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Queens (NYC) Imam Explains The Fundamentals of Reading

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ATTENTION: ALL READERS!  (Especially those of the Fun with Dick and Jane generation)  
Have you ever wondered why, "out of all the names they could have chosen in the English language they chose Dick and Jane" for the title of a children's textbook?  Or why, so many African-American youth "wear their pants down off the butt?"
Imam Benjamin Bilal of Queens NYC, an African-American, has given plenty of thought to these puzzling questions and offered an internet audience recently, a very simple answer.  "We don't know how to read!" 
And the act of reading for Imam Bilal involves more than just reading "words on the pages of a book." It also means to "read" the social messages in the culture. "If we knew how to read the signs in the cultural environment, we would know what the fashion manipulators are saying about our people," Imam Bilal asserted. He was referring specifically to young Blacks' regressive behavior of buckling the pants below the buttocks. 
"The manipulators are telling us, in essence, that our male youth, who should be growing into full manhood, are incapable of manly responsibility. So, we are going to dress them up like an infant who has too much poo-poo in the diaper with no parent around to change it," he concluded.
Speaking on the internet channel, American Muslim 360 ( on July 25, the devoted student of Imam W.D. Mohammed showed how this degrading dress-code and the seemingly-vulgar title, Fun with Dick and Jane, are related.
"Everything that this society promotes or makes popular is done for satirical purposes, as Imam W. D Mohammed has taught us" explained Imam Bilal. According to the dictionary, "satire" means "irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice or stupidity."  Indeed, the "stupidity" of walking in the public with the seat of one's pants below your rear end, can not be denied.
"It is also done to speak a higher language to those who know; over and above those of us who are kept away from knowing," the African-American educator added.  He pointed out that the title "may seem vulgar to some people," but to the ungrateful, unfaithful, rebellious mentality, called Satan in Scripture, it contains scientific principles.
"Satan hides the most precious science in words that he gives to us as vulgar," stated the founder and CEO of the Signs of Life Motivational and Instructional Group, Inc. The term "dick" which is a slang word for the male's sexual organ, comes from the Arabic word "dhikr" or "to think," and symbolizes the reasoning ability of the human being, according to Imam Bilal. "It is the shortened form of the word 'detective,' like in Dick Tracy, and it means to investigate or employ the mind in order to get to the bottom of the matter," he explained.  "This is why they begin the educational process in school with the term 'dick'."
Meanwhile, the title "Jane" represents "the emotional responses and feelings" in man, according to Imam Bilal. "They know the human being is a combination of thinking and feeling," he said. "Those stories (in Fun with Dick and Jane) are designed to bring about excellence in the quality of thinking and feeling for the average human being," stated international educator.
In the course of his lecture on "Reading" Is Fundamental, Imam Bilal revealed another satirical term, which is the basis for the word, "fundamental" - and that is "fundament." According to the American Heritage Dictionary, "fundament" means "the buttocks." As a Muslim, he immediately made a connection with the Holy Qur'an.
When Satan refused to pass the mantle of leadership to "Adam," the last stage of development for human consciousness, he was expelled by ALLAH (swt).  While departing from Paradise or the natural state of consciousness, "he said: 'Because Thou hast thrown me out of the Way, lo! I will lie in wait for them on Thy straight way." (Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation of the Qur'an 7:16). "Lie-in-wait" is the English translation of  Arabic verb "qa'ada," whose primary meaning is "to sit down or sit still" with the idea of waiting.
So, what is the meaning of the verse? According to Imam Bilal, it means that the self-centered, totally disrespectful, overly-rational disposition in the human being "will be sitting right there (to) influence all those things you consider to be fundamental (in society)." He gave some examples of the fundamentals, such as "family life, education, social responsibility" etc. 
And, Satan's influence into the "foundations" of society has already occurred, the imam said, as a large number of citizens have accepted "the unnatural behaviors of homosexual life, spousal abuse and the non-communication between parent and child as the norm." 
As further proof, the linguistic imam extracted a new, social message from the Qu'anic term for  "pharoah." Taking the word "environment"  and dropping the suffix "ment," he was left with the prefix "en" and  the root word "viron."  According to the American Heritage Dictionary, "viron" is an old French word meanig "a circle." The prefix "en" makes it a verb and becomes "environ," meaning "to put into a circle" or "to encircle" or "to thoroughly circle" or "surround."
Applying Imam Bilal's unique, Consonantal Connections technique, the "v" in the word "viron" can be replaced by an "f," since they are labial letters which are  letters formed by the mechanics of the teeth touching one of the lips. All related letters are interchangeable, according to Consonantal Connections principle. 
This transforms "viron" into the word "firon," pronounced "fir'awn"  in Arabic - which means "pharoah," Imam Bilal said.
"So what is fir'awn, really? Is he some man who existed 5,000 years ago as a challenge to Prophet Musa (as)? Or does he represent, on the pages of the Qur'an, those corrupt environmental influences?" as Imam Bilal pressed his audience. He supported his interpretation with a hadith about every baby being born on the "Fitrah" or the natural pattern in Creation.
"However, the human being becomes a Christian, Jew, Magian or whatever, based upon the environment or those teachings and ideologies that are not necessarily consistent with the Fitrah," the astute imam explained, as he completed the hadith.
Then, Imam Bilal offered the Islamic technique for reading: "Read with the name of your Guardian-Evolver, who created, (Qur'an 96:1). "What are we to read?" he asked rhetorically. "We are to read the signs and signals related to Creation's evolution, (since) Creation is constantly transforming itself by Allah's will. As we read about Creation's evolution, we will be getting signs and signals about our own growth and development," he said.
And, the good news is that "reading" the signs of Creation is a function of "our natural intelligence," he insisted. This inherent intelligence is possessed by all of nature, according to Imam Bilal. The findings of a Japanese scientist by the name of Dr. Masaru Emoto lends support to Imam Bilal's position.
Dr. Emoto published a book entitled Messages From Water in 1999 which, reportedly, contained photographic evidence that water responds to the thoughts of man. In his experiments, water was exposed to positive and negative words. When the words were positive, he claimed, it formed beautiful, symmetrical molecular patterns in the frozen water structure; and ugly patterns when exposed to negative terms. 
"You don't need a teacher, per se, in order to read the signs of Allah's Creation. All you have to do is pay attention (and let Nature do the rest)," he said in conclusion.


#1 B.A.FrémauxSoormally 2012-01-14 20:49
There are some interesting points, but why complicate what ALLAH subhanahu wa ta'ala says HE HAS MADE SIMPLE AND CRYSTAL CLEAR for every simple person to understand?

#2 WDM, StudentSHAKIR INSHIQAQ 2017-11-17 20:19

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