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The Malaysian Aircraft and Ukraine - Imran N. Hosein

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The news this morning, which curiously diverts media attention from yet another Israeli barbarous war on weak and helpless Gaza, is that of yet another tragedy involving a Malaysia passenger aircraft. The first aircraft disappeared, and those who know what happened to it are not talking. We will never know how many of such people have already been permanently silenced to ensure that there are no whistle-blowers.

And now we get the sad news of a second Malaysian passenger aircraft which, we are informed, was shot down over a war-zone territory where aircraft are being shot down at this time.

It is blessed Ramadan, and we pray that the families of those who have lost their loved ones, and who are fasting in blessed Ramadan, may derive some little comfort in their pain, that their loved ones died in blessed Ramadan. May Allah have Mercy on their souls! Ameen!

We also offer our heart-felt sympathies to the families of passengers who died, and who do not share with us the fast of blessed Ramadan, but who will read this brief statement.

Why did the aircraft stay with this dangerous route? Who is responsible for this act of negligence?

There are very few possible answers to the question: Who was responsible for the crash of the aircraft (whether it was shot down, or otherwise brought down)?

Was it Ukraine? Was it Russia? Or was it the Ukrainian Russians who are waging a war of liberation from Ukrainian rule?

My initial view is that the answer is NONE OF THE ABOVE! - and Allah Knows best!

Imran N. Hosein

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