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Jachubites & World Rule

There has been a movement from time immemorial for dominance and world rule by an evil few over the many. Scripture has captured this movement by describing it as a war of good against evil fought by the Prophets against Satan. Satan, not a spook or a spirit but an evil diabolical mind inhabiting the flesh of certain human beings, has been steadily working towards control over the whole world. Who are the Jahcubites? They are an elite sect amongst the Jews who have had a quest for world rule and domination going back thousands of years. Not all Jews, but a ruling elite who feel they are more qualified to rule the world than the average human being. This section exposes this evil plot through admissions by Jews themselves, interviews, debates, passages in scripture and insightful presentations.

When Israel Is Mighty

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Introductory note by Lasha Darkmoon

Michael Hoffman notes:  “Maimonides ruled that when Judaic persons are weak they should feign friendship for Christians as a way of gaining power over them. But when Judaics are totally dominant, as they are in the Israeli state, they should slaughter anyone who obstructs their supremacy.”

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The Last War, Gogs and Magogs of the World Government, the Russian Conquest of Constantinople - Sheikh Imran Hosein

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(the interview of famous Sufi Sheikh Imran Hosein given to the  Jewish journalist Morris)

Sheikh Imran Hosein: Morris yes, it is an honor to be invited one more time to be on your program – I’m honored. And I hope that our exchange of views tonight will be of benefit to our viewing audience. I would like to begin by pointing out that this is not the first Arab Spring  – No! That there was another Arab Spring about a hundred years ago. And there is a remarkable similarity between the two Arab Springs. Both of them were engineered by the same Anglo-American Western Alliance. Both of them had the same objectives of advancing the Zionist agenda to further the cause of a Euro State of Israel which would eventually become a ruling state. In that first Arab Spring, remember - that the Ottoman Islamic Empire which has served Western Europe very faithfully while plunging a bloody knife for almost six hundred years into Eastern Europe - what the Qur’an refers to as Rum - that Ottoman Islamic Empire which had served the cause of Western Europe so faithfully for almost five, six hundred years was dismantled and in its place came pro-Western Arab rulers. For example in, in Arabia the Saudi regime came to power with her very faithful agenda of aligning themselves with the Anglo-American Alliance -the Zionist Alliance. Similarly, in other parts of the Arab world that were part of the Ottoman Empire - pro-Western rulers were all put in place. And in consequence of that first Arab Spring - Israel could be created. Had there not been that first Arab Spring - Israel could not have been created. The second Arab Spring is taking place and it’s - it’s purpose is to take the Israeli State one step further to its culmination really where… The Libyan regime was unwilling to become a client and an ally of the Anglo-American Zionist Alliance.

And that is the basic reason why it had to be removed. And so Morris - history is simply repeating itself one hundred years later. That Arab Spring and this Arab Spring show remarkable similarity.

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Saudi prince al-Waleed bin Talal: "In case of outbreak of Palestinian uprising I'll side with Israel..."

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Editors Note:

The Qur'an says:

And fight them on until there is no more Tumult or OPPRESSION, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah. But if they cease, let there be no hostility except to those who practice OPPRESSION. - 2:193

The Qur'an endorses Muslims to fight oppression until it is completely eradicated and justice and faith in the Creator prevails. Israel has been the most oppressive nation on earth in it's treatment of the Palestinians. They are the true example of oppression. For anyone claiming to be Muslim to publicly proclaim that they will support the oppressor against the oppressed it becomes very clear that they have strayed very, very far from the Qur'an. With Israelis calling for the Jewish takeover of Masjid Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem and the Palestinians brave defiance against a cruel oppressor, would those allying themselves with Israel join in helping the Israelis in taking Al-Aqsa Masjid from the Palestinians as well?

This stance in support of Israel is one of the most reprehensible traitorous acts committed against Islam. Words cannot be found to describe the depravity and henous nature of this act. May the Creator curse this act and punish anyone claiming to be from the world of Islam allying themselves with Israel with the worst possible punishment ever!

The Qur'an encourages all with the following words in the fight against oppression. All right minded people should ally themselves in support of the oppressed rather than joining with the oppressor!  

With all this, [remember that] those who are bent on denying the truth are allies of one another;] and unless you act likewise [among yourselves], OPPRESSION will reign on earth, and great corruption. - 8:73

This article has also been featured in the mainstream media and also in the Israeli BREAKINGISRAELINEWS at this link

Saudi prince al-Waleed bin Talal: In case of outbreak of Palestinian uprising I'll side with Israel, Saudi Arabia reached a political maturity to constitute durable alliance with Jewish nation.

Saudi Arabia has reached this political maturity to constitute a durable alliance with the Jewish nation in order to lay the ground for a peaceful and prosperous Middle-East.

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The Alliance Between Israel And Saudi Arabia

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The apparent Israeli-Saudi alliance, even though hidden from the masses for now, matches the interests of the US in the Middle East and Western Asia. Washington hopes that this will weaken anti-Israeli feelings in the Arab and Muslim world, create a reliable counterweight in the region to a possible strengthening of Iran, and isolate to the extent possible radical islamist Sunni and Shiite groups.
BIRDS OF A FEATHER: Both Saudi and Israel need to remain close in order to maintain their artificial desert fiefdoms.

BIRDS OF A FEATHER: Both Saudi and Israel need to remain close in order to maintain their artificial desert fiefdoms.

Tel Aviv, Israel (NEO) – Saudi Arabia’s claims to be one of the leaders of the Arab and Muslim world prevent it from recognizing the State of Israel’s right to exist within its current borders, while Tel-Aviv in its turn rejects the plan for Middle East Regulation (MER) proposed by Riyadh involving a reversion to the pre-1967 status quo. As a result of various domestic and international factors neither side will change their diametrically opposite positions and maintain official contacts.

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NEWS DIGEST: ISIS Poses Existential Threat Like Israel;CIA/Mossad Behind ISIS

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Maisoon  ميسون


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But in the context of Syria, what would a better policy look like?
One that preserves stability in the Middle East. Syria is the heart of the Middle East. Everybody knows that. If the Middle East is sick, the whole world will be unstable.  [President Bashar al Assad]


"Democracy is imposed with fire, freedom with warplanes and human rights by human killing,"  Walid Moualim


After their internal instability, the Arab countries will realize the importance of cooperating with Israel,” boasted Ayalon

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