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The Truth About 9/11

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Thousands of Muslims Massacred in Burma!!!

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Assalam Alaikum: So far we have not seen any positive response from our media, press, TV, anchor persons, political leaders, religious parties, Ulemas, Masajid and our PM / President raising any voice against the inhuman massacre of our Muslim brethren in Burma. Even the Bangladeshi government after accepting a large number of Muslim refugees from the Arakan province of Burma have started despatching further refugees back to the sea. Very shameful. Our social welfare agencies along with our Masajid Management should come forward to help the suffering people and sent an application to the UN to save humanity. The West gave independence to East Timor from Indonesia and South Sudan from the main Sudan on the basis that they are being mistreated or discriminated being Christians. Why not they do something for the Muslims of Burma living in the Arakan province who are being killed mercillesly to reduce their population and also those of south Phillipines. Thanks.


Ronald L. Waldron
#1 Ronald L. Waldron 2012-08-02 03:24

530,000 Churches in America, only 7% do not belong to a corporation.
Corporations that invest in wars of false intelligence, support the corruption
of the republican party, and believe the propaganda and false prophecy
supporting the atrocities of Israel, Mossad, and AIPAC.

The old testament was written by Jews, to the Jews, and for the Jews only.
Not for Gentiles. Jesus Christ was not a Jew. Jesus said to the Jews 'Because
you are not sheep of my flock you do not believe ' (John 10:24-27) and 'I was
only sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel' ...

Can you Decide from the Bible Who the Antichrist is? Study Zionism and the
theft of the Jewish faith by them. Beginning 1917 and their influence and
manipulation on Hitler in killing of 6 million Torah Jews that would object to
stealing the lands of Palestine & our holy land.

Most professors who are critical of Israel do not organise themselves to fight against Israel.
American Jews are either organised and pro-Israel, or are apathetic and critical of Israel?
AIPAC, a foreign lobby yet the most powerful lobby, has control over several members
of America's government and agencies, Duel citizens with Israel as their only interest.
Control of Hollywood, all major media, TV programing, congress, the pentagon,
think tanks, advisors, staffers, universities, theology schools, pulpits, and religious
leaders. There is no dispute that financial institutes and banking is controlled by them.
Acts of war by Israel. The attack on the USS Liberty. Assassinations of JFK,
RFK, MLK and witnesses of Garrison. 911 and their involvement.
Nothing about Israel is moral, ethical, or any benefit to us. Lies after lies
to keep us involved in their attacks on their neighbors.
Convincing our government to send our sons & daughters to die, get injuried or disabiled for
life. No ligitimate reason for it.
Israel hates christians, Catholics, or anyone with a different belief. They are out for
global take over.

Take a united stand now against the corruption, loss of freedoms, changes in our laws.
A large per-cent of Christian Americans have already decided to seperate from government atrocities,
corruption, treason and false patriotism. They will stay home and worship Christ, the son of god ,who
was killed by WHO!
Gods punishment against Israel was to be an end to their immorality. Nothing has changed except
misconception and lies.
Do not support the illegal occupation of Palestine, the genocide of Palestinians, or the vetoing
by our government of the 67 UN sanctions against Israel for their actions.
Ronald L. Waldron
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was involved in smuggling nuclear triggers out of the United States
carried out by a network of front companies, a report says.

Dysfunction of federal agencies comes from the top down. Home
Land Security with the top leaders all being duel citizens with Israel, all decisions coming from AIPAC, MOSSAD, and the illegal state of ISRAEL. Until the
American people insist on leadership being
American with American interest the priority, until the Zionist organized crime syndicate is put out of
businessin WASHINGTON, D.C. America will
continue on a downward slide. It certainly
would help if the religious right recognizes that Christians do not live in the OLD testament, That only the NEW
testament applies to US and our government.
Zionism is not biblical, and is the Anti-Christ We need to be more concerned about the Anti-Christ group,
rather then all the false flags of
I liked Lessig's observation that We the People still have the Voting Election,
but we have lost the Money Election." He pointed out that a tiny fraction of
our society 22 people, or 7 one-millionths of 1% account for 50% of the
Money Election. And the problem is that the Money Election determines the
options We the People have to choose form in the Voting Election. Buddy Roemer
added a humorous yet serious, down-to-earth impression on the panel. Lots of
laughs and cheers from the audience when the former Congressman and Louisiana
Governor spoke. Roemer shared that there was a fund-raising litmus test that
kept him from participating in any of the 23 episodes of the GOP Presidential
Debate Show. His best line was "The system isn't broken, it's bought." "The system isn't broken, it's bought."
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