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NEWS DIGEST: TV = Weapon of Mass Deception!

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The Truth About 9/11

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NEWS DIGEST: TV = Weapon of Mass Deception!

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Guantanamo Costs $443 Million Per Year to Operate--about $3 Million Per Prisoner...FYI: The 9/11 Commission Initially Received Just $3 Million to Investigate 9/11...Priorities!!!




[I find it curious that this ‘alternative’ website was created on 09/09/11, 2 days before the Israeli 9/11 terrorist attack on the US, and suddenly this website has  become a major news source on NOW and the US’s war ‘on’ terror.  Many of its contributing writers also happen to be Jewish. Just how ‘alternative’ is it really and is it meant to act as a controlled disinformation alternative Media site- just thinking out loud. After all Alex Jones and Infowars have been outed as being run by Zionists- so how many more are there that we know of and trust as they infiltrate the Alternative and Truth Movements.]


Vanishing Airliners, “ISIS”, and 9/11. “Timing is Crucial in Politics”


9/11 False Flag Operation: HUGE Tipping Point As State-Sponsored Terrorism Is Exposed


After thirteen long years of one revelation after another, it has now been established that the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington DC were perpetrated by the very same governments that had the most to gain from them. The US Federal Government, along with the UK and Israel, have each been implicated in the most purposeful and calculated, complex and premeditated false flag operation of this millennium.

Red Alert: MSM Warns ISIS Sending 11 Missing Libyan Airliners To America On 9-11-2014

Mainstream Meida has begun an all out fear and propaganda campaign right here in America. As you are about to see in this video, MSM is fully engaged is fear mongering, attempting to instill fear in the hearts of American the people.


Reports of 11 planes missing from a Libya airport are raising fears that militants who stole the jetliners could use them in terror attacks to mark the 9/11 anniversary.


Webmaster's Commentary: 


"Terror" attacks are all hoaxes. How do we know this? Name me one terror attack that actually accomplished anything beneficial to the alleged terrorists!


Arab-American activists chased and threatened with beheading in Brooklyn

A drunken man chased two female Arab-American community organisers in Brooklyn, New York, threatening to behead them and throwing a large metal garbage can at them.


Despite two separate 911 calls, the New York police department took more than 45 minutes to respond.




TV = Weapon of Mass Deception

Most naively assume the television is simply a form of entertainment and information, when in reality the television is a weapon of mass deception, social and cultural distortion, and mass mind control.


"Control the manner in which a man interprets his world," Stanley Milgram, a Jewish social psychologist, once wrote, "and you have gone a long way toward controlling his behavior." And that's exactly what the television does. It controls and shapes our perception and interpretation of the world around us.




The Israeli Blackmail Machine: The Clintons Weren’t the Only Ones


Israel’s very own Political WHORE

Hillary Clinton Cosying Up To War Criminal Henry Kissinger


Hillary Clinton often plays the hawk card: She voted for the Iraq war, dissed President Barack Obama for not being tough enough on Syria, and compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler. This is to be expected from a politician who has angled for a certain title: the first female president of the United States.


Hillary Clinton follows Christie to Mexico in search of Carlos Slim money


Hey, why not? It’s not like borders matter anymore anyway. So what if a foreign national is trying to influence presidential campaigns? Why should we be concerned with that? And it’s not like Slim is giving money directly to Clinton’s campaign anyway. His money has gone to her charity. So it’s all on the up and up.


So that’s Slim, Buffett, and Soros smiling at Clinton. The billionaires do love Hillary.


Billionaire Carlos Slim’s contribution to the Clinton Foundation is paying off.


Hillary Clinton will be on hand Sept. 5 for Slim’s annual event to honor his own charity’s scholarship students. Clinton, the former U.S. Secretary of State and First Lady, will become the second potential 2016 presidential candidate to visit Mexico this week, following New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who arrived today.




Former Republican presidential hopeful plans pro-Israel rally in DC


Mike Huckabee organizes Oct. 5 rally in Washington, D.C. • Tens of thousands of people expected to attend in show of support for Israel • "One thing we hope Americans understand is that the enemies of Israel are the enemies of the United States," he says.


Webmaster's Commentary: 


To politicians like Clinton, the average voters are completely irrelevant and expendable.


And the big donors know that they will get precisely what they want from another Clinton administration: more wars, from which many of them profit greatly, and more grinding poverty for We the People.




The WestPaves The Road To War With Lies 


By Paul Craig Roberts


It is the stupid actions of Hollande, Merkel, and Cameron who are endangering European security by enabling Washington's drive to war with Russia.

President Obama Continues Beating The War Drum, NATO Has Authorized Military Aid For Ukraine, David Cameron Says The Western World Does Not Need Assad's Permission To Bomb Inside His Country




What a great pity that GREECE and Cyprus have allowed Zionism to take over and own their countries. I wonder whether the Cypriots realise that Cyprus is seen as part of Eretz Israel. It is encompassed within their Map of Empire. Worst thing Greece did was join the EU Banking Mafia


Greece to toughen penalties on hate speech, outlaw Holocaust denial | Fox News

ATHENS, Greece –  Lawmakers in Greece have begun debating draft legislation to outlaw Holocaust denial and expand prosecution powers against the incitement of racial violence, following scores of violent attacks against immigrants and a surge in popular support for the extreme right Golden Dawn party.

The draft legislation to be voted on later this week would allow the prosecution of racial abuse without requiring victims to take any legal action, with convictions for incitement to violence carrying a penalty of up to three years in prison.

U.S.-based watchdog Human Rights Watch said the legislation failed to encourage the reporting of crimes by immigrants living in the country illegally, and risked "interference with freedom of expression and association."

The bill is likely to pass after receiving backing from two left-wing opposition parties.


If Zionist instigated racists like this freak are allowed to continue spewing his hatred based upon Jewish Zionist propaganda with their CREATED ISIS, Muslims the world over will face modern Western Talmudic Created Nazism and a REAL HOLOCAUST will be put into place across the globe, as it is already in place within the Islamic Nations now. TALMUDIC WORLD JEWRY has plans to annihilate Muslims, stirring up deep racism against Islam across the West,[especially Zionist America, Canada, UK, France, Germany ,Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy; Africa, {Nigeria, Mali, Kenya, Asia, [violent Buddhists of Myanmar, Philippines, Hindus in India, Sri Lanka]World Zionist Jewry is behind all this and these stupid countries are playing along with the Jewish instigated Islamophobia/racist hatred against ALL MUSLIMS.





We all knew it was coming…we just didn’t know what or when. Here is a leak by Fox News saying that ISIS has planned to attack the USA on none other than… 9/11/2014. That day is historical to us all. That day led us to where we stand now. Where will it lead us if another attack happens on that day again? There are a lot of worries being voiced across the board from Chuck Hagel to Rick Perry saying that the next 9/11 is imminent! Did they actually mean the exact date of 9/11? Well according to this Fox News leak they did! This seems like perfect timing as Obama has finally authorized attacks on ISIS (ISIL).

ISIS Atrocities and US Imperialism


Dutch Politician Geert Wilders: 'If You're Waving an Isis Flag You're Waving an Exit Ticket. Leave!'

Controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders has called for Dutch Muslims who support radical Islamic groups such as Isis (now known as the Islamic State) to be removed from the country and banned from re-entry.



Who Is SITE Intelligence Group?

SITE Intelligence Group Released Beheading Video Before ISIS

Katz= served in the IOF


Queen of the FAKE Bin Laden videos Rita Katz/SITE is the "source" for the fake ISIS "beheading" usual

All I had to do was replace the words "Al Qaeda hostage situation" with "fake ISIS beheading videos". That's how predictable this is getting. And I probably replaced "fake Bin Laden videos" with "Al Qaeda hostage situation" at some earlier time.


In fact, I used the PICTURE and the COMMENT from the other post, and striked out "Al Qaeda" and replaced it with "ISIS"!!!


Why was I able to just replace a few words in my titles? Because guess who, like clockwork, brings us the ISIS beheading videos?




ISIS Beheadings of Journalists: CIA Admitted to Staging Fake Jihadist Videos in 2010

Why Ferguson, Boston bombing, OKC, and 9/11 are part of the same plan for domestic control


The raid against the woman and her daughter isn’t an isolated incident. It’s happening every day across the country. And it isn’t happening in a vacuum. It’s part of a long-term plan to control the population through disinformation, deception, fear, and force. In the bigger picture, this plan incorporates government-backed false flag operations like the Oklahoma City bombing, the 9/11 “attacks,” and the Boston Marathon bombing.


These “terror” events, and numerous others like them, were designed to create a false threat that would encourage people to accept the tightening fist of the police state. The elites who really run things are constructing this police state in ways that include the militarization of police as well as the increasing use of technology for surveillance and data gathering. The media occasionally raise mild “concerns” about this but do little else.



CIA Emails Expose Access Journalist at Work 

By Jonathan Cook


I have mentioned before that more than 90 per cent of reporters are in some sense “access journalists” – that is, they rely on the active help of the key figures on their “beat”. Usually the people they regularly need to access are in power: crime correspondents need help from the police, much less so than criminals; diplomatic correspondents need the help of diplomats more than they need the help of drone strike victims, and so on.


It is difficult to convey quite how unhealthy this relationship – one largely of dependency – is for a profession that claims to be a “fourth estate”, a supposed counterweight to other power centres. But now, thanks to Freedom of Information requests to the CIA, we have a great illustration of how this relationship works


‘………corporate journalism effectively weeds out journalists who show too much independence, leading to a system in which the mainstream media comprise staff who share values with our power elites.  The need by journalists for access to these power centres is one of the key components of this filtering system. If you are not prepared to be chummy with the CIA, you won't last long as an intelligence reporter.


15-year police officer resigns after caught texting 'I wish someone would pull a Ferguson on them and take them out. I hate looking at those African monkeys at work … I enjoy arresting those thugs with their saggy pants'


‘……Part of the string of texts read: “I wish someone would pull a Ferguson on them and take them out. I hate looking at those African monkeys at work … I enjoy arresting those thugs with their saggy pants.” 


Another part of one of the texts reads: “They are nothing but a bunch of monkeys.”



Tony Blair and the GQ Award cock-up


‘………Mossad rent-boy, Tony Blair, was met with stony silence when he collected an award at the GQ magazine ceremony.


Quite unbelievably Blair was named “Philanthropist of the Year” for his charitable doings….


Another white paid puppet serving the Rothschilds

Murdoch meets Nigel Farage in private meeting at NewsCorp offices in New York


Nigel Farage met with Rupert Murdoch in his New York offices after filming interviews for some the mogul's news channels, it has been revealed.


The UKIP leader was summoned to Murdoch's NewsCorp Manhattan office after taping a segment for Fox News's Sean Hannity and Neil Cavuto shows.


During an advertisement break, Mr Cavuto turned to Farage and said: 'Sir, the boss wants to see you... the big boss,' it was reported.




Russell Brand: How the media works: Video -

Even Left-Wing Media Supports The Establishment:





what a load of crap from this stupid cabbage faced idiot!


Scotland will be more at risk of a terrorist attack if it votes for independence, Cameron warns


Scottish independence, UK dependency



Household debt in Europe is hitting new records, as people take on bigger mortgages

Shaming of our bully banks: We DID intimidate customers with fake debt collection letters, admit bosses

The big banks sent hundreds of thousands of letters from fake debt collection firms to ‘intimidate’ customers.


HSBC, Barclays, Santander and RBS/Natwest admit using the trick on families deep in the red. The letters misleadingly suggest that law firms and outside debt collectors are being called in.



Corruption "impoverishes and kills millions" - $1tn a year is being taken out of poor countries and millions of lives are lost because of corruption...


On The Brink Of A Major Crisis: “This Will Be A Literal Collapse of the Entire Global Monetary System”


If and when the dollar does come under attack the fallout will be everywhere. The collapse will happen simultaneously and affect billions of people worldwide.


Paul Craig Roberts, John Titus, and Dave Kranzler  


The clear hard fact is that the US economy is being run for the sole benefit of a few rich people.


A Lie That Serves The Rich the truth about the American economy

Paul Craig Roberts, John Titus, and Dave Kranzler


The labor force participation rate has declined from 66.5% in 2007 prior to the last downturn to 62.7% today. This decline in the participation rate is difficult to reconcile with the alleged economic recovery that began in June 2009 and supposedly continues today. Normally a recovery from recession results in a rise in the labor force participation rate.


The Obama regime, economists, and the financial presstitutes have explained this decline in the participation rate as the result of retirements by the baby boomers, those 55 and older. In this five to six minute video, John Titus shows that in actual fact the government’s own employment data show that baby boomers have been entering the work force at record rates and are responsible for raising the labor force participation rate above where it would otherwise be.


 Obama and the financial aristocracy

Speaking before a trade union-organized “Laborfest” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the middle of a speech filled with pseudo-populist rhetoric about “helping the middle class,” US President Barack Obama let slip the essence of his administration’s economic policy and the basic character of the capitalist system in the United States.


“It’s a good thing that corporate profits are high,” he said. “I want American businesses to succeed. It’s a good thing that the stock market is booming.”



Top 3 Percent Of Americans Now Hold 54 Percent Of The Nations's Wealth




Well the Zionist Government of the US, megalomanical oligarchy,finally got rid of Steele, just like they do others who oppose their policies



Based on the best knowledge at hand, the following are the most likely causes of death: overmedication, persistently delayed, insufficient or improper medical treatment, medical neglect. The federal government and Victorville Penitentiary bear responsibility for the lives of the inmates who reside there and have refused to be accountable for the decline in Edgar Steele’s health


According to the FBI, Hispanics do not commit crimes

The latest Census Bureau data reports that Hispanics make up 17.1 percent of the U.S. population, and, while the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) lists the race of reported offenders in their annual Uniformed Crime Report (UCR), the agency does not report crimes committed by Hispanics or Latinos.


The 2012 UCR listed the total number of crimes committed by "whites," "blacks," "American Indian or Alaskan natives" and even those committed by "Asian or Pacific Islanders (who only accounted for 1.2 percent of the nation's crimes)." But, none by Hispanics.


Is this simply an oversight?...Could the FBI be so incompetent that they are unaware of the existence of this nation's large Hispanic population?


CDC: Deadly experiment on the Black and Hispanic populations (Measles Hi titer vaccine)

new measles vaccine on “high-titer” shots that are up to 500 times more potent than standard measles vaccines.(11) In the early 1980s, they tested one of these — the Edmonston-Zagreb (EZ-HT) strain — on Mexican and Gambian babies 4 to 6 months old.(12-15) During the next few years this high-titer measles vaccine was also tested on babies in Guinea-Bissau, Togo, Senegal, Haiti, and impoverished minority communities in Los Angeles, California.(16-22)


Photographs show Amazonian tribe capturing and stripping illegal rainforest loggers: The tribes have sent out their warriors to expel all loggers they find, setting up monitoring camps in the areas that are being illegally exploited.

Amazonian warriors are catching and stripping loggers illegally destroying the rainforest, in an attempt to protect their territory in north-eastern Maranhao state, Brazil.


The Ka’apor Indians, who along with four other tribes are the legal inhabitants and caretakers of the Alto Turiacu Indian territory in the Amazonian basin, have taken matters into their own hands after what they claim was a lack of sufficient government assistance.



Why has homelessness become a crime in many US cities?

Swedes now recycle 99% of their garbage.

There’s a “recycling revolution” happening in Sweden – one that has pushed the country closer to zero waste than ever before. In fact, less than one per cent of Sweden's household garbage ends up in landfills today.


Guatemala Rejects U.S. Trade Law Protecting Monsanto and GMOs

Big Biotech's promise to feed the world, by squeezing out every other choice against the will of the impoverished people intended as the target - is beyond cruel and exploitative. It is another way that the U.S. occupies other countries. How else are other people in these countries supposed to view multiple soft-sanctions on food, but as an act of war?


The people of Guatemala caught on to the deceptive nature of a U.S. Trade Agreement with Central America which was marketed as a way to "modernize" them. It also pretends to protect new seed varieties and paints the seed bearers in need of protection as small farmers. It is actually a way for big biotech and seed companies like Monsanto, DuPont, Duwest, Syngenta, etc. to assume power and immunity as owners of their food supply.


EU under pressure to allow GM food imports from US and Canada

Britain and other European Union member states are under increasing pressure from North American business groups to open their borders to imports of genetically modified food as part of negotiations for a new Transatlantic trade deal, environmental campaigners have warned.



Could soy cause breast cancer to spread? Protein found to speed up growth of the disease, study finds


CDC caught in billion-dollar scheme to to sell vaccines


This is precisely the state of affairs at the Centers for Disease Control. The agency is, first and foremost, a PR machine. It promotes products. For example: vaccines.


So when CDC whistleblower William Thompson emerged from the shadows on August 27 and admitted he’d participated in research fraud, thereby giving the dangerous MMR vaccine a free pass by claiming it had no causal connection to autism…


he was illustrating a primary mission of his employer, the CDC: spread propaganda assuring the public that vaccines are safe.


Science? Are you kidding? The “research” effort of the CDC is just another way to do PR.



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