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Palestine / Israeli Conflict

There are many reports about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict in western media but what is missing are (1) historical context and (2) truthful exposures about what is happening to the Palestinian people today. It is interesting to note that reports about what is really happening in Palestine are more readily available in Israel than in the US .  The true proof of the pro-Israel, biased agenda of main stream media is their lack of reporting of daily attrocities being committed against Palestinians by Israelis. Other independent media around the world report about these attrocities. Somehow information about that is deliberately kept from Americans.  While at the same time we are bombarded with consistent propaganda about Palestinian "suicide bombers" and "terrorists". Also how can Americans properly judge the situation in Palestine without a historical context? How can they continue to blindly support Israel without really knowing the truth about how their support is used by the Zionist state?  This section will present articles answering these questions and more.

Saudi Arabia’s Cleric Invited To Israel For Condemning Hamas As A ‘Terrorist Organization’

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Israel reward leading Saudi cleric's 'terror organisation' Hamas comments with invitation to visit

Israel's communications minister has welcomed a Saudi cleric's condemnation of Gaza-based Hamas as a 'terror organisation' and invited him to visit. 
Saudi Arabia's leading Muslim cleric has condemned Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas as a "terror organisation", with his comments being warmly welcomed in Israel.

Israeli Communications Minister Ayoub Kara praised Saudi Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh's comments attacking the Gaza based political and militant group, offering the grand imam an invitation to visit Israel. 

"We congratulate Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, as well as the head of Ulema for his fatwa forbidding the fight against the Jews and forbidding to kill them," Kara tweeted.

"I invite the mufti to visit Israel; he will be welcomed with much respect."


The Saudi cleric made the comments on a television programme after he was asked about the anger witnessed in July as Israel closed down al-Aqsa Mosque following a shootout. He said fighting Israel was inappropriate and described Hamas as a 'terror organisation'.


Clashes broke out between the Israeli military and Palestinians after the occupying army placed security installations around al-Aqsa compound last July.

The measures continued for 12 days, until Israel dismantled the security apparatus around the mosque following Palestinian protests and international pressure.




Political Zionism - The US Connection

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From a recent speech by Alison Weir: "100 Years of Pro-Israel Activism and Trump's Muslim Ban: How a Special Interest Lobby Enabled the Colonization of Palestine and Influences Policies Today". Alison Weir discusses her involvement in Palestine/Israel issues; her trips to the West Bank and Gaza; the long history of the creation of Israel; a secret Zionist society operating in the US: The Parushim; history of the Balfour Declaration, A Gentleman's Agreement; the Irgun and Stern Gangs; the 1939 American Zionist Emergency Council, precursor to AIPAC; famous foreign correspondent, Dorothy Thompson, erased from history; a policy coup in the US by Wolfowitz and PNAC; the 1996 "Clean Break, A New Strategy for Securing the Realm"; the Oded Yinon "Strategy for Israel in the 1980s"; Moshe Sharetts personal diaries; the roots of Trump's Executive Order Muslim Ban.



In Defiance of Buhari, the US and ‘Israel’, Zakzaky’s Partisans Hold Al-Quds Day Rallies In Over 20 Nigerian Cities

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Jummah Mubarak and Striking Star Salute to the Nigerian people… Who really are the best people. Simply the best. In defiance of the murderous and despotic Buhari regime as well as its ‘Israeli’, American and Saudi controllers, Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky’s partisans are marching EN MASSE in over 20 Nigerian cities and towns for International Al-Quds Day. “Death to Israel!” is being chanted. Palestinian and Hizbullah flags are flying. Banners showing Zakzaky, Africa’s most important and inspiring revolutionary voice, alongside Imams Khomeini (R.A.) and Khamenei are being carried. And true, principled, unwavering solidarity with the oppressed nation of Palestine and its occupied holy city of Al-Quds is on full, militant display. The Nigerian army, which massacred dozens of Nigerian Shi’a revolutionaries on Al-Quds Day in 2014 and over 1,000 others in the Zaria Massacre of December 2015, attempted to disrupt the processions in Kaduna State but failed as the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) refused to take the bait, avoided the storm of tear gas and kept marching. That Zakzaky’s acolytes and their closest allies, among them Sunnis and Christians, refuse to abandon Palestine despite all the suffering they’ve endured and all their martyrs, is a telltale sign that these are truly the people of Mouqawamah.

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On This 38th Annual International Al-Quds Day, We Must Treat ‘Israel’ As A Global Problem And Strive To End It

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Happy International Al-Quds Day! Long live Palestine! And something like 6 MILLION ACTUAL DEATHS–see what I did there?! :D–to that cancerous project called ‘Israel’! Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini (R.A.), inaugurated this blessed occasion 38 years ago to re-center Al-Quds specifically (and the whole of Palestine generally) in the hearts and minds of Muslims as a cause that is to forever be linked with Islam. One can pray and one can fast, one can pay Zakzat and make Hajj, but all of it amounts to mere ritual if you are not raising your voice and enjoining good for the Moustazafeen (oppressed ones) of the Ummah who are being aggressed against daily by Earth’s Most Evil. ‘Israel’ represents the head of that darkness. Imam Khomeini’s (R.A.) successor, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, says that the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime has about two decades of viability–if that–to go. So as we enter into this final phase of the serpentine entity’s malignant, parasitic, artificial, accursed and criminal existence, it is integral to understand what kind of tumor that we are dealing with so it can be zeroed in on, cut out and ultimately eradicated. ‘Israel’ is a global problem. Not a regional one. And we can encapsulate this conclusion with a simple phrase: WE ARE ALL-QUDS!


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NEWS DIGEST: Palestinian hunger striker deaths may spark Intifada!

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Maisoon  ميسون               



Oh Masjide Al-Aqsa! ( On Shabe Meiraj,27,Rajab)
Subhanallazee- Asra be-Abdihee lailam-minal Masjidil-Harame ilal Masjidil-Aqsa.
************ ********* ********* ********* ********* *******************
Still the sacred words of ‘Subhanallazee- Asra’,
Are a living testament to your exalted glory ;
Still you revive in the minds of the Faithful ,
The Truthfulness of the Journey and its story .

Still I can smell the fragrance of my Prophet ,
From the winds touching your walls and roof ;
Still your ambiance and the surrounding aura ,
Speak of his Ascension as a towering proof .

What an irony! You are now crying with pain ,
Under the unholy siege of your barbaric foes ;
Sura Bani-Israel is opening with your praise ,
But the nation of Israel is adding to your woes .

Amongst your believers are those mighty kings ,
Before whom their people tremble with fear ;
Who always pretend to love ‘sharia’and Qu’ran ,
But to your anguish, they have turned a deaf ear
" Sabaq milaa hei Meiraaj-e Mustafa se mujh-e,
Ke aalam-e bashariyat kee za-d mein hei gir-do-n"
' Dr. Allama Iqbal'

( From my poetry book ' Voice of Heart' )

Dr.Mustafa Kamal Sherwani


Palestinian child shot, injured in West Bank



Israeli settlers attack Palestinian shepherds:

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