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The Truth About 9/11

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Oh what a fracas, oh what a din

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Oh what a fracas, oh what a din,

It’s given me a headache, my head’s in a spin

Boom, boom, thud, thud is all I can hear

Seems to be getting closer and closer, ever so near.


Too much to handle, I jump out of my seat

My mind in a flutter, my heart skips a beat

Thoughts, thoughts flooding my mind, oh dear I can’t win

Must take a deep breath, relax, and not let them in.

Why is my heart torn in two and in so much pain?

Why is there all to lose, and nothing left to gain?

Is anyone listening, does anyone genuinely care

For the suffering of others, and their wretched welfare.

Time just seems to stand still in their own little world

Not a care for others, whose plight continues to unfold.

Can anyone help, does anyone dare

To relieve the wounds of those suffering in that other world out there?

Are you ready to give and reach out your hand?

Instead of always burying your head in the sand.

Can we not show them some compassion, understanding and love?

After all, are we not all the loving children of our Dear Lord above?



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