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OoFP: Obama's Real Record

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Looking over Mary's message and your excellent reply to it, I notice that Mary claims that Obama ended the war in Iraq.

The only reason that he did so was because the Iraqis INSISTED UPON HIM HONORING THE AGREEMENT THAT BUSH SIGNED before leaving office stipulating that America would leave at the end of 2011.

Conveniently, this fact has been overlooked by most of the sychophants for Obama in the MSM. Obama is nothing more than another politician in the pocket of THE ISRAEL LOBBY, and nothing shows that more clearly than his behavior towards Egypt in the wake of the "Arab spring." Hillary tried hard to keep Mubarak in power, and when she could, she spun it to look like America supported the protesters, but everybody in Egypt has been mad that Mubarak supported Israel during its devastating attack on Gaza shortly before Obama came to office (and said nothing about it). It is clear that one of the things the protesters wanted (although domestic change was at the top of their list) was an end to the craven support given the Israelis by M, support that people in the US who are more interested in what sex of person they go to bed with than in human rights really don't give a damn about.

Anyway, you can spin this any way you want, but the fact remains that Obama did not leave Iraq, has not left Afghanistan and has yet to CLOSE DOWN GUANTANAMO as he PROMISED to do.

In struggle,
Hajja Romi

Several days ago, one of Obama's mouthpieces on the web ran an article in support of his policies.

A friend of mine answered someone who posted it in one of the groups I'm in, and his reply was so well-documented and -written that, with his permission, I would like to share it with you.


>Thank you for providing the link to the DailyKos article, M...
> Here are my arguments -- backed up in almost all instances by one, sometimes
two or more, articles or comments that to me seem authoritative and correct, and
not jimmied together for pure partisan purposes. I have not looked to
healthcare in what follows, or to GLBT-Q issues -- in both of which areas Obama
has been better (I admit) than on what is below.
> (1) As I posted earlier this morning, the US is NOW at war (covertly) with
Iran, and has just caused the assassination of an Iranian official. In
addition, the US has helped to create war in Libya since President Obama was
inaugurated, see

> Obama does NOT seem to have done a lot successfully to fix the economy.
> These sources are to journals and reporters of upstanding reputation, for the
most part. The upshot, Mary, is not a very good record, not very different on
these major issues from Bush, not progressive or even supportive of New Deal
programs for workers and the poor. He has proposed slashing social security,
for goodness sake, but NOT raising the taxes on the wealthiest Americans and the
huge companies that operate in the USA. He supports what big corporations want,
and ignores what his own constituents want much of the time. That he will be
re-elected is yet another statement about the wrongness of his policies, because
the Republicans mostly support what he has done (above) but cannot find a
worthwhile candidate to oppose him; they are no falling all over themselves to
criticize "the worst in capitalism" and fall in line behind his policies.
> In solidarity, Wythe 

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