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Obama Grovels While Netanyahu Demands More!

For answers to Bibi and Obama's lies in the above video about the Palestinian conflict please see the following:

Is A Jewish Life Worth More Than A Non-Jewish Life?

Netanyahu Humiliates Obama!

From: ‘Bibi’ Votes Republican

"Not since Nikita Khrushchev berated Dwight Eisenhower over Gary Powers’ U-2 spy flight over Russia only weeks earlier has an American president been subjected to a dressing down like the one Barack Obama received from Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday.

"With this crucial difference. Khrushchev ranted behind closed doors, and when Ike refused to apologize, blew up the Paris summit hosted by President de Gaulle.
"Obama, however, was lectured like some schoolboy in the Oval Office in front of the national press and a worldwide TV audience.
"And two days later, he trooped over to the Israeli lobby AIPAC to walk back what he had said that had so infuriated Netanyahu.
“Bibi” then purred that he was “pleased” with the clarification.
"Diplomatic oil is now being poured over the troubled waters, but this humiliation will not be forgotten."