spider-hair away from starting a war between Venezuela and Guyana over an oil-rich territory called Essequibo. ExxonMobil, under Tillerson’s guidance, claimed it discovered oil in the strip of land and was going to work with the Guyanese government to extract the resources. The Bolivarian Revolution responded with ferocity, mobilizing its armed forces to the border and Nicolas Maduro stated in no uncertain terms, “There is a brutal campaign against Venezuela, financed by ExxonMobil. It’s a campaign to corner Venezuela, to lead it to high-intensity conflict [with Guyana], to undermine the policy of peace that we have implemented.” Cooler heads prevailed and a war was avoided. But with the full might of the US military, NED, CIA, USAID and other institutions at his disposal, what lengths will Tillerson go to as a means of achieving his goal of destroying what Hugo Chavez built?

More worrisome personalities are neocon Mike Pompeo, who is set to head the CIA; new ambassador to The Cancer, Jewish settler David Friedman, who has served as Trump’s attorney for years; Jason Greenblatt, the Trump Organization’s top legal officer, whose task is going to be building relations up with Cuba (read: infiltrating) and overseeing negotiations between ‘Israel’ and the collaborationist “Palestinian” Authority (read: keeping the “peace process” sham going so the usurping Jewish malignant growth keeps building settlements); Stephen Miller, another Zionist Jew, who will serve as Trump’s senior policy advisor; Avraham Berkowitz, a Jew with deep familial ties to AIPAC, who will be a special assistant to Trump; Boris Epshteyn, an investment banker and finance attorney who will be another special assistant to the president as well as assistant communications director for surrogate operations; and Reed Cordish, Trump’s new assistant for intragovernmental and technology initiatives (read: Mossad hacking and infiltrating the American security/military/technological establishment). Cordish is from the Cordish dynasty which controls real estate and entertainment mega-firm Cordish Companies. His father, another personal friend of Trump’s, sits on AIPAC’s board. Both Berkowitz and Cordish are good friends with Trump’s demonic son-in-law, Jared Kushner, the most dangerous creature of the bunch.

Many have brushed off Jared Kushner’s power and influence over Trump. This is, categorically, a mistake. This Yahoudling is not some kind of a pushover. He’s from a globe-holding family that is active in as many Judaic evils one can think of: real estate, media, investments, construction of criminal colonies in Palestine, B’nai B’rith (Jewish Freemasonry) funding, yeshiva building and even Holofraud propaganda dissemination–the Kushners are founders of the US “Holocaust” Memorial Museum. He put Ivanka, Trump’s beloved daughter, through a rigorous conversion to Orthodox Judaism and is, according to just about every Jewish communal and ‘Israeli’ media outlet, responsible for shaping Trump’s views on the geopolitics of the Arab-Islamic world, including the preservation of ‘Israel’ and the need for an almost-biblical confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran. That he is now operating as Trump’s closest advisor is not merely cause for concern but five-alarm-blaze-style screaming. Make no mistake, if Trump does not go along with the agenda that has undoubtedly already been laid out before him by this Zio-cabinet of bankers, war criminals and “elites” of all sorts, it will be Kushner who facilitates his elimination, either physically or politically.

And speaking of Trump himself, what of the man? Is he an “independent billionaire” who made his fortune the good ol’ fashioned American-Capitalist way, i.e. screwing as many people on the bottom as you can to get to the top? Or is he someone who was positioned into power by the most domineering superstructure that history has ever seen, i.e. Organized Jewry? As the legendary Michael Collins Piper once wrote, “The story of the colorful businessman (and now television star) called ‘The Donald’ is one that demonstrates how non-Jewish individuals and financial interests can rise to great heights through the sponsorship of Jewish interests.” Trump was groomed for the spotlight and mentored by none other than Roy Cohn, the immensely influential bulldog lawyer known for his role as Senator Joseph McCarthy’s right hand. Cohn, a homosexual Jew with ties to Jewish organized crime, taught Trump how to manipulate the press by using the good and the bad to his strategic advantage and remained a close personal friend of Trump’s, speaking to him 5+ times a day until the day of his death in 1986. Cohn, using his ties to the mafia and International Jewry, guided Trump into his first major acquisition, Resorts International, a front company for Rothschild interests, the CIA and the Mossad. Trump of course would liquidate his interests in the company, but his ties to World Zionism didn’t end there, not by a long shot.

Following several bouts with bankruptcy, Trump rebuilt his brand and he did it with the help of some of International Jewry’s heaviest hitters, including George Soros, who poured $160 million into the Trump International Hotel and Tower project in Chicago. Makes one wonder, doesn’t it? Is Soros really opposing his former business partner now? Or is it all Judaic wink-and-noddery? Trump’s next step was breaking ground into television and it was Jewish media devil Jeff Zucker who happily obliged, setting Trump up with “The Apprentice”. Zucker was an NBC bigwig at the time and eventually moved over to CNN, where he gave Trump his next “big break” – unprecedented coverage for his campaign, mostly negative. Chabadnik Jew Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News followed suit, only mostly positive. The entirety of the Zionist media covered Trump-mania day in and day out, whether it was obscene or decent, and The Donald milked it for all that it was worth. CBS chairman and Jewish-Zionist “royal” Leslie Moonves put it best, “It [Trump’s meteoric rise] may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.” In other words, it’s good for the Jews and bad for the “Goyim”.

Title of “biggest media backer” of Trump though indubitably goes to Breitbart, the central platform of the so-called “alt-right”– a misnomer if there ever was one. Breitbart isn’t the alternative to anything, nor is it right in any sense of the word. It’s Jewish, from top to bottom. Steve Bannon–who Jared Kushner calls an “incredible Zionist”–has just been the “Goy” front man. It was founded by Jews, degenerate drug addict Andrew Breitbart and his partner Larry Solov. In the Jewish supremacist entity putrefying Palestine, in 2007 on an Al-Quds settlement no less. It’s staffed predominantly by Jews. Its hateful language is Jewish. Its agenda, which reeks of anti-Islam hatred and Neo-Imperialism, is Jewish.

And its support of Trump is too centered around the fact that Trump will be good for the Jews. Breitbart is using the lingo of anti-globalism to corrupt and divide the Truth Movement through the implantation of Islamophobia and pro-‘Israel’ sentiment. And considering how many so-called “activists” of the so-called “alt-right” parrot long-debunked myths about Islam concocted by the Jews that they read in regurgitated, repackaged form at the filth factory known as Breitbart, it unfortunately seems to be working. Trump parroted Breibart and Breitbart parroted Trump as if they were made for each other. Keeping all of this mind, we return to a statement made in our opening paragraph: “The Zionist media declared war on The Donald”. But did it? Did it really? Or was this just more of the same Problem-Reaction-Solution, Jews-Running-Both-Sides-Of-The-Divide sideshow that has always been present in the American “election” cycle?

Trump has given funds to Chabad, the ‘Israeli’ Emergency Rescue, the illegal Beit El settlement in the occupied West Bank, the American Jewish Committee, Friends of IOF, the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous and the Museum of Jewish History. He has financial interests in several Zionist-aligned GCC states. His daughter Ivanka is married to the aforementioned hellspawn Jared Kushner and while some astute commentators have pointed out that the ‘Israeli’ rabbinate has thrown Ivanka’s conversion out, they’ve failed to mention that she’s been accepted by Chabad, the most powerful and influential Jewish sect in the world, and she despicably paid a visit just recently to the grave of genocidal hatemonger Lubavitcher “rebbe” Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Trump’s oldest sons are with Jews and his other daughter, Tiffany Trump, is dating a Jew too – Jonathan Mechanic, son of a wealthy Jewish real estate clan. Even Trump’s father, Fred, saw his accumulation of wealth assisted by three Jews – Abraham “Bunny” Lindenbaum, Abe Beam and Manfred Ohrenstein. It’s not rocket science here. Jews run New York. If you want to make it in the Big Apple, licking the boots of the Yahoudlings is a must. And the Trump family, from soup to nuts, past and present, old and young, is beholden in one form or another to the Jewish Power Matrix.

Yet, in spite of this massive compilation of frightening information, the Jewish communal press and ‘Israeli’ media still rip into Trump daily and there are Jews across the spectrum, like Sarah “We Killed Jesus and I’d F***ing Do it Again” Silverman and Chuck Schumer, vociferously advocating Trump’s overthrow and/or assassination. Why? The answer is simple and crude: The Jews are going to bitch no matter what. Clinton, Bush and Obama gave Organized Jewish Interests everything they wanted on a kosher silver platter and still they whined and moaned, screamed and gnashed their teeth for more. When you abide by an ideology that makes you “chosen” and everyone else “cattle”, arrogance, lust and greed become as biological as blood pumping through your veins.

The Monsters are keeping Trump on his toes. If his compliance, on Venezuela, Iran, Russia, Syria, China, Hizbullah, Yemen or any other front, is not up to snuff, The Monsters will then up the ante from media bashing and the early stages of a color revolution to full-blown JFK Status. But with Trump’s cabinet of reptiles and long family history of working with Jews, befriending Jews and pleasing Jews, this just doesn’t come off as a viability, despite all previously held notions. The question for Anti-Parasites the world over is this: If such info was presented about any other individual from any other family and in any other circumstances, would there be any hesitation in declaring Trump an enemy of humanity like every last one of his Judaic-owned predecessors? To once again quote the late, great Michael Collins Piper, America is the engine in the Rothschild-led Jewish Imperium. And the US is indeed an empire, not a democracy. Thus, does anyone actually believe that The Zionist Dragon, this trans-generational guild of “chosenite” conspirators, would simply give up its hold over the aforesaid engine which gives power to its global machine and transfer it to Trump without getting anything in return? Anything at all? If “yes” is your response, you’re either naive or brainless.

So allow us to conclude with one more (two-pronged) inquiry: Will Donald J. Trump drain the Zio-swamp? Or Will The Zio-swamp drain Donald J. Trump? If the opening days of the Oompa Loompa President’s reign are any indication, from the attacks on Yemen to the transfer of heavy vehicles to “Syrian” opposition forces, the new aggression against the people of Eastern Ukraine (Donbass) to the fresh sanctions on Iran, the bellicosity towards China to the propaganda against Russia over the liberation of Crimea at the UN, it should be rather clear. Whether Trump is “Hope and Change” 2.0 with a populist/nationalist twist remains to be seen. Only time will tell, obviously. But the six-pointed-star-stamped evidence presented herein speaks volumes. And as much optimism as there might’ve been, it’s simply too damn loud to be drowned out any longer by Trump’s usual amusing soundbites.


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