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Jewish Colonialism At Work: Palestinian Christians And The Zionist Attempt To Destroy Their Arab Identity

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Jewish Colonialism At Work: Palestinian Christians And The Zionist Attempt To Destroy Their Arab Identity

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On March 13th 2003, just one week before the Anglo-Zionist Empire’s criminal, annihilationist, regional-map-changing invasion of Iraq, Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech that can only be described as ominous, visionary and downright prophetic,“The Jews have long hoped for a war that pits a Jewish-Christian alliance against the Muslim nation. In this context I would like to say: Let us look to form a Muslim-Christian alliance to confront all those who attack Moses, Jesus and Mohammad. Why don’t we form a political alliance of this kind? Those positive positions, we see today, whether in the East or the West, are positions taken by Christian countries, churches, and prominent individuals and elites, and this only encourages the formation of such an alliance. Why do we not seek a meaningful, public, and official Muslim-Christian alliance such as this, in the face of an American-Zionist scheme, which only seeks to spread ruin, destruction, war, humiliation, and corruption throughout the world (1)?” The legendary Resistance leader’s bone-chilling words ring even truer today as this Jewish plot has taken a foothold in the lands of Bilad al-Sham and Bilad al-Rafidayn and driven them into a chasm of hellfire and brimstone.


Since Iraq was invaded by the forces of Judeo-Atlanticist Imperialism, the usurping Zionist entity’s Mossad – with the assistance of “Christian”-Zionist private military contractors and CIA death squads – has been waging a systematic campaign of extermination against the Assyrian and Chaldean Christians of Iraq, as the illegitimate “Israeli” regime is well-aware that Iraqi Christians have played a historic role in resisting Western meddling in Mesopotamia, particularly during the time just before the 1958 July 14th Revolution disposed the British-Zionist-controlled monarchy in Baghdad (2). This scheme continues today – and has expanded into Syria — in the form of Takfiri terrorism, represented by ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and a handful of other gangs backed to the hilt by the genocidal Jewish “state” and NATO (3). From Syria’s Raqqa to Iraq’s Mosul, ISIS is kidnaping bishops, taking nuns hostage, burning churches and lashing, stoning and, most sickeningly and horrifying of all, crucifying Christians to death (4).

It is amidst this backdrop of Zionist-generated terror that a deeply disturbing development has unfolded in the 1948 lands of occupied Palestine, Nasirah (Nazareth) to be specific. A group of Palestinian Christians, led by a particularly revolting fellow by the name of Father Jibril (Gabriel) Naddaf, have started identifying themselves not as Palestinians or even Arabs, but Arameans (5). Beyond the sheer idiocy and colonialist-induced self-hatred which are quite clearly at the forefront of this fiasco, lies something much more wretched and worrisome.

Father Jibril has also called on occupied Nasirah’s Christians to join the genocidal “Israeli” occupation forces, and his efforts to foment an “Aramean revolution” are backed fully by the illegitimate Zionist regime itself. Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar, who Father Jibril has labeled the “Aramean nation’s” Theodor Herzl, Likudnik MK Ofir Akunis, Upper Nazareth mayor Alex Gadalkin and many other “Israeli” politicians and military figures have all thrown their weight behind this sham. But even Haaretz, the enemy media outlet that provided hasbara for Sa’ar on the matter, admits, “when it comes to Sa’ar and some of his fellow celebrants, recognition of the Arameans appears less motivated by love and more by an interest that these people not be deemed Arabs. In other words, it’s an effort to divide the Arab nation by isolating the tens of thousands of Christians who would be deemed Arameans (5).”

And even though the overwhelming majority of Palestinian Christians have come out and categorically condemned and rejected this abhorrence, slamming Naddaf as an “‘Israeli’ tool” (6), the damage is done, as yet another seed of division has been planted.

Communal Strife: Zionism’s Bread and Butter

This isn’t the first time that Father Jibril has been embroiled in controversy, nor is it the first time he has gone out on a limb to propagandize about the potential “benefits” of Palestinian Christians joining IOF. Last year, right around this time as a matter of fact, the collaborationist “Aramean” was involved in a pro-IOF-enlistment conference with then-mayor of Upper Nazareth Shimon Gapso, an ally of genocidal warmonger Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu party and an open ethnic cleansing proponent who suggested that Nasirah’s Christians be expelled to Gaza. Then, like now, Father Jibril was backed by Sa’ar, as well as wanted war criminal Tzipi Livni (7). Moreover, Naddaf’s efforts are being executed in perfect congruence with the legislation introduced earlier this year by Knesset leader Yariv Levin, which was written up to afford special privileges to the Palestinian Christians in 1948 Palestine (called “Israel” by the Jews and their allies) and pit them against their Muslim countrymen (8).

This policy of facilitating communal strife does not just go back a year or two, or even a decade or two. It has been around since the earliest years of the Zionist project, with the earliest evidence showing a 1920 Zionist Executive budget proposal setting “provocation of dissension between [Palestinian] Christians and Muslims” as one of the Jewish usurpers’ primary goals (9). And it remains a strategic objective for the Jewish occupation regime to this day. As Nadim Nashif, founder and director of Baladna: The Association for Arab Youth, pointed out this summer, Palestinian Christians “are subject to discrimination in employment, unequal municipal funding, physical threats of violence from police, under-funded educational systems, discrimination in housing rights, and political marginalization.” Furthermore, he – and Mariam Farah, a board member of Baladna who coauthored the piece – also noted that “Christians are the fastest shrinking segment of” the Zionist entity’s population, “in part due to these discriminatory policies”, and these attempts from “Tel Aviv” to “integrate Christians […] will in fact further marginalize them and perpetuate a hierarchy of race and religion (10).”

In other words, fomenting communal strife is Zionism’s bread and butter and therefore what is taking place is just Jewish colonialism at work. The Jewish supremacist occupiers, deliberately stuck in a time 96 years ago and following that 1920 Zionist Executive budget proposal to the letter, are overexerting themselves to de-Arabize Palestinian Christians and break them away from the rest of their national brethren, for a nation divided is a nation far easier to conquer. From the Zionists’ perspective, such efforts couldn’t come at a better time either, as Arab Christians are being persecuted across the region by World Jewry’s Takfiri legion.

A Most Ugly Truth: Beyond “Israeli” Crimes Against Christians, There Is The Jewish Position On Jesus

On top of the baby-killing “Israeli” regime’s genesis of Muslim-Christian division in the Holy Land, there is also the equally significant matter of the gratuitous Zionist violence inflicted upon Palestinian Christians since the criminal creation of the Jewish gangster “state”.

From the killing and wounding of Palestinian Christians in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge (11), to IOF outright preventing Palestinian Christians from entering a church in ethnically cleansed Kufr Birim (12), to the burning of a 100-year old church in occupied Al-Quds (13), to the demolition of Catholic Church property in occupied Al-Quds (14), to the destruction of a church in the occupied West Bank and the vandalizing of Tabgha Church in occupied al-Jalil {{the Galilee}} (15), to the routine “price tag” attacks carried out by fanatical settlers across occupied Palestine, in which hateful graffiti is scribbled onto church (as well as mosque) walls, the most disgusting case being a 2012 incident in Western Al-Quds when the Baptist Church was tagged with “Death to Christianity ” and “Jesus son of Mary, the whore (16)”, to the utterly demonic besiegement of the Holy Church of Nativity in occupied Bethlehem which left at least 7 Palestinians dead and three dozen others wounded during the Second Intifada (17), to IOF soldier Daniel Koren’s shooting rampage at St. Anthony Catholic Church in occupied Yafa, to the assault on churches throughout the lands “Israel” stole during al-Naksa in what one missionary deemed “perhaps the most serious setback that Christendom has had since the fall of Constantinople in 1453”, to the original sin itself, the Nakba in 1948, when Jewish terrorists desecrated at least 14 churches, killed 3 priests and slaughtered 100 more women and children (18), it is safe to say that one thing Zionist Jews don’t drag discrimination into is inflicting violence on the indigenous population, be they Christian, Muslim or otherwise.

Contrary to popular leftist- and “solidarity”-activist-disseminated belief however, these ungodly crimes against humanity aren’t rooted in “settler colonialism” or mere “racism”. They’re not rooted in Zionism either, but its parent company, Judaism. Quite frankly, this is the ugliest and most uncomfortable truth of all: Hatred of all things Christian, be it Prophet Jesus The Messiah (A.S.) himself, his holy mother Mary (A.S.), Christians themselves, their churches and their symbols, are all intrinsic to the Jewish belief system. Encapsulating this is the rather bizarre and repulsive abuse that the Christians of occupied Al-Quds have endured for far too long: Jews spitting on them (19). This act of pure obscenity, along with the others as well, are all indeed rooted in the praxis of classical Judaism, in which the Talmud makes clear that when a Jew passes by an inhabited non-Jewish dwelling, he must ask “God” to destroy it, and when a Jew sees a church or a crucifix, he must spit on it three times (20).

Generally speaking, the Talmud is banefully vitriolic towards Christians as a whole, no exceptions. BT Shabbat 116 commands Jews to burn Christian books. BT Sanhedrin 99a says anyone who reads the Gospel (Al-Injeel in Arabic), the revelations given to Jesus by God, is doomed to hell. BT Avodah Zarah 17a likens adherence to the message of Jesus to the act of sleeping with prostitutes and in the same verse, the mercilessness deepens, “Christians are allied with hell and Christianity is worse than incest (21).” In the ‘18 blessings’ section of the Jewish daily prayer, its most critical section, there is a special Talmudic curse reserved for the Christians, “And may the apostates have no hope, and all the Christians perish instantly (22).” Maimonides, the vile godfather of Judaic Islamophobia (3) and the ‘infallible’ and most widely-read ‘sage’ of Judaism, has written extensively on Jesus and when referring to him, he would always add the salutation of ‘may the name of the wicked perish (23).’ The Talmudic overlords considered Jesus (and his pure, holy mother Mary; Maryam in Arabic) ‘wicked’ for a multitude of reasons.

Like the ‘sex-magic-practitioner’ labels placed upon the other prophets by the toxic Talmud-Kabbalah nexus, the rabbis have done the same with Jesus, ridiculing him and mitigating his dual rank of prophet and Messiah to magician and commander of demons. The rabbinic supremacists did this because they view Jesus as a half-goy bastard child, produced out of wedlock by a Roman soldier and his mother Mary, who, according to them, was a whore that engaged in multiple extramarital relationships (24). As if promiscuity was genetic, the Talmud deducts that ‘Mary the whore’ passed on her filthy genes to Jesus, whom the rabbis view as a sexual pervert (25). Sadly, the vulgar and mentally unstable rabbinical rulings do not stop there. Using the ‘logic of the wise men,’ since Jesus was habitually indulgent in sexual deviance, which he received by transmittance of blood from his sexually unclean mother, by virtue, so were his students and disciples, whom the rabbis viewed as powerful magicians obsessed with sexual excesses. The rabbis viewed Jesus and his followers as a “forbidden cult,” and using their ‘sagacity,’ they tirelessly worked to install this lie, this mirage, this niddah, to use their own term for unsuspecting goyim, in the mind of the ordinary Jew who had no relationship with the rabbinate (26).

Considering that it is the rabbinic ‘divines’, in their Talmud and Kabbalah, particularly the latter, who have made degenerate sex and satanic sex magic chief characteristics of their ‘godhead’ that rules over goy and Jew alike, it can easily be argued that they are projecting their own insecurities and deficient egomania onto righteous and holy Prophet Jesus the Messiah, as sex is the predominant theme in their assault on his person (27). The Jewish supremacists bring their hatred for Jesus full circle with what they view as his punishment for transgressing against the rabbinate. His transgression? Speaking truth to rabbinical power. In their full-blown rage, the ‘wise men’ decreed that Jesus is rotting in boiling excrement in hell (28), as written in BT Gittin 57a. Like their subversion of the perfect monotheism of so many other prophets, the rabbis have scribed that Jesus and his disciples worshiped stone; baseless doesn’t even begin to provide an accurate description. If the vileness wasn’t so blatantly exorbitant, it would almost invoke hilarity that after all of the grime thrown upon Jesus and his pure, holy mother, the rabbis placed one more black (magic) mark on his name: refusal to repent (29). Yes, like children unable to manipulate their parents with a temper tantrum, the Talmudic-Halakhic supremacists were angry because Jesus unrepentantly stood with the light of the truth against the darkness of their lies.

The Chabadniks, powerful, extremist, money laundering, pedophilic, ecstasy trading, meth dealing, heroin slinging, mafia-connected Jews, who have had their dirty hands in the 26/11 false flag in Mumbai (30) as well as the ongoing exploitation and genocide in Congo (31), take the hatred of Jesus to an entirely different level – as if that was even imaginable considering everything discussed above – and deem his birthday (which they call Nitel Night) an unholy night in which ‘soulless gentiles’ have dominion over the earth for 24 hours (32). This is exceedingly relevant when considering how Palestinians and other occupied “Ishmaelite-Amalekite” peoples are treated by Zionists on Christmas, particularly in occupied Bethlehem (33). To the Chabadniks, any brutality inflicted upon the goyim on Nitel Night is an act of restoring an unpeaceful, unclean planet to its Judaic-ruled state where Jews can study their lessons again without being interrupted by goy happiness. One struggles to find the words to properly convey just how depraved all this is.

Let the record show, as evidenced by the Jews’ own writings in their “holy” books, that the cornucopia of crimes committed by the Zionists against the indigenous Christians of Palestine goes beyond mere Zio-colonialism at work, and is actually the embodiment of Christ-hating Judaism at work. Their acts of ungodliness are the hateful Talmud made manifest and this truth shows just how ridiculous and asinine it is for any Christian at all, let alone those of Palestinian and Arab extraction, to back the usurping, terrorist, supremacist Zionist entity.

Conclusion: Armed Christian Resistance and Islamic-Christian Unity, A Two-Punch Combination Which Cannot Be Countered

And now we return to the original point, that of the idiotic followers of Father Jibril Naddaf, the self-hating Arab stooge of “Israeli” Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar. It’s bad enough that Naddaf and his pathetic, delusional gang are doing damage to the Palestinian cause and their own brethren, but they’re also managing to churn out some borderline hilarious hasbara work against the force in the Maghreb and Mashreq that the Jewish occupation regime fears the most: Hizbullah. One of these “Aramean revolutionaries”, a 77-year old man named Elias Khoury in the Galilee village of Jish, declared to Haaretz that, “In Lebanon too we went through hell, because of Hizbullah (5).” His laughable statement brings the words poppycock, balderdash, gobbledegook and several like-similar others to mind.

The only “Christians” that Hizbullah may have put “through hell” were those traitorous SLA snakes who did the bidding of collaborationist militia leader Antoine Lahad, whose Zionist proxy forces were beaten from pillar to post by the Resistance for nearly two decades before Lebanon was finally liberated from the usurping Jewish entity’s occupation on May 25th, 2000. And these men, these traitors, were not followers of Prophet Jesus The Messiah (A.S.) by any means. They were “Israelis” more or less and this is confirmed by the fact that thousands of them now live in occupied Palestine under Zionist protection, with some even serving in IOF (34). While Hizbullah has always been popular among Lebanese Christians, as it has steadfastly protected them and financially assisted them with the rebuilding of their homes after the destruction that the Zionists brought on Lebanon during the 2006 July War (35), popular support for the Lebanese Islamic Resistance these days is tremendously high, with over two thirds of Lebanon’s Christians backing the Party and Syria’s Christians standing with it as well and even flying its yellow flag, especially in Maaloula (36), which Hizbullah and the Syrian Arab Army liberated back in April from Takfiri terrorist control (37).

Moreover, it is integral to impart that Hizbullah’s protection of – and alliance with – Arab Christians is something rooted in its very ideology, for as an Islamic party, Hizbullah is committed to the defense of Prophet Jesus The Messiah (A.S.) and his followers. Hizbullah is also intent on promoting communal neighborliness and cross-sectarian brotherliness because they stifle sedition and Mossad subversion, and this is reflected by the Resistance movement’s sendoff of Christmas cards (35) and detailed coverage of Christmas (38), in 2013 most especially, when the Party’s Al-Manar channel covered just about every Christian sect in Lebanon, from the big churches in Beirut to the smaller churches in the countryside (39). In the wake of the Zionist-sponsored rise of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, Hizbullah’s ideological affinity with Christians has taken on a new form: military support.

The Lebanese Islamic Resistance has provided extensive training in the field of urban warfare – including its famed and fearsome street-to-street tactics which wreaked havoc on the terrorist army of the Jewish gangster “state” – to Syria’s National Defense Forces (NDF), a people’s militia (40) comprised of significant numbers of Syrian Christians from all sects (41). On the home front in Lebanon, Hizbullah has opened up training camps for young Christians hailing from the towns in the Bekaa Valley adjacent to the Syrian border. Essentially, Hizbullah is the grandsire of these “people’s protection committees (42)”. Due to the links ISIS and other Takfiri groups have with the usurping Zionist entity, Hizbullah is treating them as an existential threat to Lebanon despite “Israel” remaining its top priority (43), and thus, views the protection of Lebanese Christians as existential also. And Lebanese Christians agree. Lebanese Christian communist fighter Mtawei Murad summed it up succinctly for Al-Akhbar, “Our necks and Hizbullah’s neck are intertwined. If Hizbullah wins, we win, and if it is slaughtered we will be slaughtered with it (44).”

The precedent set by the Christians of Lebanon and Syria, under Hizbullah’s direct tutelage, is now being followed in Iraq – where 90 percent of the Iraqi Orthodox Christian community alone is displaced (45) – as Assyrian Christians across northern Iraq have taken up arms and formed a militia with about 2,000 men called “Dwekh Nawsha” to fight ISIS (46). All of these developments aren’t just related to the goings-on in occupied Palestine, they’re inextricably interconnected, as one of the core reasons cited by the loathsome “Aramean revolutionaries” in abandoning their Arab identity is in fact ISIS (5). The Zionists are utilizing their Takfiri scourge as a bridgehead to disintegrate Islamic-Christian unity in the Arab world because they know it represents the single greatest threat to their hegemonic plans, with Hizbullah’s aforementioned actions being the case in point regarding this thorn in the illegitimate “Israeli” regime’s side.

In addition to the efforts put forth by the Hizbullah-Christian alliance in both Lebanon and Syria, and regardless of the “Aramean revolution” in the ‘48 lands, the Jewish plot to divide the lovers and followers of Jesus (A.S.) in occupied Palestine has also failed. Despite “Israeli” Prime Minister and mass murderer of Palestinian children in Gaza Benjamin Netanyahu (real Ashkenazi name: Benjamin Mileikowsky) spreading excessive hasbara during Operation Mighty Cliff (a.k.a. Protective Edge) in a rather crummy attempt to portray ISIS and Hamas as a single “Islamist terrorist” force (47), the Palestinian Christians of Gaza opened up the doors of their churches on Eid al-Fitr to Muslims seeking refuge from the criminal “Israeli” Air Force’s bombs. In Saint Porphyrius Church in Gaza City, Muslims prayed inside the church and Christians even celebrated Eid with their Muslim brethren (48). Jalila Ayyad, the first Christian martyred by the vile “Israelis” during the 50-day war, had her body carried by both Christians and Muslims prior to her burial, in a somber yet beautiful sign of true solidarity. Indeed, solidarity between Muslims and Christians in Gaza *grew* during the genocidal Zionist onslaught (49).

Since the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), Muslims and Christians across the Maghreb and Mashreq have coexisted as brothers and sisters and since Rothschild-financed colonialism and imperialism corrupted the region, Muslims and Christians have coresisted. The Jews and polytheist Arabs of the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W.W.) era failed to divide this alliance, the Jewish-driven colonialists and imperialists failed and the Zionists are failing today, most especially in Palestine.

From Yafa’s Issa Dawoud el-Issa and his cousin Yousuf el-Issa, whom founded the “Filsatin” Arab nationalist newspaper which vociferously opposed Zionism and Jewish immigration to Palestine, to Al-Quds’ education pioneer Khalil al-Sakakini, to Raja Issa el-Issa, who continued his father’s legacy with the “Filastin” paper until his death in 2008, to Lydda’s legendary revolutionary George Habash, who founded the PFLP, to Bir Zeit’s beloved poet Kamal Nasser, who was martyred by an “Israeli” death squad in Beirut in 1973 (50), to Nayef Hawatmeh, who founded the DFLP, to Haifa’s Ameer Makhoul, a prominent activist and political prisoner, to al-Jalil’s Archbishop Atallah Hanna, who is the official spokesperson for the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Al-Quds and a fierce, eloquent Arab nationalist who defends not only Palestine but Syria, and who has articulated that anyone fighting the Syrian Arab Republic and Syrian Arab Army is a tool of the usurping Zionist entity and an enemy of Palestine (51), Palestinian Christians have a long, rich history of resisting Zionism on the military, cultural, spiritual and political levels.

If 130 years of Christ-hating Jewish colonialism and 67 years of genocidal occupation in Palestine haven’t gotten the Christians of the Holy Land to fight Muslims, then some Takfiri tools and a fake “Aramean revolution” ain’t gonna do the trick either. In defiance of these schemes, Palestinian Christians have instead chosen to fight *with* Muslims, and *alongside* them, to expel the Zionist invaders from their homeland and restore security and stability to their communities. May these efforts, nay, this *tradition* only continue and strengthen. It’s what Prophet Jesus The Messiah (A.S.) would want.

~ The End ~


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