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The Truth About 9/11

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International War on Terror

With the actions the U.S. and its allies are taking internationally, it has become very obvious that the so-called “war on terror” is actually a war against Al-Islam. Muslim countries are being attacked under false pretense and for peacefully pursuing exploration of resources in creation that the Creator has made freely available for ALL human beings.  The threat of war looms over many Muslim countries. Along with that, individual rights and freedoms of Muslims are being trampled on and many innocent Muslims are being imprisoned and tortured justified by the trumped up charge of being “terrorists”.  The plans for deliberate war against Muslims are not secret. They are carefully laid out in open strategic documents developed in the US and Israel .  This section will present articles dealing with the wars fought against Muslims in Iraq , Afghanistan , Iran , Sudan , Somalia , Chechnya , Kashmir and other places. It will also feature articles exposing the persecutions and injustices faced by Muslims in western lands.


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Everyone, please pray for Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Sayyeda Zeenat. Something that can only be described as frightening and disturbing took place yesterday evening, as social media screamed that there was an assassination plot afoot against the Sheikh. Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) members began posting on both Facebook and Twitter that DSS, Nigeria’s Department of State Security, an institution thoroughly infiltrated by CIA and Mossad, was preparing to deliver a lethal injection to both Zakzaky and his wife. Reading hashtags like “DontKillZakzaky” and “FreeZakzaky”, one could tell just how frantic the Sheikh’s loving and loyal partisans were (and assuredly, still are). After a flood of tweets were sent out, Iranian media followed up and confirmed there certainly was an attempt on the Sheikh’s life before subsequently reporting that Zakzaky and Sayyeda Zeenat were moved to an undisclosed facility inside the Nigerian capital of Abuja as a means of protecting them. 


Tears, Hugs and Smiles, the Relief of Escaping Imprisonment in East Aleppo

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November 29, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - "21st Century Wire" -  These images and videos will never see the light of day in the corporate media editing rooms because they expose their almost six year narrative on Syria as one of the most criminal propaganda projects ever deployed against a sovereign nation, its people, its state and its national army.

The prolonged dehumanization of the majority of the Syrian people, the exploitation of their children as cynical props to further the NATO & Gulf state geo-political objectives in the region, the overt and covert endorsement of NATO State-proxy terrorism, the tacit endorsement of economic terrorism via the illegal US/EU sanctions against Syria, all amount to crimes against Humanity and the Syrian people.

The #FakeNews “regime change” cohorts are seeing their pyramid of lies being dismantled stone by stone, by the very people they have been claiming to “protect” for almost six years.

This video shows the reactions of civilians, fleeing their four year imprisonment in East Aleppo, subjugated by various militant factions, funded by NATO states and led by Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda.  The first woman, collapses into tears, as she reaches the journalist.  These touching moments will be sullied by the corporate media reporting and accounting of events, as they desperately try to resuscitate their expiring Aleppo chronicles.

Translation of what is being said by Suleiman Milad

They are saying God bless the army and they send their greetings to the army. They also said that there was no food and water where they were in eastern Aleppo between terrorist groups , they also said that terrorists treated them very bad and that the army helped them get out to safe areas. They also showed very big happiness seeing the interviewer who is a very famous war reporter in Syrian for Syrian official TV.”

The following images were taken of the fleeing civilians in the last 24 hours.

“Today, more civilians exited terrorists held areas, and reached to Hanano & Al-Sakhour which are under the control of the SAA in Aleppo.” 

aleppo-escape-2 aleppo-escape-3 aleppo-escape-5 aleppo-escape4

Sarah Abdallah, analyst and commentator, notes the following:

“Syrian Arab Army’s remarkable east Aleppo advancement continues:

Four more districts freed today, including the pivotal region of Sakhour. In the last 48 hours alone, 12 east Aleppo districts have been liberated. From one area to the next, the “moderate” terrorists are melting down. Most important news today though is the SAA’s recapture of the Suleiman al-Halabi Water Pumping Station. The Aleppo water crisis is over! Since 2012, Turkish-backed “jihadists” have withheld water from Aleppo’s residents as a means of blackmailing them into supporting the “revolution”. This has led to unprecedented levels of sickness and malnourishment. But now, the SAA has restored water to more than one million people as it moves ever-closer to freeing Aleppo entirely.





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I don’t think people fully comprehend just how horrific the plight of the Nigerian Shi’a really is. Last month (October 6th to be exact), Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State–of which Zaria, the birthplace of Nigeria’s Shi’a community, is a major city–issued an order declaring the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), founded by unjustly imprisoned revolutionary Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky, an “unlawful society whose activities are dangerous to the security and good governance of the state.” The order, using language identical to that of the murderous Zionist entity, referred to last December’s massacre of IMN members in Zaria, a killing spree tantamount to genocide, as “regrettable”. Membership in the IMN now carries a prison sentence of up to 7 years. And, to make matters worse, the ban has already become law in six other Nigerian states. Look at the carefully chosen, utterly malicious language that Buhari’s lackey uses – not group, organization or movement, but “society”. Why? I’ll tell you!


NEWS DIGEST: Russia finds signs of militant gas attacks in Syria

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  Maisoon  ميسون [Arabic]                                          kevin-barrett-show



How the Arab World Is Taking Trump’s Victory

As for Barack Obama that is going to leave office pretty soon, it’s hardly a secret that local media sources were criticizing his policies in strong language. “Obama’s legacy in the Middle East — is a complete disaster, as theconflict in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya continue, while being unaddressed.” Al Jazeera would often write, quoting a speech delivered by the famous professor of international affairs at Harvard, Stephen Walt. Terrorist attacks are shaking Turkey, Tunisia, Lebanon, while the situation in Palestine remains unclear, since the prospects of an actual settlement between Israelis and Palestinians are becoming increasingly remote. The steps that the US has taken in Libya and Yemen have led to their complete collapse as states. At the same time, all Obama ever did was to repeat his mantra that “Assad should leave”, which only aggravated the war in Syria. The only achievement that Obama can somehow put on his scoreboard — is the the Iran nuclear deal.

Read more: NEWS DIGEST: Russia finds signs of militant gas attacks in Syria


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What is underway in the Iraqi city of Mosul is far, and I do mean light-years-type far, from black and white. And the overwhelming majority of geopolitical analysts and commentators on both sides of the divide, mainstream and alternative, are getting it so miserably wrong that it would be comedic if it wasn’t so detrimental to the “Resistance Vs. Hegemony” narrative that all of us dedicate our lives to upholding. On the one hand, American exceptionalist warmongers are elated with delusional glee over US warplanes “paving the way” for Iraqi forces and falsely claiming something to the effect of not even a single bullet could have been fired without American approval. They’re also despicably framing the Mosul battle in obscene sectarian terms that reek of baselessness and Zionism.


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