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New ‘Israeli’ Raids On Syria Were Facilitated By Trump’s Destruction Of Syrian Air Defenses At Al-Shayrat Airbase

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Trumpets, Trumpets, o’ brainwashed Trumpets, you’ve become disjointed far! Trumpets, Trumpets, o’ brainwashed Trumpets, your man serves the six-pointed star! As stated elsewhere on Mouqawamah Music, since last September, whenever warplanes and/or drones of the ‘Israeli’ cancer have invaded Syria’s airspace, the Syrian Arab Army has accurately and brilliantly shot them right outta the sky. But then… Donald J. Trump–I wonder if that J. really stands for “Judaized”–goes ahead and bombs Al-Shayrat Airbase in Homs after a Mossad-MIT chemical weapons false flag attack, targeting an air defense system integral to safeguarding Syrian sovereignty from the Jewish supremacist thieves in Palestine, and BANG! What follows just two and a half weeks after the Tangerine Terrorist’s gross violation of Syrian sovereignty?! ‘Israel’ attacks Syrian military positions twice in Quneitra across 48 hours over the weekend, and again just a few hours ago, this time at Damascus Airport. Each of these Zionist assaults were launched as the SAA and the NDF were repelling the Takfiris’ advances.


These aggressions by the parasitic Jewish “state” come as its lying-ass intelligence services swear up and down–but no! Not Mossad! When has Mossad, which operates by the motto of “By way of deception, thou shalt wage war”, EVER TOLD A LIE TO BENEFIT ‘ISRAEL’ AND LEAD WESTERN POWERS INTO FIGHTING WARS FOR ‘ISRAEL’?!–that the Syrian government still has between one and three tons of various chemical munitions in its arsenal. Imagine the gall of these “chosenite” usurpers! Just a few years ago, they were arrogantly and baselessly claiming credit for Vladimir Putin’s chemical weapons handover initiative that saw Syria ditching its out-dated, ultimately useless chems in exchange for WW3 being averted. Now, the Zionists are spewing this hasbara and every one of their ZOGs in the West are following the lead like worker bee drones to the queen of the hive. Not to mention, they themselves have a MASSIVE and COMPLETELY ILLEGAL chemical, biological and nuclear weapons stockpile that they have repeatedly threatened our entire region with! The usurping Jewish cancer is literally the VERY LAST ENTITY in this realm of reality (or anywhere else in the multiverse for that matter) that should be speaking about the dangers of CWs (and WMDs).

And then there’s Michael Oren, Judaic land-thief and hasbara-manufacturer extraordinaire, openly declaring that Syria is a “failed state”–it isn’t, by the way, it’s a sovereign state run by a democratically elected government and is under siege by hordes of Wahhabi zombies who are armed, trained, funded and medically treated by NATO, the GCC, and, yeah, ‘ISRAEL’–and because of this, the “international community” should immediately recognize the illegal and genocidal ‘Israeli’ occupation over the Golan Heights as some kind of legitimate land holding. Oren may think he’s being slick–in a vomit-inducing, Jewish supremacist sort of way–but instead, as he swirls in his Old Testament-driven hubris, he is actually revealing one of the key goals of the entire Zionist-led conspiracy against Damascus: Steal as much Syrian land and water as possible in the midst of Syria collapsing as a cohesive, functioning political power. Should also be noted that France has joined this cacophony of Zioganda, with its intelligence services declaring yesterday that they have “evidence” that the Syrian government dropped sarin gas on Idleb’s Khan Sheikhoun–“evidence” mind you that came from Al-Qaeda and was cross-referenced with cooked up intel from the East Ghouta false flag of ’13. But make no mistake! France is no more than a puppet here. This too is the work of ‘Israel’. As former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas revealed in his book “Assaults and Injuries”, DGSE and other French intelligence services are wholly owned subsidiaries of Mossad.

As for the 45th President of the United Snakes of IsraHELL aka Supercilious Orange? Well. His “anti-globalist” regime just put criminal sanctions on Syria’s Scientific Studies and Research Center, carrying on the Zionist legacy of targeting, killing, maiming and subverting all those in the Arab-Islamic world who work towards scientific and academic progress. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, a Soros acolyte, Goldman Sachs hall-of-famer and all-around Jewish-Zionist swillbag, called this attack “one of the largest actions the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control had ever undertaken”. Between this financial terrorism, the raid on Al-Shayrat Airbase which crippled the aforementioned air defense system, the constant attacks on Syrian infrastructure via the more-fraudulent-than-ever “anti-ISIS” coalition and the increased support to the ‘Israeli’-aligned Kurdish gangs and their balkanization agenda, it’s as clear as white phosphorus lighting up Gaza in Operation Cast Lead whom Trump is serving.

Trumpets can continue to theorize and SPECULATE while we continue to pile up the proof and let it do what it does best: DECIMATE. Amreeka isn’t run by presidents. It’s run by the ZOG. And Trump, like Obama, Bush Jr., Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, etc., is the tool of the ZOG. Syria already bears scars from his despicable subservience, as does Venezuela, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine and Russia. Indeed, Obama left him the keys and he’s put the pedal to the metal. Trumpets, Trumpets, o’ brainwashed Trumpets, you’ve become disjointed far! Trumpets, Trumpets, o’ brainwashed Trumpets, your man serves the six-pointed star! Wake up and get back to work! Syria needs all of us right now and we must be at our sharpest. As the ‘Israeli’ enemy is emboldened by the Tangerine Terrorist, our resistance must be emboldened too… only a thousand-fold. So it has always been and so it shall always be… ‘Till Syria’s Golan Heights, Lebanon’s Kfar Shouba Hills, Ghajar and Shebaa Farms, and every inch of Palestine are free.



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