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A message to French Muslims from Sheikh Imran Hosein

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ali cherad
#1 Business ethics in Islamali cherad 2015-09-10 10:24
Most Honorable Imaran Hosein
Salamu Alaykum
I hope my message reaches you.
I just watched you video on the Subject title and I have two comments to make.
1) The translation of the Ayat 51 المائدة ) Al-Maida of the word AWLIYAA which (even Youssef Ali does the same) is taken to mean "friends and protectors", I believe the more appropriate meaning would be "LEADERS' (don't take the Jews or Christians as your leaders ...) , because there is nothing wrong with having a Christian or a Jew as a ordinary friend .
2) you said on the same video that Islam does not allow economical embargo in business, my question to you is that a Palestinian may argue that Israel's produce (tomatoes, potatoes, Olives and all other commodities for this matter) are stolen from Palestinian land and as such they are not theirs to start with, hence the embargo would be well justified.

I would welcome your comment
Jazaaka Allahu Khair.
Ali Cherad

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