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The Truth About 9/11

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International War on Terror

With the actions the U.S. and its allies are taking internationally, it has become very obvious that the so-called “war on terror” is actually a war against Al-Islam. Muslim countries are being attacked under false pretense and for peacefully pursuing exploration of resources in creation that the Creator has made freely available for ALL human beings.  The threat of war looms over many Muslim countries. Along with that, individual rights and freedoms of Muslims are being trampled on and many innocent Muslims are being imprisoned and tortured justified by the trumped up charge of being “terrorists”.  The plans for deliberate war against Muslims are not secret. They are carefully laid out in open strategic documents developed in the US and Israel .  This section will present articles dealing with the wars fought against Muslims in Iraq , Afghanistan , Iran , Sudan , Somalia , Chechnya , Kashmir and other places. It will also feature articles exposing the persecutions and injustices faced by Muslims in western lands.

Israeli intelligence seen as central to US case against Syria

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Netanyahu to hold second security cabinet meeting on crisis in two days; top minister says it’s unthinkable for Assad to be allowed to go on gassing children.

While Israel will almost certainly take no direct part in a military strike, Israeli intelligence information is widely believed to have played a central role in enabling the US’s adamant conviction that Assad’s regime fired chemical weapons at civilians outside Damascus last Wednesday, killing hundreds of people and wounding over a thousand, according to Syrian rebel groups.

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U.S. No Longer Seeking U.N., NATO Permission to Strike Syria 4 Votes

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With its military ready to attack Syria on President Obama’s command, the United States is no longer pursuing a United Nations or NATO stamp of approval to respond with force to the purported deployment of chemical weapons.

Instead, the U.S. has focused on building a rapid coalition consisting of the United Kingdom, France and several Arab states, by sharing intelligence evidence that U.S. officials say proves Bashir al Assad’s regime was responsible for last week’s chemical weapons attack.

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Syria crisis: UK and US finalise plans for military strikes

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Arab League backs allies’ judgment that Bashar al-Assad’s regime was responsible for Damascus chemical attacks

Britain and the US are finalising plans to launch limited punitive military strikes at the end of the week against the regime of Bashar al-Assad over the “abhorrent” use of chemical weapons near the Syrian capital, Damascus, last week.

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Saudi prince defects from royal family

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Saudi protesters chant slogans during a demonstration in the Qatif region of Eastern Province. (File photo)

Saudi protesters chant slogans during a demonstration in the Qatif region of Eastern Province. 
A Saudi Prince known as Khalid Bin Farhan al-Saud has decided to leave the royal family, saying the regime does not consider God’s rules.

On Saturday, Khalid Bin Farhan said “With pride, I announce my defection from al-Saudi family in Saudi Arabia… This regime in Saudi Arabia does not stand by God’s rules or even [the country’s] established rules and its policies, decisions and actions are totally based on [the] personal will of its leaders.”

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Israeli ambassador calls Al-Sisi a “national hero for all Jews”

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Editorial Note: The new Mubarak regime has so far managed to shoot and kill more than 200 civilians up to date. They blamed Iran for counter protests, raided Al-Alam news desk ( Iran's Arabic channel) and detained the editor for no apparent reason. They have been praised by Netanyahu, other Israeli leaders and western powers and now is going all out in the Sinai and in their own words going after Hamas in the Gaza strip to stop ARMS SMUGGLINGS. These are pro Israeli policies that even the blind can see. If the army manages to stop the arms smugglings to Gaza then they will stop the only transit of shipment Iran has into delivering defensive weapons to the resistance and in turn will make Israel safer.

Sad to see how Egypt has fallen from being run by a vicious dictator to the Muslim Brotherhood and now to an ex-Mubarak army. All three rulers of Egypt has the same thing in common: They all are tools of Israel and the West used to foster Israeli dominance in the region and suppression of the Egyptians. It is time for the people of Egypt to take the power and become their own rulers and throw off these monsters.

Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi a "national hero".

The Israeli ambassador in Cairo has told a minister in the interim government that the people of Israel look upon General Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi as a “national hero”. According to Israel Radio, the ambassador rang Agriculture Minister Ayman Abu-Hadid to congratulate him on his new post and said, “Al-Sisi is not a national hero for Egypt, but for all Jews in Israel and around the globe.”

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