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Are "blacks treated like dogs" in Israel?

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A rich old Jewish American owner of the LA Clippers Basketball team, ignited a furor in the United States when an audio recording revealed that he had berated his black girlfriend for being seen in public with other black people. In the recording, the man denies that his demand is racist simply because racism is pervasive in Israel, saying, "You go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs."

NBA Clippers Zionist owner Donald Sterling was banned from the NBA for his extremely racist comments. But besides his overt racism, we need to ask the following questions: Is anti-black racism pervasive in Israel? Is it true that if you "go to Israel, blacks are just treated like dogs"?

The videos below as well as the revealing PDF answers these questions very clearly. Israeli Journalist David Sheen exposes institutional racism in Israel against black skinned people in the second video. Mr. Sheen has been carefully chronicling the racist attacks against non-Jewish African asylum-seekers in Israel for several years. The video is a very powerful presentation.

The first video is an extended, 15-minute version of the conversation between Zionist Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his then-girlfriend V. Stiviano. It confirms the institutional racism in Israel in the second video, exposed by David Sheen, through the words of Donald Sterling. Main stream media focuses on Donald Sterling's racism but we want to go further by focusing on his racism and the inherent racist nature of Israeli society. Pick your choice. You can watch the videos in any order that you like. Both clearly show the racist, deplorable and inhuman treatment of Africans in Israel. In other words "Blacks are treated like dogs in Israel".


1. Exclusive: The 15  Minute Extended Donald Sterling Tape 


2. Israels War on Africans - Institutional Racism Exposed in Israel


Download David Sheen's eye opening exposing report at the following:


Are "blacks treated like dogs" in Israel?

Make sure to click on all the links in the PDF. 

You can also go to David Sheen's website for more eye opening exposures:




S Saboor
#1 MuslimS Saboor 2014-08-07 13:58
Excellent piece about Jewish attitudes towards non-Jews. It was the famous philosopher of Judaism, Moses Mamonides, who believed that Black people were lesser than human beings. The Talmud of the Jews is replete with racist derogatory references to all non-Jews. The nazis were not racists, contrary to standard history books in the universities, but rather the Zionists are and have always been staunch racists and supremacists.
S Saboor
#2 MuslimS Saboor 2014-08-07 14:02
If anyone get a chance please read this article by a World War 2 historian to clarify the real intent and feelings of the nazis about race. Interesting, that a Zionist Jew, David Horowitz, allowed this to be put up on his webpage. Also, Brother Nashid please email me your phone number, we need to talk. Here is the article by the way for reference:

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