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The Truth About 9/11

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International War on Terror

With the actions the U.S. and its allies are taking internationally, it has become very obvious that the so-called “war on terror” is actually a war against Al-Islam. Muslim countries are being attacked under false pretense and for peacefully pursuing exploration of resources in creation that the Creator has made freely available for ALL human beings.  The threat of war looms over many Muslim countries. Along with that, individual rights and freedoms of Muslims are being trampled on and many innocent Muslims are being imprisoned and tortured justified by the trumped up charge of being “terrorists”.  The plans for deliberate war against Muslims are not secret. They are carefully laid out in open strategic documents developed in the US and Israel .  This section will present articles dealing with the wars fought against Muslims in Iraq , Afghanistan , Iran , Sudan , Somalia , Chechnya , Kashmir and other places. It will also feature articles exposing the persecutions and injustices faced by Muslims in western lands.

US and Venezuela: Decades of Defeats and Destabilization

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            US policy toward Venezuela is a microcosm of its larger strategy toward Latin America.  The intent is to reverse the region’s independent foreign policy and to restore US dominance; to curtail the diversification of trading and investment partners and re-center economic relations to the US; to replace regional integration pacts with US centered economic integration schemes; and to privatize firms partly or wholly nationalized.

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Iran Raps ISIL Killing of Egyptians

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ISIL killing of Egypt Christians serves Israel’s interests: Iran
The screen grab taken from a video made available by ISIL terrorists on February 15, 2015 allegedly shows a number of Egyptian Christians moments before their killing.

The screen grab taken from a video made available by ISIL terrorists on February 15, 2015 allegedly shows a number of Egyptian Christians moments before their killing.

“The perpetrators of this heinous act are pursuing ominous goals in line with the Zionist regime’s [Israel] interests by inflaming religious, ethnic and tribal sentiments,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said on Monday.

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It Is Time For Iran To Tell The West ‘Goodbye’

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usa-iran 2

From all appearances, the Obama regime’s negotiations with Iran, overseen by Russia, were on the verge of ending the contrived nuclear issue. An end to the confrontation is unacceptable to the Zionist Israeli government and to their neocon agents in America. The Republicans, a political party owned lock, stock, and barrel by the Israel Lobby, hastily invited Netanyahu, the crazed ruler of both Israel and America, to quickly come to tell the Republican Congress, which the insouciant American voters put in place, how to prohibit any accommodation with Iran.

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NEWS DIGEST: American sniper fueling Islamophobia;US, Israel oil partners of ISIL!

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Maisoon  ميسون



It is more than just this evil film that glorifies American soldiers killing citizens with such relish.

It is the JEWISH and Zionist CONTROL of Government, Military, Media and Entertainment industry that are responsible for the incitement, racism and hatred against firstly Arabs and then Muslims/Islam. This is deliberate JEWISH TACTICS and no one had the GUTS to SAY SO, not even Press TV that moans about Jewish Hollywood portraying Iranians in such a detrimental and racist fashion.  The House of Saud and their dirty money, along with the Emirate States and Turkey/Jordan  have also contributed to Westerners hating Arabs and Muslims but that should not surprise any of us considering the ‘Tribal’ roots of these western installed paid Lackeys. Not a word from those Wahabi paid Islamic  so called ‘scholars’/Imams in Makkah and Egypt. Wher e is the condemnation of Muslim Rulers throughout the Islamic Nations?? As for Erdogan, he is a hypocrite, not a true Muslim and has the blood of thousands of innocent Syrians on his dirty  Zionist Sabbatean hands.

100% attention is given to so called ‘Anti Semiticism’ of course solely against Jews, but deaths of Muslims has no value at all with Westerners and their Zionist Arab Stooges. All we get is this rubbish inter faith scam whilst the Jews are destroying Muslims and Christians- stabbing them behind their backs. THAT is the reality.

But at the end of the day, we are ALL expected to be ‘politically correct’ when passing criticism and judgements on the Taboo Self Chosen

American Sniper fueling Islamophobia

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NEWS DIGEST: Lebanon; Egypt; ISIS; Bahrain; Saudi Using Oil to Hurt Russia

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