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Obama Grovels While Netanyahu Demands More!

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For answers to Bibi and Obama's lies in the above video about the Palestinian conflict please see the following:

Is A Jewish Life Worth More Than A Non-Jewish Life?

Netanyahu Humiliates Obama!

From: ‘Bibi’ Votes Republican

"Not since Nikita Khrushchev berated Dwight Eisenhower over Gary Powers’ U-2 spy flight over Russia only weeks earlier has an American president been subjected to a dressing down like the one Barack Obama received from Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday.

"With this crucial difference. Khrushchev ranted behind closed doors, and when Ike refused to apologize, blew up the Paris summit hosted by President de Gaulle.
"Obama, however, was lectured like some schoolboy in the Oval Office in front of the national press and a worldwide TV audience.
"And two days later, he trooped over to the Israeli lobby AIPAC to walk back what he had said that had so infuriated Netanyahu.
“Bibi” then purred that he was “pleased” with the clarification.
"Diplomatic oil is now being poured over the troubled waters, but this humiliation will not be forgotten."


+1 #1 spktruth200 2011-06-01 19:48
We have to understand one thing. Obama is the president of the US, but Obama is not the one pushing the American policy. Thats from the shadow government. Who are the shadow government...the global elitists mostly stationed permanently inside the State Dept. run by neo con Hilary Clinton, Dennis Ross and that ilk. Who was behind the overthrow of democratically elected President of Honduras: Hilary Clinton and her zionist bud Lanny Davis. They used the CIA to overthrow him, but yesterday he was re installed as President. There trick in south america to get a foothold didnt work. They tried to overthrow didnt work. They have bases in Columbia, but they do not control South America. One of the big ole zionists is on his way to South America to convince South American leaders NOT to support the two state solution, even though Brazil, Bolivia and Venezula, Cuba have already signed on. Obama is not completely in charge of this government, the Pentagon, CIA and its shadow characters are. Our democracy is over! The US is now being run by corporate, global elitists, and Obama has more death threats against him than all presidents combined.
Kamal Shariff
#2 Kamal Shariff 2011-06-01 21:20
Unfortunately, seems like some take pleasure in Obama 'Groveling' at the hands of Netanyahu and AIPAC fully aware that 'NO' American President has ever been able to withstand Ashkenazi pressure since Truman and in the forseable future will not. Any student of American political and presidential history knows that presidents are marginal in the grand political scheme of things and allways will be. Presidents come and go but the military-industrial complex-post 1945-will likely drive the country to ruin. For the likes of you sitting in the comforts of your PC's, working for IBM, Aramco and the like, who profit nicely from this arrangement, when the eventual fall catches up what will you do when the S&P 500 Falls and you are booted out of your cushy jobs and arm chair criticism is no longer a luxury. I told you so will not be so comforting because anyone who has studied these things knew this was inevitable.
+1 #3 Nashid 2011-06-02 04:11
ASA Aazim,

No person whether they support Obama or not should take pleasure in his groveling to a leader of an oppressive country that is totally dependent upon the US for it's very existence. It is sick and disgraceful and only translates into more of our tax dollars going to support that ungrateful nation. Yes, other presidents have groveled but none has groveled as much as Obama. This is shameful and something that all Americans should deeply regret and try to do something about.

Neither should those of us who make a living from our education and skills be condemned for working for companies like Aramco, IBM, etc while at the same time doing whatever we can to wake people up. It is a lot better than being a drifter depending solely on the charity of others and at the same time showing no gratitude for that charity received. Yes, we can make a good living from those companies but at the same time our faith and dependency is fully on ALLAH rather than those companies. They are just means to temporarily fulfill our economic needs until we can put ourselves in positions to be free from them.

Muslims today who supports Obama are the biggest fools on the planet!!! By Obama's own words and deeds he has proven himself to be totally in the pockets of the worst enemies of Muslims, escalated Bush's policies in Muslim lands and is continually killing Muslims and mass propagating deliberate lies. The fascination with Obama's looks and eloquence should fade in comparison to his deeds and what he represents. Muslims should be taking a strong stand against him and to expose him.

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