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Sheikh Imran Hosein - The Zionist Attack On Syria

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Check out this link for more lectures, interviews and works by Sheikh Imran Hosein on this site.



#1 The Zionist attack on SyriaAl 2013-05-11 07:17
He was 100% right... now it is up to those so called Muslim nations to wake up and realize the truth...
#2 MrMuhammadjaved 2013-05-15 15:12
Its is an informative lecture. There should be more on the
latest developments. Specially attack of Syria on Turkish
villages killing 40 Turks.
#3 More from Imran HoseinNashid 2013-05-16 05:38
The latest lecture from the Sheikh to date and a continuation of the lecture you have been listening to is:

At the bottom of each lecture there is a link to more lectures by the Sheikh. We will try to keep posting his latest lectures on this website.

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