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Understanding Al-Islam

This section presents articles that will help the true truth seeker to understand the religion of Al-Islam. Articles discussing the basic tenets of the religion, religious philosophy, and Islamic history as well as articles dispelling common myths, propaganda and deliberate misinformation are also presented. In this open season of outrageous attacks against Al-Islam and Muslims, it is very important that the true truth seeker be able to ascertain truths from falsehood. The articles in this section will help in that process.

Neither Friends nor Allies - Sheikh Imran Hosein

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The Qur’an firmly prohibits Muslim friendship and alliance with a Jewish-Christian alliance. Yet around the world of Islam today most governments violate that divine prohibition. They, their supporters and followers, pay a price for such conduct. They lose their Islam and become, instead, part of the Euro-Jewish/Euro-Christian alliance that is waging war on Islam. It is the first such alliance ever to have emerged in history, and it wages that war on behalf of the Euro-Jewish State of Israel. Both the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him) have provided information that makes it possible for us to locate Gog and Magog within the ranks of those two actors, i.e., Euro-Christians and Euro-Jews, who wage that war on Islam.

Suriname’s Shaikh Ali Mustafa and I climbed a hill in Morvant (in my native Caribbean island of Trinidad) to the top where a Christian Church was located, and we then sat down to catch our breath (mine more than his) and to eventually participate in what we expected to be a friendly Christian-Muslim exchange of views.

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Answering Questions About Ramadan - Imam WDM

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(The following interview was given by Imam W. Deen Mohammed for the radio broadcast of the Harvey Islamic Center on WNDZ-750 AM radio.)


Imam Karim: We are thankful to have with us today, Imam W. Deen Mohammed. He is going to talk to us about Ramadan. As-Salaamu-Alaikum, Bro. Imam.

Imam Mohammed: Wa Alaikum As-Salaam.

Imam Karim: Could you tell us the significance of fasting during the Month of Ramadan?

Imam Mohammed: Yes. We fast during the Month of Ramadan from the beginning of dawn until the sunset. And after sunset we break our fast with food, preferably with fruits. It is the tradition of the Prophet (the prayers and the peace be upon him) to eat dates.

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Is The Stock Market Un-Islamic? - Imam WDM

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Muslim Journal


QUESTION: What is the Muslim position, or what would be our position on the stock market? —California


WDM: The stock market, in my estimation, is an investment. You're speculating. You're not involved in any usury.


I'm sure that we can't live without speculation if we are going to be dealing with people. The businessman has to speculate.


If I speculate that this commodity is going to sell better than this one, or that this commodity has a better chance than another one and I choose the one I think will be running best this year or for the next two or three years or whatever, and then I invest money in that stock, that's not gambling. That's speculation. That's not usury and it's not gambling.


Speculation, however, is strictly forbidden in matters that G_d has decided. But when it comes to trying to foresee the future for a particular commodity that's going to be produced or that's on the market, that's wise—you have to do that. And there's nothing immoral or un-Islamic about it at all.


Islam: the Straight Path to God

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"Surely My Mercy overtakes My Wrath"




I come to you in the Name of that Benevolent, Most Merciful God Whom you and we worship and serve, and Whose Name in the Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew and other semitic languages is ALLAH; so in Arabic I say "Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Raheem," which means "In the Name of God, the Benevolent, the Most Merciful;" and in His Name I greet you by saying "as-salaamu 'alaikum," which means "God's peace for you."


You have invited me here to represent to you a Faith which belongs utterly to God and not to men, which He in His Wisdom has entrusted to men for their benefit and as a guide for the conduct of their daily affairs. God has then enabled me to know of and to bring here some brief fraction of that faith in one God, who offers salvation to all human kind. It is God therefore Who has created this occasion, making me responsible to Him for expressing to you some of His guidance as recognized by muslims. I ask God to enable me to fulfill this responsibility and to protect me and you from the harm of any error I may make. 

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