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In Defiance of Buhari, the US and ‘Israel’, Zakzaky’s Partisans Hold Al-Quds Day Rallies In Over 20 Nigerian Cities

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Jummah Mubarak and Striking Star Salute to the Nigerian people… Who really are the best people. Simply the best. In defiance of the murderous and despotic Buhari regime as well as its ‘Israeli’, American and Saudi controllers, Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky’s partisans are marching EN MASSE in over 20 Nigerian cities and towns for International Al-Quds Day. “Death to Israel!” is being chanted. Palestinian and Hizbullah flags are flying. Banners showing Zakzaky, Africa’s most important and inspiring revolutionary voice, alongside Imams Khomeini (R.A.) and Khamenei are being carried. And true, principled, unwavering solidarity with the oppressed nation of Palestine and its occupied holy city of Al-Quds is on full, militant display. The Nigerian army, which massacred dozens of Nigerian Shi’a revolutionaries on Al-Quds Day in 2014 and over 1,000 others in the Zaria Massacre of December 2015, attempted to disrupt the processions in Kaduna State but failed as the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) refused to take the bait, avoided the storm of tear gas and kept marching. That Zakzaky’s acolytes and their closest allies, among them Sunnis and Christians, refuse to abandon Palestine despite all the suffering they’ve endured and all their martyrs, is a telltale sign that these are truly the people of Mouqawamah.


While Muhammadu Buhari and his goons–like Goodluck Jonathan and his goons before them–fraternize with the ‘Israeli’ enemy, seek out arms deals with the Trump ZOG and take countless petrodollars from the crypto-Jewish Saudi regime, the IMN stands ready and able to sacrifice themselves for the Palestinian cause if necessary. If just a scintilla of Arabs and Muslims worldwide had the courage of these undaunted, unbroken, martyrdom-loving, Husseini and Muhammadi people, International Al-Quds Day would have ceased to be a day of solidarity and turned into a day of triumph a long, LONG time ago. Truly, Zakzaky and his flock put “The Ummah” to shame. With Palestine being our compass, Lebanon’s Hizbullah being the crown jewel of our struggle, Syria being our backbone, Yemen’s Ansarullah being the apple of humanity’s eye and Iran being the Magnetic North we follow, Nigeria’s Mouqawamist heroes are UNDOUBTEDLY our heart and our soul. The best people indeed. Simply the best. From Adawama to Kaduna, Abuja to Yobe, Katsina to Sokoto and beyond, may ALLAH (SWT) protect the IMN from the evil plots of ‘Israel’. And may the entire world wake up from its slumber and recognize that there is no figure in the world–apart from the leaders of the Resistance Axis–who exemplifies the fight for the Palestinian cause quite like Zakzaky.



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