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Putin: Who Created ISIS!

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Documented Proof ISIS Is a Creation of The United States of America:







#1 Putin's fight against ISISMaisoon 2015-10-09 12:43
ASA Nashid
I so want to believe in the sincerity and honesty of Putin helping Syria and he speaks a lot of sense compared to the drivel and written script given to Zionist Obama
Just such a shame Putin never mentions the huge role his friend Satanyahu/Israel play in these Terrorist wars against Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen with the very same group of terrorists killing Egyptian soldiers/Police in Sinai which is falsely blamed on Palestinian 'Militants' and the Muslim Brotherhood., a divisor tactic on behalf of Israel to turn Egyptians against Palestinians in Gaza
I am troubled by Putin's friendship with Satanyahu and Israel though. He gave him red caret treatment, plus it is alleged that he also agreed to military coordination with Israel regarding Russia's intervention in Syria, and the Russian defence Minister is due to pay a visit to Tel Aviv.
Putin's views on Palestine and the peace Process has not been fair either blaming the impasse on Palestinians rather than on his Friends -Israel which he supports as a State for the Jewish people.
I hope and pray with regards Syria, that Russia [and possibly China] will rid Syria of all the Israeli/Western/Jewish Saudi terrorist Operatives that have sadly turned Syria and Iraq into a Humanitarian disaster. I hope that Putin finally realises that allying his country with Western Powers will not benefit Russia and other regional countries that they wish to dominate. He should concentrate on making Allies with decent independent Nations, free from Rothschild imperialism. An alliance with South America, China, Iran, Syria and any other countries that wish to remove their Western shackles such as those throughout Africa, Asia and even some European Nations who are sadly so blinded and brainwashed by Zionist propaganda and Alliances that will prove detrimental to their people.
I sincerely hope Putin stays TRUE to his country's long standing alliance with Syria where he is very popular and much loved by the Syrian people who have sadly embraced him as their potential saviour from the devils rampant in their ancient homeland- God willing.

Time alone will tell. Meanwhile, more Syrian civilians will die due to the bombings from all sides!! I feel very sad that not ONE country has come to SAVE Palestinians from Israeli terrorists and the Holocaust of their Nation

PUTIN MUST SEE that ISIS = ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE- their Creation, not America's which has undoubtedly assisted, providing logistics, Arms, training but the Head of this VIPER =ISRAEL

May Allah bless and protect my Palestine, my Family in Syria, Iraq and Yemen and all other Arabs and Muslims fighting oppression in their country, inshua'allah.
Removal of the Israeli Entity and its present political and religious ideologies, will bring peace, freedom and justice to our Ummah and in fact to the world which they have also inflicted untold suffering upon.

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