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Armageddon could soon be played out between east and west, between Russia and U.S. that could destroy the world and change it forever. Each side has a vast stockpile of nuclear weapons that have never been used and were painstakingly created for an unexpected day like today, with great reasoning and planning. A small percentage of these weapons of mass destruction is sufficient to destroy the world for centuries.

If the US thinks it can continually transgress against Russia until Moscow gives in, it is gravely mistaken

Suffice to say, though children are at play, this is not a game. Those who have been toying with outright war against Russia, and an escalation of the conflict in Syria, are putting the lives of all Americans at risk. Of course, the threat of nuclear annihilation has been with us since the earliest days of the Cold War, but Russia has now positioned itself with the largest and most destructive nuclear arsenal of any country in the world.

Economist and political critic Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains how diplomatic relations have broken between Russia and the United States, after the U.S. knowingly attacked pro-Assad Syria forces… that, of course, was the cherry on top of a host of insults, deliberate antagonism and a strategy that could only result in further chaos and war.

The end of negotiations is unfortunately, given that fighting it out could mean thermonuclear war that would make Hiroshima and Nagasaki look trivial in comparison.

After a period of some patience, Russia is now warning that the United States is dangerously close to turning a proxy war into a direct world war – and they are deadly serious about defending the motherland and their sworn allies – namely Assad. Any further attack could result in immediate destruction.

Putin is a formidable opponent and Russia a powerful enemy. At present time, they have the capability of wiping the entire East Coast of the United States off the map – where more than 100 million people live. Will the ranking misleaders in Washington continue to gamble with all of our lives?