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On This 38th Annual International Al-Quds Day, We Must Treat ‘Israel’ As A Global Problem And Strive To End It

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Happy International Al-Quds Day! Long live Palestine! And something like 6 MILLION ACTUAL DEATHS–see what I did there?! :D–to that cancerous project called ‘Israel’! Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini (R.A.), inaugurated this blessed occasion 38 years ago to re-center Al-Quds specifically (and the whole of Palestine generally) in the hearts and minds of Muslims as a cause that is to forever be linked with Islam. One can pray and one can fast, one can pay Zakzat and make Hajj, but all of it amounts to mere ritual if you are not raising your voice and enjoining good for the Moustazafeen (oppressed ones) of the Ummah who are being aggressed against daily by Earth’s Most Evil. ‘Israel’ represents the head of that darkness. Imam Khomeini’s (R.A.) successor, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, says that the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime has about two decades of viability–if that–to go. So as we enter into this final phase of the serpentine entity’s malignant, parasitic, artificial, accursed and criminal existence, it is integral to understand what kind of tumor that we are dealing with so it can be zeroed in on, cut out and ultimately eradicated. ‘Israel’ is a global problem. Not a regional one. And we can encapsulate this conclusion with a simple phrase: WE ARE ALL-QUDS!


As we speak, the holy city of Jerusalem, occupied since the Nakba, is being putrefied with the ever-expanding presence of colonizing Jewish terrorists; Al-Aqsa and Qoubbat al-Sakhra are under severe threat; incitement to destroy these and other Islamic and Christian sanctities is engaged in by the Zionist usurpers almost hourly; Palestinian youth are murdered in cold blood routinely; Palestinian activists are spied on, locked up on baselessness, and tortured while imprisoned; more and more hideous, unnatural settlements are being constructed to destroy the Arab/Indigenous identity of the land; various forms of degeneracy and depravity like the booming ‘Israeli’ pornography industry and the horrific Gay Pride Parade are rapidly being spread across this most hallowed of places where the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) had his Ascension and Messiah ‘Isa (A.S.) cemented his Ministry; and Palestinians of all ages are being maliciously kept from their family members across their ancestral land as ‘Israel’ keeps western and eastern Quds divided through violent checkpoints. As the Falasteeni people suffer, ALL of the world’s Moustazafeen suffer. Indeed, everywhere we turn in the Global South where there are those who yearn and fight for Palestine’s liberation, we see the “Jerusalemification” of their lands–war, genocide, siege, terrorism, occupation and destabilization.


In Yemen, where Al-Quds marches are as massive as Saada’s mountain ranges and vibrant as the sunrise over Sanaa, we see Saudi Arabia mercilessly prosecuting a genocidal aggression on the ‘Israeli’ virus’s behalf to stomp out Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Jewish-supremacist Ansarullah and prevent the Yemeni nation from becoming a main hub of military supplies to the Palestinian Resistance. In Nigeria, where Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky has brought millions upon millions to the light of Islam, love of the Palestinian cause and an awakening about Zionism’s hold on the globe, we see the revolutionary Islamic Movement of Nigeria attacked from all sides, with harassment and massacres a regularity and their leader jailed on utterly bogus grounds. In Syria, terrorists trained, armed, funded, medically treated and guided by ‘Israel’ and its Western and GCC ZOGs have perpetrated some of the most barbaric acts ever seen to topple the steadfast, rejectionist Syrian government and break the linkage between the powers of the Resistance Axis. In Bahrain, the Jews are treated like royalty by the tyrannical, Mossad-linked Khalifa regime and they have more rights than the indigenous Shi’a Muslims who are being subjected to the harshest forms of repression.


In Iraq, a Zionist conspiracy dating back half a century keeps the people of the land once known as Mesopotamia suffering immeasurably with a Nakba of their own. In Afghanistan, an occupation rages on so ‘Israel’ can maintain a monopoly on heroin and mineral wealth. In Pakistan, the Zionist-constructed Dragon Policy continues to rip the Islamic nation apart at the seams and slowly bring it down the path to de-nuclearization. In occupied Kashmir, the people of the Vale, who are the Palestinians’ closest political relation, are enduring their 70th year of Indian occupation and are beaten, tortured, raped, brutalized and mowed down with increasing frequency by the Indian army which is armed to the teeth by ‘Israel’. In the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Latin (South) American leader of Anti-Zionist Resistance, destabilization reaches a fever pitch because Nicolas Maduro refuses to submit to Empire Judaica. In the ghettos and ethnic working-class neighborhoods of the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa, ‘Israeli’-trained killer-cops act as an occupation force like they were in Al-Quds itself and gun down Black and Brown men with ‘Israeli’ bullets EVERYDAY. And it quite literally goes on in perpetuity. It would be unfolding in Lebanon and Iran too if it wasn’t for the Mighty Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah on the one hand and the Islamic Revolution led by Khamenei on the other.


Even Western governments, as blood-soaked and devilish as they are, are being surveilled and held hostage by the Zionist enemy, which threatens to unleash the “Samson Option” upon Europe if ‘Israel’ is ever existentially threatened. Trump, as buffoonish and murderous as he happens to be, is being hammered by a nonstop Zionist PSYOP focused on “Russian infiltration” to keep him in line. In the UK, an ‘Israeli’ embassy official openly plotted to take down MPs who didn’t kneel at the feet of “Tel Aviv” and the enormous scandal was swept under the rug by the Jewish Lobby. France’s new president is a literal Rothschild banker and his opposition, Le Pen and her National Front, is a Mossad proxy. Verily, Jerusalemification is the most apt description for what has befallen all of humanity, including its worst elements. Case in point: The answer, is, again, to declare “WE ARE ALL AL-QUDS!” and join hands as one unified Gentile Liberation Front to destabilize the destabilizers and take back our planet. ‘Israel’ must be stopped. ‘Israel’ must be liquidated. ‘Israel’, this fake “state” occupying Al-Quds, must vanish from the pages of time, as Imam Khomeini (R.A.) famously said.


Yes, the usurping Zionist bacteria is a danger to all living things between the River and the Sea. And yes, it is a danger to all living things between the Nile and the Euphrates too. But let us not lose sight of the fact that ‘Israel’–the world’s number one manufacturer of false flags as well as the world’s top spot for human trafficking, ecstasy dealing, drone technology, filth of all sorts and too many other aspects of devilry to name here–is backed to the hilt by the multi-trillionaire, Halakhic-Talmudic Rothschild dynasty and all of its billionaire Jewish lieutenants and partners. These are the holders and printers of global capital. Keyword being GLOBAL. Certainly, the goal of World Jewry is not to dominate via “biblical Zion” going eastwards, i.e. the aforementioned “Nile to Euphrates” claim made by Zionists from the beginnings of their damned movement, but establishing hegemony via “biblical Zion” going WESTWARDS, thus claiming the entirety of the world as they steamroll through Gentile state after Gentile state, just as it is envisioned in Rabbi Michael Higger’s frightening book “Jewish Utopia” and by Chabad Lubavitch, the wealthiest and most powerful, influential and fanatical Jewish sect, which says the borders of ‘Israel’ in the time of the Jews’ (false) messiah will expand throughout the whole planet. This cannot and will not come to pass. Arrogant delusions of the demonic Zionists aside.


We are all Palestinian. We are all Al-Quds. From Yemen to Nigeria, Syria to Bahrain, Iraq to Afghanistan, Pakistan to occupied Kashmir, Venezuela to every Black and Brown slum, barrio, project, gutter, end and banlieue in the Western world, the Palestinian cause burns brightly in every fiber of our beings. We stand with the Mouqawamist forces defending their lands and their peoples from this monstrous disease, for they are our Mouqawamah, our lands and our peoples. We stand with the political prisoners. From Sheikh Zakzaky to Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, Ayatollah Isa Qasim to the innocents of Guantanamo Bay to the some 6,300 Palestinians surviving in Jewish occupation dungeons. We are all Palestinian. We are all Al-Quds. And so we shall always be… Even after ‘Israel’ inevitably meets Malak al-Mawt (A.S.) and gloriously gets transported to the hellfire from which it originated.



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