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UNICEF condemns killing of children by US airstrikes in Syria

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UNICEF has condemned the killing of children by U-S-led airstrikes in northern Syria over the past few days. The UN’s children agency says nothing can justify attacks on children wherever they are. The so-called U-S-led coalition has been bombing areas in an around the Daesh-held town of Manbij in Aleppo province over the past days. Scores of people have been killed in the airstrikes. Many of the victims are women and children. Syria says French jets conducted one of the air attacks. But France’s President Francois Hollande says he has no precise information whether his country’s warplanes were responsible for the raid. The US led- coalition has been bombing Syria since September 2014 without authorization from Damascus or a UN mandate. Washington says the raids target Daesh’s positions. However, facts on the ground indicate that many civilians are among the victims.


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