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US Trained Terrorists Use Chemical Weapons in Syria

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Press TV has conducted an interview with Michael Chossudovsky, Center for Research on Globalization, Montreal about the statement made by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that Syria is able to face Israel.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Bashar al-Assad has said Syria is capable of facing Israel. Just how much do you think there will be a military confrontation between Damascus and Tel Aviv and which do you think can overcome the other?

Chossudovsky: Let me first address the statement of Secretary of State John Kerry.

The United States was involved in the decision to bomb Syria. This was not strictly an act of aggression on the part of Israel acting on its own. It was an act of aggression, which was approved by the United States, namely the Pentagon as well as NATO. It is an act of aggression and violation of international law.

When Secretary of State John Kerry says we need to reach a solution and presents himself as a mediator we are in effect in a dead alley because an aggressor presenting himself as a mediator is a non-sequitur.

You can’t on the one hand support an armed insurrection of terrorists against the Syrian government - and incidentally provide chemical weapons to these al-Qaeda terrorists; give them funding...

In fact, CNN just a couple of months ago confirmed that contractors hired by the Pentagon were in fact training the terrorists in the use of chemical weapons.

And now we have a statement by a United Nations Independent Commission, which has confirmed unequivocally - and it was revealed on the same day - that the terrorists who are backed by the United States and its allies, they are in possession of deadly sarin nerve gas, which they are using against the civilian population.

So, we can talk about reaching a peaceful solution, but the issue is about those who are acting as mediators including Secretary of State John Kerry and I should also say Ban Ki-moon because the Secretary General of the United Nations has called on all sides to exercise maximum restraint.

There was absolutely no word of condemnation uttered by the United Nations Security Council, Secretary General of the United Nations against Israel’s attack on Syria and neither has there been a position taken by the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

So we’re dealing with an act of aggression; we are at a very dangerous crossroads.

Vladimir Putin warned, that was yesterday - that further Israeli attacks on Damascus would not be tolerated; he also intimated that this is something that we know, that Syria has advanced air defense systems - S300 and various other weapons capabilities and they are able to strike back.

However, we are at a very dangerous crossroads because anything could happen and this could ultimately lead into a regional war where other countries would inevitably be involved in the conflict.


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