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Greece & The Money Lender - Sheikh Imran Hosein

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#1 Greece and the money Lendersmaisoon 2015-08-13 14:06
ASA Nashid
I wonder what the Shaikh would say about the real aims of Tsipras who has ended up betraying the Greek Nation, betraying the voters who gave his party a landslide victory. He and Valoufakis it is alleged deliberately got Greece indebted to the Bankers, selling Greece lock stock and barrel to them and the Troika which as you know is directed by the Rothschild Cartel.
It has been alleged also that Tsipras is really a Jew named Cipra who is seeking revenge on behalf of his father/family against the Greeks, cannot remember the details.
Betraying Greece the way he has may in fact be proof of this allegation. I don't believe this to be a conspiratorial theory but fact now. The end result is proof positive. now
- for him to turn around and say he had no choice, no options left is frankly not truthful. There was a very viable option he should have taken to save Greece form the clutches of the Jewish led Troika and that was to align Greece with Russia and China who were willing to help Greece financially. He had two visits with Putin and it seemed he was going to seek this right path but then bailed out and capitulated to the Banksters/EU who now own Greece and will bleed and destroy the country, impoverishing it even more.
Greece could have taken brave step just as Iceland had done, but the devious Tsipras [Cipra] committed treason and sold his country to the Jewish led Troika. He has also maintained Military partnership with Israel, one of the first things he did upon coming to office.
I would be most curious to know what the Shaikh now has to say about Greece's brave stand which has turned into betrayal. Many enlightened Greeks know who is really to blame for their country's demise, for the corruption etc and are more than aware now of the treason/betrayal of Tsipras and his 'Leftist' party. Leftists/Communists usually follow Jewish ideologies and they are as deceptive as their Right Wing counter parts.
Just my 'pound's worth, not in flesh but in analysis, my 'take' of the dire situation facing Greece that will no doubt one day revolt against this Jewish control of their ancient Nation

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