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INTERVIEW: Muslims are Fleeing from ISIS - Sheikh Imran Hosein

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Muslims love Islam! If ISIS represented true Islam Muslims will be welcoming and running to them rather than fleeing them as they are doing now by the thousands into Muslim and European countries. So how in the world can anyone believe that ISIS are true representatives of Islam? Muslims are terrified of them! When Prophet Muhammad (saaw) taught Islam it was the poor, the weak and the oppressed even slaves who were the first to accept his message and join him. It was attractive to the oppressed. His message was anti-oppression and against the evil powers of his day. Today ISIS is the walking implementation of oppression killing innocent Muslims, Christians and others in the most barbaric and dehumanizing way. They are spawned by the evil powers of the Israeli Mossad, CIA, MI5 and rich Gulf states that are paying them mercenary money for their debauchery. So unlike the attraction and welcome of true Islam, Muslims are running, fleeing and escaping from ISIS!

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