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The Truth About 9/11

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American Pastor Exposes 9/11, Israel and "American Sniper"

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I wish more Imams could be like this brave young Christian Pastor. May the Creator protect, guide, watch over and continually give Pastor Steven Anderson the courage and strength to continue preaching truths regardless of the consequences.





#1 American Pastor exposes 9/11Maisoon 2015-04-27 11:57
'Rules of Honour and Decency'
'American Way of Life has gone down the toilet'
a Couple of statements made by this fantastic Pastor..

He is truly an awakened soul, an awakened true Christian, a true follower of Christ's teachings, morals. Indeed, it is a great shame and pity that we Muslims do not have more Imams like this Christian Pastor who understands fully the true meaning of Christ's [pbuh] values and morality. Too many of our Imams recite the Quran parrot fashion without delving into its true Message about it being our Islamic duty to fight oppression, injustice, to stand for truth, integrity, honesty; it is our 'Islamic duty to curse all these Aggressors, Hypocrites, Liars who defame and demonise Religions such as Islam and Christianity and who murder innocent souls for imperial gains and profit. The Imams in Hijaz/Arabia should take a leaf out of this wonderful Pastor and stand up for true Islam, for the sake of God and His Messenger, instead of cowering behind their paymasters, the Jewish Tribe of Saud who work with Israel and are complicit in the deaths of millions of innocent souls throughout the Arab ,Islamic Nation and beyond.
Just as the Pastor said, America is run by Satan [as are some Muslim and Arab Rulers]. We Muslims revere Christ, pbuh, as much as we are told to do for Prophet Mohammad ,pbuh so they should and must wake up to the warnings we have all been given about these hypocrites, real Kaffirs who do not believe in God and His Messengers but who believe in their own twisted divinity. Christ summed up jut who we are all facing, those who threaten peace and Harmony and Justice for all within Humanity
Take heed of Christ's own words:
'You are like your father, the Devil' and also described them as a 'Brood of Vipers'
Isn't it a coincidence that many within the Arab Nation also use a snake analogy to describe 'Saudi Arabia. something I only recently discovered and was told by a devout Muslim sister- Saudi Arabia is called 'Ras el Hiyyah'- head of the snake. Obviously they and their Partners in Genocide, the Israelis/Jewish Lobbyists etc must all belong to the very same Cesspit of Snakes that is poisoning and attacking our God given world. All part of the Same Beast who is waging all these bloody wars, coups, Terrorist Acts, occupation, oppression, Torture, Financial terrorism against Humanity
Indeed May God protect and guide this brave Pastor at all times because The Jewish and Zionist Lobbyists will make him a target as they cannot abide anyone who dares speak The Truth.
Their biggest fear is in fact that we hear The Truth.
God bless you Pastor Anderson and may He reward you for your compassion, mercy, Love for all Humanity and for your enlightened Soul, free from ignorance and prejudice and hate. You are truly one in a million- there should be more like you who really understand and practice the real meaning of their Scripture, of Justice, Love and Peace of God's Message through Jesus Christ, pbuh., Too many have deviated and chose to sell their souls cheaply or given up on God altogether and chose the evil path of Satan

May God bless and protect you- ameen
#2 Pastor Andersonmaisoon 2015-04-27 12:06
Nasheed, the video does not now appear to work as I tried to listen to it again for quotes.
S. Saboor
#3 Will the Real Imams Stand UpS. Saboor 2015-04-27 23:15
And the Imam who should be telling the truth about 9/11 should be this one, but he doesn't. Rather, he is going around putting forth the lies of the establishment.
#4 Reload VideoNashid 2015-04-28 07:14
ASA Maisoon,

Thanks for letting me know. I have uploaded the video in a different format. Try to view it again.

#5 Pastor AndersonMaisoon 2015-04-28 11:32
The link below provided by Saboor I could not access at all. so could not watch it- Yahoo says' access denied'

No matter, we have too many fools who pose as Imams and spew what they are instructed to do, forgetting all about the true Essence and meaning of Islam, of God's Words and instructions to Humanity as well as His warnings.

When you fail to stand up for truth, oppression, turn your back on your neighbours to whom you show no compassion or mercy, and against lies and deceits perpetrated by Hypocrites, then how can you claim, as 'The Islamic scholar, to speak for your people, to speak for Islam.
Elizabeth James
#6 PatriotElizabeth James 2016-07-05 20:59
If you don't like America then GET OUT! Go worship in Iraq and see how free you are there since you think it's so great!
#7 Get out!Nashid 2016-07-10 01:42
I think it is the Iraqis, Afghanis and many others around the world who should be telling the US to get out and not the other way around :lol:
Ronald Kukal
#8 Chaplain SSFOARonald Kukal 2016-12-12 14:27
I am a USS Liberty survivor. I saw with my own eyes those who call themselves Jews try to murder me and my shipmates on June 8, 1967. Divine Intervention saved all but 34 of us. God saved the USS Liberty from going to the bottom. That was their intention. All hands on the bottom, dead!!
Ronald Kukal
#9 Chaplain SSFOARonald Kukal 2016-12-12 14:31
I am a USS Liberty survivor. Those that call themselves Jews, (Rev 2:9) tried to murder all of the crew, including me, on June 8, 1967. I was there and saw it all. God saved the USS Liberty.

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